Daewoo Leganza (1999-2002) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Daewoo Leganza

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

Fuse box in the engine compartment

Deawoo Leganza (1999-2002) - fuse and relay box
Deawoo Leganza – fuse box diagram – engine compartment

Fuse box in passenger compartment

Deawoo Leganza (1999-2002) - fuse and relay box
Deawoo Leganza – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment

Fuse table

Number Amperes [A] Source Description
EF1 (engine fuse) thirty B + Fuses F1, F2, F4
EF2 thirty B + Blower motor relay, blower motor, auto. Temp. Control relay, ATC controller
EF3 twenty B + Cooling Fan Relay (Low), Aux. Cooling fan, cooling fan control relay
EF4 60 B + ABS relay, electronic brake control module
EF5 thirty B + lgn 2 (lgn key}, starter
EF6 thirty B + lgn 1 (lgn key), as, F17, F18
EF7 twenty B + Relay lgn 2, EF 32, keyless entry system, sunroof, electric window main switch
EF8 twenty B + Cooling fan (high) relay, cooling fan control relay, main cooling fan
EF12 15 B + Threat switch
EF15 thirty B + Rear Window Defogger, Defogger Relay, EF27
EF16 twenty B + Generator F Terminal, Electronic Ignition System Coil, Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid, Engine Control Module
EF17 15 B + Fuel injectors, EGA
EF19 15 B + Fuel pump, DLC connector E
EF20 10 B + RH parking lamp, right tail lamp, dimmer switch, bell
EF21 10 B + Left parking lamp, left tail lamp, license lamp
EF22 15 B + Engine control module
EF23 twenty B + Brake switch, brake lights, EBCM, cruise control, BTSi
EF24 twenty B + Electric seat
EF25 10 EF34 High right headlight
EF26 10 EF34 Right low headlight
EF27 10 EF15 Electric outside rearview mirror defogger
EF28 15 B + Automatic door lock system
EF29 15 B + Power antenna, lgn key illumination, trunk lamp, interior heater lamp, door sill lamp, keyless entry system module
EF30 10 EF34 Left high headlight
EF31 10 EF34  Left low headlight
EF32 10 EF7 Electric outside rearview mirror control, map lamp (W / 0 sunroof), sunroof switch, keyless access module
EF33 10 B + NC compressor relay, NC compressor, NC led
EF34 25 B + Headlight Relay, EF30, EF25, EF31, EF26, High Beam Switch, Light Relay, Headlight Switch, Anti-theft Siren
EF35 10 B + Horn system
EF37 15 B + Fog lamp relay, left and right front fog lamps
F1 (fuse) 10 EF1 Audio system, clock, key reminder switch, doorbell module, ashtray light, door switch, ATC controller
F2 10 EF1 DLC
F4 twenty EF1 Daytime running lamps
F6 twenty EF5 (Ign 2) Ignition 2 relay, Cooling Fan (High) Relay, Cooling Fan (Low) Relay, A / C Compressor Relay, A / C Switch, Cooling Fan Control Relay, ECM., Blower Motor Relay, Auto. Temp. Control relay, defogger relay, ATC controller
F8 twenty EF6 (Akc) Cigar lighter, glove box lamp, glove box switch, key lock solenoid
F9 10 EF6 (Akc) Audio system, clock
F11 15 EF6 (Ign 1) Turn signal / hazard switch, daytime running lights
F12 25 EF6 (Ign 1) Wiper / Washer System
F13 15 EF6 (Ign 1) Engine Control Module, Ignition 1 Relay, Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor, Fuel Pump Relay, CMP
F14 10 EF6 (Ign 1) Backup switch, reverse lamps, defogger, ATC controller, seat belt switch, cruise control system
F15 10 EF6 (Ign 1) Additional inflatable restraint system
F 16 twenty EF6 (Ign 1) Sunroof Module, Sunroof Motor (if equipped)
F17 10 EF6 (Ign 1) Electronic brake control module
F18 10 EF6 (Ign 1) Instrument cluster, Buzzer module, Brake switch, ATC. Control unit, vehicle speed sensor, ECM, brake shift lock solenoid, transmission range switch, speed sensitive power steering module, EBCM
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