Audi A5 and S5 (2021-2022) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Audi A5 and S5

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2021, 2022.

Driver / front passenger footwell

The fuses are located in the footwell under the footrest (left-hand drive vehicle) or behind the hood (right-hand drive vehicle).

Left-hand drive vehiclesAudi A5 and S5 (2021-2022) - fuse and relay box


Right-hand drive vehiclesAudi A5 and S5 (2021-2022) - fuse and relay box

Number Description
Fuse panel A (brown)
1 Catalyst heating
2 Engine components
3 Exhaust doors;

Fuel injectors;

An air inlet;

Engine heating.

4 Vacuum pump;

Hot water pump;

NOx sensor;

Particulate sensor;

Biodiesel sensor;

Exhaust doors.

5 Brake light sensor
6 Engine valves;

Camshaft adjustment.

7 Heated oxygen sensors;

Mass air flow sensor;

The water pump.

8 Water pump;

High pressure pump;

High pressure regulator valve;

Temperature valve;

Engine mount.

9 Hot water pump;

Engine relay;

48V starting generator;

48V water pump.

10 Oil pressure sensor;

Oil temperature sensor.

11 Clutch position sensor;

48 V starter;

The water pump;

Starter 12 V.

12 Engine valves;

Engine mount.

13 engine cooling
14 Fuel injectors;

Powertrain control module.

15 Ignition coils;

Heated lambda sensors.

16 Fuel pump
Fuse panel B (red)
1 Anti-theft alarm system
2 Powertrain control module
3 Left front seat electronics;

Lumbar support;

Massage chair.

4 Gear selector, automatic transmission
5 Horn
6 Parking brake
7 Diagnostic interface
8 Roof electronics control module
9 Emergency call and communication control module
10 Airbag control module
11 Electronic Stability Control (ESC);

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

12 Diagnostic connection;

Light / rain sensor.

13 Air conditioning system
14 Right front door control module
15 Air conditioning system compressor
16 Brake system pressure reservoir;

Warming the left neck.

Fuse panel C (black)
1 Front seat heating
2 Wipers
3 Left headlight electronics
4 Panoramic glass sunroof
5 Left front door control module
6 12 V socket
7 Right Rear Door Control Module;

Right rear power window.

8 All-wheel drive control module
9 Right headlight electronics
10 Windshield washer system / headlamp washer system control module
11 Left Rear Door Control Module;

Left rear power window.

12 Auxiliary heating
Fuse panel D (black)
1 Front seat electronics;

Seat ventilation;

Rearview mirror;

Air conditioning control panel at the rear;

Neck heating;

Front passenger airbag warning lamp;

Diagnostic connector.

2 Diagnostic interface;

Vehicle electrical system control module.

3 Sound generator
4 Clutch position sensor
5 Engine start;
Emergency shutdown.
6 Diagnostic connection;

Traffic Information (TMC) antenna.

7 USB connection
8 Garage door opener
9 Adaptive cruise control by Audi;

Adaptive distance adjustment.

11 Front camera
12 Right headlight
13 Left headlight
14 Transmission fluid cooling
Fuse panel E (red)
1 Ignition coils
2 Air conditioning system compressor
5 Left headlight
6 Automatic gearbox
7 Instrument panel
8 Air conditioning blower
9 Right headlight
10 Dynamic steering
11 Engine start
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Instrument panel

Additional fuses are located at the front of the cockpit (driver’s side).

Audi A5 and S5 (2021-2022) - fuse and relay box

Number Description
1 Convenient access and commissioning of the authorization control module
2 Phonebox Audi ;

USB connection.

4 Head-up display
5 Audi music interface ;

USB connection.

6 Front air conditioning system control panel
7 Steering column lock
8 Central display
9 Instrument cluster
10 Volume control
11 Light switch, switch module
12 Steering column electronics
14 Information and entertainment system
16 Steering column electronics;

Steering wheel heating.


The fuses are located under the left cover in the trunk.

Audi A5 and S5 (2021-2022) - fuse and relay box

Number Description
Fuse panel A (black)
2 Windshield defroster
3 Windshield defroster
5 Suspension control
6 Automatic gearbox
7 Rear window defogger
8 Rear seat heating
9 Left rear lights
10 Airbag;

Driver’s seat belt pretensioner control module.

11 Trunk lid lock;

Fuel filler door lock;

Comfort system control module.

12 Trunk lid
Fuse panel B (red)
6 Electric compressor
Fuse panel C (brown)
1 External antenna
2 Phonebox Audi ;

Seat belt microphone.

3 Right front seat electronics;

Lumbar support;

Massage chair.

4 Belt assistant
6 Interior monitoring;

Anti-theft alarm system;

Tire pressure monitoring system.

7 Convenient access and commissioning of the authorization control module
8 Parking heating;

Tank module.

9 Top power control module
10 TV tuner;

Data exchange;

Telematics control module.

11 Auxiliary battery control module
12 Garage door opener
13 Reversing camera, peripheral cameras
14 Right rear lights
16 2021: Airbag control module;

2022: Airbag, front passenger seat belt pretensioner control module.

Fuse panel E (red)
1 Warming the right neck
3 Exhaust gas treatment
4 Top power control module
5 Right trailer hitch lamp
7 Towbar
8 Left trailer hitch lamp
9 Trailer hitch socket
10 All-wheel drive control module;

Sports differential.

11 Exhaust gas treatment
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