BMW 7 Series E65 / E66 / E67 / E68 (2002-2008) – fuse box

BMW 7 Series E65 / E66 / E67 / E68 (2002-2008) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Fuse box in the glove compartment

The scheme of the fuse box


Number Amperes [A] Description
1 20A Auxiliary heating system
2 5A Antenna
3 30A Body control unit
4 Not used
5 7.5A Center console;

Information display;

Rear information display;


6 5A CD changer
7 7.5A Cruise control unit
8 10 A. Dynamic drive
9 5A Tire pressure control unit (RDC)
10 15A Air conditioning control unit
11 7.5A Rear information display
12 20A Steering column switches
13 Not used
14 15A Energy saving relay
15 15A Security module and gates;

Driver’s seat;

Passenger seat.

16 Not used
17 5A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC);

Light switch module.

18 5A Headlight (s)
19 30A Rear left door control unit
20 25A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
21 30A Front left door control unit
22 15A Gearbox control unit
23 30A Driver seat control unit
24 Not used
25 Not used
26 Not used
27 Not used
28 15A Instrument panel
29 7.5A On-board diagnostics
30 10 A. Electronic box cooling fan (E-box);

Energy saving relay;

Fuel heater relay;

Starter relay.

31 20A Front cigarette lighter;

Rear cigarette lighter.

32 20A Rear 12V socket
33 7.5A Instrument panel
34 5A Antenna amplifier
35 40A Wiper motor
36 50A Light module
37 40A Blower
38 Not used
39 50A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
40 60A Integrated control unit
41 50A Fuel heater relay
42 50A Central lock
43 50A Cigarette lighter relay
44 50A Light module
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Fuse box in the engine compartment

Fuse Box Diagram (Type 1)


Number Amperes [A] Description
1 20A Vapor canister purge solenoid (s);

Air flow meter;

Rail pressure regulating valve;

Hall sensor.

2 20A Warming each crankcase;

Swirl valve, electromagnet;

Intake manifold diverting valve;

Oil level sensor;


3 30A Battery, B + DDE control unit
4 Not used
5 Not used
R1 Main DDE Relay
R2 Starter relay
R3 Not used
R4 Not used
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Fuse Box Diagram (Type 2)

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 30A DME Variable Camshaft Injectors
(Cylinders 5 – 8)
2 20A Fuel tank cap;

Camshaft timing solenoid valve;

Camshaft sensor.

3 20A Ignition coils 1-4
4 20A Ignition coils 5 – 8
5 30A Camshaft timing solenoid valve;

Camshaft sensor;

MAP-controlled engine cooling thermostat;

The crankshaft position sensor;

Mass air flow meter.

6 20A Injectors (cylinders 1 – 4)
7 20A Transmission control unit
8 30A Lambda probe in front of the catalyst;
Lambda probe 2 in front of the catalyst;
Lambda probe after the catalyst;
Lambda probe 2 after the catalyst;
Oil quality sensor.
9 10 A. Fuel tank leak diagnostics;

Secondary air pump relay;

Air mass flow meter;

Electronics box (E-box);

Cooling fan;

Exhaust manifold flap;

Energy saving relay.

10 40A Variable valve timing
11 40A Variable valve timing


Fuse box in the trunk


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F51 (15A) Heated windshield relay
F52 (15A) Refrigerator
F53 (5A)
F54 (5A) Keyless entry and start control module

F55 (30A) Seat heating control module, rear
F56 (30A) Electric seats front
F57 (15A)
F58 (30A) Door function control module, right front
F59 (5A) Parking brake control module
F60 (30A) Door function control module, right Rear
F61 (30A) Parking brake control module
F62 (30A) Suspension compressor pump
F63 (20A) Sunroof control module
F64 -F65 (30A)
F66 (20A) Trailer socket
F67 (30A)
F68 -F69 -F70 -F71 (5A)
F72 (7.5A) Suspension control module
F73 (15A)
F74 (30A) Trailer control module
F75 (30A)
F76 (10A)
F77 (5A)
F78 (30A)
F79 (10A)
F80 -F81 (50A) Trunk lid opening / closing control module

F82 -F83 (40A)
F84 –

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