Audi A7 (2011-2019) – fuse box

Audi A7 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, 2018, 2019.

The fuse for the cigarette lighter (power socket) on the Audi A7 No. is located in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.




  • Electric distributor  in the expansion chamber.
  • Fuse and relay box  to the right of the front panel. 
  • Fuse / relay box and  CAN hub in right trunk. 
  • Main fuse box   on the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Fuse and relay   box  in the plenum  driver’s side (E-Box) 
  • Junction box and  the hub  node   CAN bus  at the   bottom of the left pillar
  • Fuse and relay box   in the area of ​​the  on-board  power control unit  
  • Fuse and  relay  box   on the left side of  the front panel  .
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Passenger compartment

The box on the left


Fuse holder -A- (black)
Number Description
1 Electromechanical steering system;



Switch panel;

Heated rear seats;

Electromechanical parking brake.

2 Signal;

Air conditioning;


Automatically shielded rearview mirror.

4 Parking aid;

Headlamp range adjustment.

5 Dynamic control;


Electronic stabilization control.

6 Headlights
7 «Adaptive cruise control»
8 Passenger seat sensors;


9 “Entry”
10 The sound of the engine;

Auxiliary night vision control unit;

“HomeLink” (garage door opener);

Parking assistant.

11 Video camera image processing
12 Headlights
13 Steering column switch module
14 Terminal 15 (trunk)
15 Terminal 15 (engine compartment)
16 Starter


Fuse holder -B- (brown)
Number Description
1 Information and entertainment system
2 Information and entertainment system
3 Front passenger seat
4 Airbag;

Electronic stabilization control.

6 Anti-theft alarm
7 Electromechanical parking brake
8 Indterior lighting
9 Windshield heating system;

Video camera;

Light and rain sensor.

10 Lumbar support (driver’s seat)
11 Driver’s seat
12 Electronic stabilization system
13 Sound signal
14 Headlights
15 Heated front seats
16 Dynamic control
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Fuse holder -C- (red)
Number Description
1 Clutch
2 Fuel pump
3 Brake light sensor
4 AdBlue control unit (diesel engine);

Engine acoustics.

5 Back door
6 Front door
7 Electronic stabilization system
8 Motorcycle windshield wipers
9 Headlight cleaning system
10 Interior lighting;Air conditioning.
11 Headlights
12 Sliding sunroof

The box on the right


Fuse holder -A- (red)
Number Description
1 Infotainment system, CD changer
2 Infotainment system (display)


Fuse holder -B- (brown)
Number Description
1 Air conditioning
2 Air conditioner (fan)
3 Diagnostic interface
4 Electric ignition lock
5 Electric steering column adjustment
6 Steering column switch module
7 Electric steering column adjustment
8 Light switch
9 Display on the windshield
10 Instrument cluster
11 Infotainment system, DVD changer

Fuse box in the trunk


Fuse holder -A- (black)
Number Description
1 Hitch / socket up to 220 V
2 Towbar;

Cup holder with temperature control for drinks.

3 Towbar;

Moving the front passenger seat from the stowed position.

4 Electromechanical parking brake
5 Electromechanical parking brake
6 Front door (front passenger’s side)
7 Exterior lighting at the rear of the vehicle
8 Central locking, finishing device
9 Heated front seats
11 Heated rear seats;

Air conditioning.

12 Towbar


Fuse holder -B- (red)
Number Description
1 Left seat belt pretensioners
2 Seatbelt pretensioners, right
3 AdBlue tank (diesel engine) / fuel pump
4 AdBlue tank (diesel engine) / engine bearing (petrol engine)
5 Tactile boot lid
6 Air suspension, damping adjustment
7 Rear door (front passenger’s side)
8 Rear lights
9 Trunk lid
10 Rear seat entertainment system
12 Rear spoiler (Sportback);Sunroof.
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Fuse holder -C- (brown)
Number Description
1 Information and entertainment system
2 Information and entertainment system
3 Infotainment system;

Auto-shielded interior rear-view mirror.

4 Rear view camera;

Measurement cameras.

5 TV tuner
6 Tank leak detection system
7 Sockets
8 Heater
10 Lumbar support (front passenger seat)
12 Information and entertainment system


Fuse holder -D- (black)
Number Description
1 Pneumatic suspension;

Shock absorber adjustment;

Sports differential;

Electromechanical parking brake.

2 Clutch travel sensor;

Automatic Transmission.

3 Seats
4 Rear wiper (Avant)
5 Side support system
6 The sound of the engine
7 Infotainment system;

Sound amplifier.

8 “Entry”
9 Sports differential
10 Air conditioning
11 Tire pressure monitoring system;

Heating the passenger compartment with the engine off.

12 Start / Stop system
  • Fuse holder -E- (black) – Special vehicles / rear seats
  • Fuse holder -F- (black) – Heated rear window

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