Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-2013) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Alfa Romeo MiTo

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Fuse box in the engine compartment

Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-2013) - fuse and relay box
Alfa Romeo MiTo – fuses – engine compartment

Fuse box on the dashboard

Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-2013) - fuse and relay box
Alfa Romeo MiTo – fuses – dashboard

Fuse box in the trunk

Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-2013) - fuse and relay box
Alfa Romeo MiTo – fuses – luggage

Fuse summary table

The lights Fuse Amperes [A] location
Main headlights F14 15 Engine compartment
Right-hand dipped beam headlamp F12 7.5 Panel
Left-hand dipped beam headlamp F13 7.5 Panel
Headlamp Discharge System (Right Side) F12 15 Panel
Headlamp discharge system (left side) F13 15 Panel
Fog lights F30 15 Engine compartment
Third brake light F37 5 Panel
Reversing light F51 5 Panel
Front ceiling lighting;

Luggage compartment lighting;

Sun visor ceiling light;

Door lighting;

Glove box lighting.

F32 5 Panel
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Description Fuse Amperes [A] location
Passenger compartment fan F08 30 Engine compartment
Headlight washer pump F09 20 Engine compartment
Two-tone horn F10 15 Engine compartment
Waste flap solenoid valve;

Shut-off solenoid valve;

Canister solenoid valve;

Lambda probe heater;

VGT solenoid valve;

EGR Cooling Bypass Solenoid;

Swirl solenoid valve;

Throttle solenoid;

Glow plug heating controller.

F11 10 Engine compartment
Headlamp leveling system f13 7.5 Panel
Auxiliary heater (PTC 1) F15 30 Engine compartment
Engine control unit F 16 5 Engine compartment
Engine control unit (power supply) F17 10 Engine compartment
Control system relay coil;

Engine control unit (versions 1.4);

Engine cooling system remote control switch coil (300W + 300W).

F18 5 Engine compartment
Air conditioning compressor F19 7.5 Engine compartment
Heated rear window;

Demisting system.

F20 30 Engine compartment
Fuel pump on the tank F21 15 Engine compartment
Main engine management system loads (version 1.4) F22 10 Engine compartment
Main engine management system loads (1.6 JTDM versions) F22 20 Engine compartment
Braking system control unit (control unit and electromagnetic unit) F23 20 Engine compartment
Electric control unit for steering (power + key), brake system controller (power + key);

Yaw sensor on the tunnel.

F24 5 Engine compartment
Key INT / A exhaust relay coils on engine fuse box F31 5 Panel

Blue & MeTM control unit;

Air conditioning control unit;

Alarm control unit;

Volume detection system control unit;

EOBD external diagnostic socket;

Tire pressure detection control unit.

F36 10 Panel
Instrument panel;

Brake light switch;

Discharge headlight management system.

F37 5 Panel
Door lock motor on the door;

Safe Lock motor on the door;

Tailgate unlocking motor.

F38 15 Panel
Windscreen / rear window washer pump F43 20 Panel
Electric window motor with control unit (driver’s side door) F47 20 Panel
Electric window motor with control unit (passenger side door) F48 20 Panel
Parking sensor controller;

Tire pressure detection controller;

Rain / dusk sensor in the rear view mirror;

Electrochromic sensor in the rear view mirror;

Seat belt indicator in rearview mirror;

Control panel illumination (central control panel, Driver’s side control panel, Steering wheel control panel, Blue & MeTM control panel);

Switch for heating the front seat cushion;

Alarm system volume sensor controller;

Electric sunroof controller;

PND socket on dashboard,

F49 5 Panel
Airbag system control unit F50 7.5 Panel
Clutch switch;

Brake light switch;

Relay coils in the engine fuse box;

Control system on the internal heater / air conditioning unit;

Blue & MeTM control unit;

Radio wiring;

Air flow meter;

Diesel water sensor.

F51 5 Panel
Instrument panel F53 5 Panel
Bose HI-FI system amplifier control unit F4 15 Luggage
Bassbox subwoofer in spare wheel compartment F5 10 Luggage
Heated front left and right seats F6 15 Luggage
Electric sunroof opening system F1 20 Luggage
Fuse wiring F2 Luggage
Power socket in luggage compartment F3 15 Luggage
Passenger compartment fan F83 40 Engine compartment
Tunnel power socket F85 15 Engine compartment
Passenger / driver side mirror defogger;

Front nozzle defogger;

Heated windshield relay coil.

F87 7.5 Engine compartment
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