Dodge Durango (2011-2013) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and relay boxes diagram – Dodge Durango

Applies to vehicles new in years:

2011, 2012, 2013.


Integrated Power Module

A description of each fuse and component may be stamped on the inner cover, otherwise the bay number of each fuse is stamped on the inner cover.

Dodge Durango (2011-2013) - fuse and relay box

Recess Cartridge fuse Mini  fuse Description
J01 40 amp green Pneumatic suspension
J02 30 Amp Pink Tailgate actuator module
J03 30 Amp Pink Tow trailer
J04 25 Amp Natural The driver’s door node
J05 25 Amp Natural The node of the passenger door
J06 40 amp green Anti-lock brake pump / stability control system
J07 30 Amp Pink Anti-lock brake valve / stability control system
J08 40 amp green Electric seat
J09 30 Amp Pink Electric brake
J10 30 Amp Pink Headlamp washer relay contact
J11 30 Amp Pink Powertrain control module
J12 30 Amp Pink Rear window defroster
J13 60 A yellow Consumption after Master Ignition Off (IOD)
J14 20 A blue Trailer tow lamps / Parking lamps
J15 40 amp green Front cab fan / blower
J17 40 amp green Starter solenoid
J18 20 A blue Powertrain control module / Transmission range of the powertrain control module
J19 60 A yellow Radiator fan motor high / low radiator fan motor
J20 30 Amp Pink Front wiper
J21 20 A blue Front / rear washer control
J22 25 Amp Natural Sunroof module
M1 15 A blue Stop light
M2 20 A yellow Electronic Limited Slip Differential / Air Suspension
M3 20 A yellow Liftgate unlock / dRL relay
M5 25 Amp Natural 115V AC inverter
M6 20 A yellow Rain sensor / cigarette lighter
M7 20 A yellow Power inlet # 2 (switchable)
M8 20 A yellow Front heated seat and steering wheel
M9 20 A yellow Heated rear seats
M10 15 A blue Video / universal garage door opener
M11 10 A red Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (climate control system)
M12 30 A green Radio / amplifier
M13 20 A yellow Instrument cluster
M14 20 A yellow Reversing camera
M15 20 A yellow Power seat module (s) / adaptive cruise control / audio telematics / daytime running light relay / air suspension module / instrument cluster
M16 10 A red Passenger restraint controller
M18 15 A blue Stop lamp (2012, 2013)
M19 25 Amp Natural Automatic shutdown 1 and 2
M20 15 A blue Instrument cluster
M21 20 A yellow Automatic shutdown 3
M22 10 A red Horns (low / high) – right
M23 10 A red Horns (low / high) – left
M24 25 Amp Natural Rear wiper
M25 20 A yellow Fuel pump motor output / diesel lift pump (export only)
M26 10 A red Driver door switch bank
M27 10 A red Ignition switch / wireless control module / keyless access module
M28 15 A blue Powertrain control unit / gearbox control unit
M29 10 A red Tire pressure monitor
M30 15 A blue J1962 diagnostic connector
M31 20 A yellow Spare lamps
M32 10 A red Passenger restraint controller
M33 10 A red Powertrain control unit / gearbox control unit
M34 10 A red Parking assist module / A / C system module / Infrared sensor / Compass module
M35 15 A blue Left rear parking lamps
M36 20 A yellow Power socket
M37 10 A red Antilock Brake System / Stability Control Module / Stop Lamp Switch Sensor
M38 25 Amp Natural All door locks and unlocks
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