Chrysler Pacifica (2022) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Chrysler Pacifica

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The Power Distribution Center (PDC) is located in the engine compartment near the battery. This center contains cartridge fuses, mini-fuses, micro-fuses, circuit breakers and relays. A label that identifies each component is printed on the inside of the cover.

Before any procedure is done on the PDC, make sure engine is turned off.

Remove the cover by unlatching the two locks located at each side of the PDC cover, avoid the usage of screw drivers or any other tool to remove the cover, since they may apply excessive force and result in a broken/damaged part.

After service is done, secure the cover with its two locks.

Power Distribution Center

Cavity Cartridge Fuse Blade Fuse Description
*If Equipped
F06 Not Populated
F07 25 Amp Clear Ignition Coil / Fuel Injector
F08 Not Populated
F09 25 Amp Clear Amplifier / Active Noise Control *
F10 Not Populated
F11 Not Populated
F12 5 Amp Tan Battery Sensor (IBS)
F13 10 Amp Red ECM (S) *
F14 10 Amp Red ECM
F15 40 Amp Green CBC / Power Locks
F16 20 Amp Yellow ECM
F17 30 Amp Pink Starter
F18 40 Amp Green CBC / EXT LIGHTS
F19 25 Amp Clear 2nd Row Folding Seats Solenoid LT *
F20 10 Amp Red A/C Compressor Clutch
F21 25 Amp Clear 2nd Row Folding Seat Solenoid RT *
F22 Not Populated
F23 Not Populated
F24 20 Amp Yellow RR Wiper
F25 10 Amp Red Hands Free Dr Mod / Active Grille Shutter / Pwr Mirror / VRM
F26 40 Amp Green Front HVAC Blower Motor
F27 25 Amp Clear RR Slide Door Module-RT *
F28 10 Amp Red Diagnostic Port / USB+(IP) / Video USB Port / Overhead DVD Player(Aftermarket)
F29 Not Populated
F30 15 Amp Blue Media HUB / Power Lumbar *
F31 Not Populated
F32 20 Amp Blue ECM
F33 30 Amp Pink Power Liftgate Module *
F34 25 Amp Clear RR Door Module-LT *
F35 25 Amp Clear Sunroof *
F36 Not Populated
F37 40 Amp Green CBC / Exterior Lights
F38 60 Amp Yellow Vacuum Cleaner *
F39 25 Amp Clear Rear HVAC Blower Motor
F40 Not Populated
F41 Not Populated
F42 40 Amp Green Folding Seat Module *
F43 20 Amp Yellow Fuel Pump Motor
F44 30 Amp Pink CBC / Interior Lights
F45 30 Amp Pink Power Inverter *
F46 30 Amp Pink Driver Door Module
F47 30 Amp Pink Passenger Door Module
F48 Not Populated
F49 25 Amp Clear RR Sliding Door Module-LT *
F50 25 Amp Clear RR Door Module-RT *
F51 30 Amp Pink Front Wiper
F52 30 Amp Pink Brake Vacuum Pump
F53 Not Populated
F54 40 Amp Green ESP-ECU And Valves
F55 15 Amp Blue Radio Frequency HUB/ Keyless Ignition System (KIN) / ESL / DVD
F56 10 Amp Red Front and Rear HVAC Control Module / Occupant Classification Module (OCM) / Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) / ESP / ESC
F57 Not Populated
F58 10 Amp Red Drive Train Control Mod / Power Transfer Unit *
F59 30 Amp Pink Trailer Tow Receptacle *
F60 20 Amp Yellow Rear Cargo Pwr Outlet
F61 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow Right Stop/Turn *
F62 20 Amp Yellow Power Transfer Unit *
F63 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow Left Stop/Turn *
F64 15 Amp Blue RT HID Headlamp *
F65 Not Populated
F66 15 Amp Blue Cluster
F67 10 Amp Red Haptic Lane Feedback Module (HALF) / Parktronics System (PTS)/Drivers Assist System Module (DASM)
F68 Not Populated
F69 Not Populated
F70 Not Populated
F71 20 Amp Yellow Horn
F72 10 Amp Red Heated Mirror *
F73 30 Amp Pink Rear Defroster
F74 20 Amp Blue Trailer Tow Backup Lights*
F75 5 Amp Tan Overhead Console / RR Center Stack
F76 20 Amp Yellow Uconnect / Center Display / Telematics
F77 10 Amp Red RR Entertainment / Media HUB / USB(S) / Rain Sensor / Sunroof / RR View Mirror/ Overhead DVD Player / INT Monitoring Camera / Wireless Charging Pad
F78 15 Amp Blue TCM (ZF) / E-Shifter / Cluster
F79 10 Amp Red ICS / HVAC / SCCM/ EPB SW
F80 Not Populated
F81 Not Populated
F82 Not Populated
F83 20 Amp Blue TT Park Lights *
30 Amp Pink Headlamp Washer Pump *
F84 30 Amp Pink Drive Train Control MOD *
F85 20 Amp Yellow Cigar Lighter
F86 Not Populated
F87 Not Populated
F88 20 Amp Yellow Front Heated Seats *
F89 20 Amp Yellow Rear Heated Seats *
F90 Not Populated
F91 15 Amp Blue Front Ventilated Seats/Heated Steering Wheel *
F92 5 Amp Tan Security Gateway
F93 Not Populated
F94 40 Amp Green ESC Motor Pump
F95A 10 Amp Red USB Charge Port — ACC/RUN
F95B 10 Amp Red Selectable Fuse Location – USB IP (Direct) B+
F96 10 Amp Red Airbag
F97 10 Amp Red Airbag
F98 15 Amp Blue Left HID Headlamp *
F99 30 Amp Pink Trailer Tow Elect Brake Module *
F100 10 Amp Red Headlamp Level / RR Camera / Blindspot / Humidity SNSR / In Car Temp SNSR / Headlamp SW *
Circuit Breakers
CB1 25 Amp Power Seats (Driver)
CB2 25 Amp * Power Seats (Pass)
CB3 25 Amp FRT PWR Window W/O Door Nodes + RR PWR Window Lockout
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30 Amp mini fuse is substituted for 25 Amp Circuit Breaker.

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