Jeep Cherokee KL (2021) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and Relay Box Diagrams – Jeep Cherokee KL

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The Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment near the battery. This center contains cartridge fuses, mini-fuses and relays. A label that identifies each component is printed on the inside of the cover.

Jeep Cherokee KL (2021) - fuse and relay box

Jeep Cherokee KL (2021) - fuse and relay box

Cavity Blade Fuse Cartridge Fuse Description
* If Equipped
F06 Not Used
F07 15 Amp Blue Powertrain Control Mod (PCM) * / Surge Solenoid Purge Valve *
F08 25 Amp Clear Fuel Injectors */ ECM */ PCM/Fuel Injectors *
F09 15 Amp Blue Coolant Pump *

UREA Coolant Pump/PCM *

F10 20 Amp Yellow Power Transfer Unit (PTU) *
F11 Not Used
F12 10 Amp Red Supply And Purging Pump *
F13 10 Amp Red Voltage Stability Mod (VSM)/Powertrain Control Mod (PCM)/Engine Control Module (ECM)
F14 10 Amp Red Drivetrain Control Module (DTCM)/Power Take-Off Unit (PTU)/Electric Park Brake (EPB)/RDM/Brake System Module (BSM) */Brake Pedal Switch/Back Up Lamp Switch *
F15 Not Used
F16 20 Amp Yellow Ign Coils*
F17 30 Amp Pink Brake Vacuum Pump *
F18 Not Used
F19 40 Amp Green Starter Solenoid
F20 10 Amp Red A/C Compressor Clutch
F21 Not Used
F22 5 Amp Tan Radiator Fan (PWM) Enable
F23 50 Amp Red Voltage Stability Module (VSM) #2
F24 20 Amp Yellow Rear Wiper
F25B 20 Amp Yellow FT/RR Washer
F26 30 Amp Pink Fuel Heater *
F27 Not Used
F28 15 Amp Blue Transmission Control Module (TCM/Shifter)
F29 Not Used
F30 10 Amp Red Engine Control Module (ECM)/(EPS)/Fuel Pump Relay Feed/(PCM)/Gas Particulate Filter (GPF)
F31 Not Used
F32 Not Used
F33 Not Used
F34 Not Used
F35 Not Used
F36 Not Used
F37 Not Used
F38 60 Amp Yellow Glow Plugs *
F39 40 Amp Green HVAC Blower Motor
F40 20 Amp Blue Trailer Tow Park Light *
F41 50 Amp Red Voltage Stability Module (VSM) #1
F42 30 Amp Pink Trailer Tow Module *
F43 20 Amp Yellow Fuel Pump Motor
F44 30 Amp Pink Trailer Tow Receptacle *
F45 30 Amp Pink Passenger Door Module (PDM) *
F46 25 Amp Clear Sunroof Control Module *
F47 Not Used
F48 30 Amp Pink Driver Door Module *
F49 30 Amp Pink Power Inverter (115 Volt/220 Volt A/C) *
F50 30 Amp Pink Power Liftgate Module *
F51 Not Used
F52 30 Amp Pink Front Wipers
F53 30 Amp Pink Brake System Module (BSM) – ECU And Valves
F54 30 Amp Pink Body Control Module (BCM) Feed 3
F55 10 Amp Red Blind Spot Sensors/Rearview Camera, Rear Heated Seat Switch *
F56 15 Amp Blue Ignition Node Module (IGNM)/KIN/RF Hub/Electric Steering Column Lock (ESCL) / Dual USB Port – RR Console
F57 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow Left Stop/Turn Lights *
F58 10 Amp Red Occupant Classification Module/VSM/TT Mod/ESCL
F59 30 Amp Pink Drivetrain Control Module (DTCM) *
F60 20 Amp Yellow Power Outlet – Center Console
F61 20 Amp Yellow Trailer Tow Right Stop/Turn Lights *
F62 20 Amp Yellow Windshield De-Icer *
F63 20 Amp Yellow Front Heated/Ventilated Seats *
F64 20 Amp Yellow Rear Heated Seats *
F65 10 Amp Red In Vehicle Temperature Sensor/Humidity Sensor/Driver Assist System Module (DASM)/Park Assist (PAM) *
F66 15 Amp Blue HVAC (ECC)/Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)/Gateway Module
F67 Not Used
F68 Not Used
F69 10 Amp Red Transfer Case Switch (TSBM)/Active Grill Shutter (AGS) *
F70 5 Amp Tan Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)
F71 Not Used
F72 10 Amp Red Heated Mirrors * / PM Sensor *
F73 20 Amp Blue NOX Sensor #1 & #2 / Trailer Tow Backup *
F74 30 Amp Pink Rear Defroster (EBL)
F75 20 Amp Yellow Cigar Lighter *
F76 20 Amp Yellow Rear Differential Module (RDM) *
F77 10 Amp Red Hands Free Module / Brake Pedal Switch *
F78 10 Amp Red Diagnostic Port / Digital TV / TBM
F79 10 Amp Red Integrated Center Stack (ICS)/Electric Park Brake (EPB) SW/CD Mod/Steering Control Mod (SCCM)/HVAC/Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
F80 20 Amp Yellow Radio
F81 Customer Selectable Location For F91 Power Outlet Feed
F82 5 Amp Tan Cybersecurity Gateway Module
F83 20 Amp Blue

30 Amp Pink

Engine Controller Module *

SCU Module *

F84 30 Amp Pink Electric Park Brake (EPB) – Left
F85 15 Amp Blue (CSWM) Heated Steering Wheel *
F86 20 Amp Yellow Horns
F87 Not Used
F88 10 Amp Red Seat Belt Reminder (SBR)/Smart Camera *
F89 10 Amp Red Auto Headlamp Leveling Headlamp *
F90 Not Used
F91 20 Amp Yellow Power Outlet Rear Customer Selectable*
F92 Not Used
F93 40 Amp Green Brake System Module (BSM) – Pump Motor
F94 30 Amp Pink Electric Park Brake (EPB) – Right
F95 10 Amp Red Sunroof Module / Rain Sensor Module (LRSM) / Electrochromatic Mirror Module (ECMM) / Dual USB Port (Rear)/ Power Outlet Console Illumination / Digital TV
F96 10 Amp Red Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)/(Airbag)
F97 10 Amp Red Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)/(Airbag)
F98 25 Amp Clear Audio Amplifier/ANC *
F99 Not Used
F100 Not Used
Circuit Breakers
CB1 30 Amp * Power Seat (Driver)
CB2 30 Amp * Power Seat (Pass)
CB3 25 Amp Power Window
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30 Amp mini fuse is substituted for 25 Amp Circuit Breaker.


The interior fuse panel is located on the Body Control Module (BCM) in the passenger compartment on the left side dash panel under the instrument panel.

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Jeep Cherokee KL (2021) - fuse and relay box

Cavity Blade Fuse Description
* If Equipped
F32 10 Amp Red Interior Lighting
F36 10 Amp Red Intrusion Module/Siren *
F37 7.5 Amp Brown UCI Port (USB & AUX)
F38 20 Amp Yellow Deadbolt All Unlock
F42 7.5 Amp Brown Passenger Lumbar Support
F43 20 Amp Yellow Washer Pump Front
F48 25 Amp Clear Fog Lamp Rear Left/Right *
F49 7.5 Amp Brown Lumbar Support
F50 7.5 Amp Brown Wireless Charging Pad *
F51 7.5 Amp Brown Driver Window Switch/Power Mirrors *
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