Alfa Romeo 166 (1999-2003) – fuse box

Alfa Romeo 166 – fuse box diagram

Year of production:  1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

Alfa Romeo 166 cigarette lighter fuse – (fuse box in the engine compartment (before 2003), fuse No. 11 / 25A).

Cigarette lighter fuse Alfa Romeo 166 – (fuse box in the passenger compartment, fuses №7 / 10A and fuses №19 / 25A)

Fuse box in the engine compartment


The scheme of the fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1A 60A Fuse box / console relay plate (F4 / F8 / F10-F12 / F15 / F17-F20)
1B 30A Ignition auxiliary circuits supply voltage
2 30A AC compressor capacity control solenoid
3 10 A. ABS control module
4 5A Automatic Transmission (AT)
5 15A Fuel heater – Diesel
6 15A Engine Control Module (ECM) (2.0TS)
7 15A Engine Control Module (ECM) (Gasoline)
8 30A Starter
9 30A Engine Control Module (ECM)
10 30A Auxiliary heater – (Diesel)
11 25A Auxiliary power socket;


R1 A / C and heater blower motor relay
R2 Starter motor relay
R3 Fuel Heater Relay – (Diesel)
R4 Engine control relay (EC)
R5 Fuel pump relay (FP)
R6 Auxiliary Heater Relay – Diesel (If Equipped)
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Fuse box in the passenger compartment of Alfa Romeo 166

Location of the fuse box

The fuses for the main devices are located in the control unit under the dashboard, on the left side of the steering column.
It can be accessed by loosening the knob and lowering the panel.
The graphic symbols distinguishing the main electrical element corresponding to each fuse are indicated on the label on the inside wall of the panel.


The scheme of the fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 15A Brake light signal;

Brake lights;

IGE control unit;

Instrument panel;

Direction indicators;

Headlight switch.

2 10 A. Side airbag
3 15A Fuel pump
4 15A Radio
5 10 A. Electric heated mirrors;

Cruise control;

Safety controller;

Gear selector display (automatic gearbox);

A / C compressor relay;

Instrument panel lighting;


Open door.

6 5A A / C fan relay
7 10 A. Front accessory socket;


Integrated Control System (ICS).

8 10 A. Emergency lights;

Direction indicator control unit.

9 5A Electrochromic rear view mirror;

Rain sensor;

Road toll system;

Heated seats relay;

Electric windscreen control unit;

Electric rear window control unit;

Air conditioning;

Electric rear window lock.

10 5A CAE (automatic transmission) control unit
11 20A IGE control unit
12 20A Headlight washers
13 15A Sunroof;

Electrochromic cut-off of the rear view mirror (reverse gear).

14 25A Windshield washer and wiper
15 25A Electric front windows
16 5A Immobilizer;

Engine control unit.

17 10 A. Gear selector display (automatic gearbox);

Interior lighting;

Door ceiling lights;

Glove box lighting;

Luggage compartment lighting;


Air conditioning control unit;

Security control unit;

Remote control receiver;

Diagnostic connector.

18 5A Control panel;

Integrated Control System (ICS);


19 25A Central lock;

Rear accessory socket;


20 5A Immobilizer
R1 Discharge relay switch
R2 Hazard warning lamp relay
R3 Headlight washer / intermittent relay
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Fuses and relay in the trunk of the Alfa Romeo 166

Fuses and relays located on the right side of the trunk are placed in a box in a recess closed with a cover. To open the cover, turn the knob.


The scheme of the fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 30A Rear window heating
2 7.5A Defrosting the exterior mirrors
3 20A BI control unit -Front power window on the right side;

Right windscreen (ABI control unit).

4 Initial settings
5 30A Front right electric seat adjustment
6 30A Electric adjustment of the front left seat
7 15A Windscreen heating
8 10 A. Warming of the front right seat
9 10 A. Warming of the front left seat
10 20A Electrically operated sunroof
11 Initial settings
12 10 A. Direction indicators;

Alarm system (control unit);

Initial setting of the trailer.

13 10 A. Auxiliary heater (JTD versions)
14 20A ABI control unit – rear left power window

Rear power window, left (ABI control unit)

15 10 A. Outside mirror indicator light;

Seat heating control lamp;

Sun lights;

Alarm system (control unit);

Electrochromic road mirror;

Parking sensors (control unit);

Electric windows (driver control LOCK warning light);

Rain sensor;

Remote control receiver.

16 20A Rear current socket;
17 20A ABI control unit – Rear right power windowRear power window, right (ABI control unit)
18 20A ABI control unit – Left front power windowLeft front power window (ABI control unit)
19 20A ABI control unit – Central locking;Central locking (ABI control unit).
20 25A Sound amplifier
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Fuses and relay in the trunk of the Alfa Romeo 166

The scheme of the fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 40A Heated rear window
F2 10 A. Heated door mirrors
F3 20A Boot lid release actuator
F4 25A The fuel filler flap is released
F5 20A Seat heating
F6 15A Trailer socket
F7 30A Right electric seat
F8 25A Electric windows (rear)
F9 30A Left electric seat
R1 Heated rear window relay
R2 Trunk lid release relay
R3 Fuel filler flap relay
R4 Seat heater relay
R5 Load area lamp timer


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