DS3 (2017-2020) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – DS3

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

The cigarette lighter (sockets) on the DS3 is provided by fuse F9 in the instrument panel fuse box.

Dashboard fuse box

Left-hand drive vehicles:
The fuse box is located on the bottom of the dashboard (left-hand side).

Unclip the cover by pulling it from the side, remove the cover completely.

Right-hand drive vehicles:
The fuse box is located in the glove compartment.

Open the glove box cover, unfasten the fuse box cover by pulling the side, remove the cover completely.

DS3 (2017-2020) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 15 A. Rear wiper.
F2 Not used.
F3 5 A. Control unit for airbags and seatbelt tensioners
F4 10 A. Air conditioning;

Clutch switch;

Electrochromic mirror;

Diesel Particulate Filter Pump;

Diagnostic socket;

Air flow sensor (Diesel).

F5 30 A. Power window panel;

Electric passenger window control;

Electric windshield motor.

F6 30 A. Electric driver’s window motor.
F7 5 A. Ceiling lamp, glove box lighting
F8 20 A. Multifunction screen;

Audio system;

Navigation radio;

Alarm switchboard;

Alarm siren.

F9 30 A. 12V socket;

Portable power to assist with navigation.

F10 15 A. Steering wheel controls.
F11 15 A. Ignition;

Diagnostic socket;

Automatic gearbox control unit.

F12 15 A. Rain and sun sensor;

Trailer relay.

F13 5 A. Main switch;

Engine relay assembly.

F14 15 A. Parking sensor controller;

Airbag controller;

Instrument panel;

Digital air conditioning;

USB box;

Hi-Fi amplifier.

F15 30 A. Central lock.
F 16 Not used.
F17 40 A. Evaporation and defrosting of the rear window and side mirrors.
CII PARC shunt.
FH36 5 A. Trailer relay.
FH37 Not used.
FH38 20 A. Hi-fi amplifier.
FH39 20 A. Heated seats
FH40 40 A. Trailer relay.

Fuse box in the engine compartment

It is located in the engine compartment near the battery (left side).

DS3 (2017-2020) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 20 A. Engine control unit power supply;

Cooling fan assembly control relay;

Multifunctional main engine control relay;

Injection pump (Diesel).

F2 15 A. Horn.
F3 10 A. Washer fluid, front and rear.
F4 20 A. LED lamps.
F5 15 A. Diesel heater (Diesel);

Particulate filter additive pump (Diesel);

Air Flow Sensor (Diesel);

Purge heater;

Solenoid valves (VTi).

F6 10 A. ABS / DSC control unit;

Secondary stop switch.

F7 10 A. Electric power steering;

Automatic Transmission.

F8 25 A. Starter control.
F9 10 A. Changeover and protection unit (Diesel).
F10 30 A. Fuel heater (diesel);

Purge Heater (Diesel);

Fuel pump (VTi);


Ignition coils (gasoline).

F11 40 A. Heater blower.
F12 30 A. Windscreen wipers slow / fast.
F13 40 A. Embedded system interface power supply (positive ignition).
F14 30 A. Valvetronic (VTi) power supply.
F15 10 A. Right high beam headlamps.
F 16 10 A. Left high beam.
F17 15 A. Left dipped beam.
F18 15 A. Right-hand dipped headlamps.
F19 15 A. Oxygen sensors and solenoid valves (VTi);

Solenoid valves (diesel);

EGR (Diesel) solenoid.

F20 10 A. Pumps;

Electronic thermostat (VTi);

Timing solenoid valve (THP);

Water in fuel (diesel) sensor.

F21 5 A. Power supply to control the fan assembly;


Turbo pump (THP).

MF1 * 60 A. Fan assembly.
MF2 * 30 A. ABS / DSC pump.
MF3 * 30 A. ABS / DSC solenoid valves.
MF4 * 60 A. Power for the embedded system interface (BSI).
MF5 * 60 A. Power for the embedded system interface (BSI).
MF6 * 30 A. Additional cooling fan (THP).
MF7 * 80 A. Dashboard fuse box.
MF8 * Not used.
* Maxi fuses provide additional protection for electrical installations.
All work on maxi fuses must be carried out by a CITROËN dealer or a specialist workshop.

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