Jeep Compass (2022) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and Relay Box Diagrams – Jeep Compass

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:



Engine compartment

The fuse panel in the engine compartment is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Passenger compartment
The internal fuse board is located in the driver’s cabin on the left side dashboard under the dashboard.

Fuse box in the engine compartment

Recess Cartridge fuse Mini fuse Description
* If equipped
F01 50 A red (gas) Smart Driver Unit (TDSU) gearbox (gas)
60 Amp Blue (Diesel) Glow plug DCTT SDU BATT (Diesel)
F03 40 amp orange PTC channel 1 *
F04 30 A brown Rear defroster (EBL) *
F06 40 amp orange TTM *
F07 40 amp orange SCR *
F08 20 A yellow SLM LT channel *
F09 30 A brown AGSM / DCSM / TCM / DTCM / SCCM
F10 20 A yellow SLM RT channel *
F11 20 A yellow BCM Feed 3 / (start / start and FB relay and / start / stop and FB relay in BCM)
F12 40 amp orange BSM pump
F13 40 amp orange BSM valves
F14 40 amp orange Diesel filter heater *
F15 40 amp orange Starter solenoid fuse
F 16 40 amp orange Starter solenoid *
F17 40 amp orange HVAC fan
F19 2 A Gray Steering column control module (SCCM)
F20 7.5 amps Brown Engine Control Module (ECM);

Radiator fan relay coil.

F22 7.5 amps Brown Air conditioning compressor
F24 7.5 amps Brown Side mirror defrosting *
F25 20 A yellow LT HID lamp
F26 20 A yellow Lumbar adjustment (driver’s seat only) *
F27 25 A Clean

20 A yellow

Engine Control Module (ECM);

Fuel injectors

F29A and B
F30 20 A yellow RT HID lamp
F31 15 A blue Wireless charging pad / SW Bank Dolny 2 / SW Bank Dolny LT and RT
F32 20 A yellow (gas) Fuel injectors / Ignition coils / Ignition coil capacitors (gas engine)
15 A blue (diesel) UEGO (02) Sensor – Upstream & Downstream / Glow plug module / Oil pump / Mass air flow sensor / EGR cooling bypass / Rotary actuator / SNSR UEGO DSL Upstream / UREA pump cooling (diesel engine)
F33 10 A red Coil Power Control Relay 2.4 Dual Battery Application Only (XHZ)
F34A and B
F36 10 A red UCI2 / Mod CVPM port
F38 10 A red ECM / TCM / AGSM / DCSM / STM
F42 20 A yellow Charge Power Socket – Ignition Power
F43 Cargo Power socket (May be replaced with a 20A fuse in direct battery operation F42)
F46 30 A Tan Powertrain Control Module (DTCM) AWD power
F47 30 A Tan Windshield defrosting *
F49 15 A blue Transmission Control Module (TCM)
F50 5 A Tan Powertrain control module (DTCM) ECU power
F51 20 A yellow Power supply NOX SNSR (diesel engine)
F52 5 A Tan Automatic Shift Module (AGSM) (Diesel & Gas)
F57 20 A yellow RR power socket (12V APO)
F61 20 A yellow Fuel pump
F62 5 A Tan Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)
F64 10 A red MOD DCSD / Handsfree Liftgate / UCI + USB port
F65 20 A yellow horn
F66 20 A yellow Lighter*
F67 10 A red Engine Control Module (ECM)
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Fuse box in passenger compartment

Recess Blade fuse Description
* If equipped
F31 7.5 amps Brown Passenger restraint controller
F33 20 A yellow Passenger windshield motor
F34 20 A yellow Window motor controller
F36 20 A yellow Burglary signaling module / siren;


UCI / USB port;


Air conditioning;

Electronic steering lock;

Electrically folding mirrors;

Security gate / DTV.

F37 10 A red Instrument panel cluster;

Powertrain control module;

Adaptive cruise control;

ECC blower (HVAC).

F38 20 A yellow Door lock / unlock;

The tailgate is released.

F42 7.5 amps Brown Braking system module;

Electric power steering.

F43 20 A yellow Washer pump front and rear
F47 20 A yellow Left rear window lifter
F48 20 A yellow Right rear window
F49 7.5 amps Brown Parking assistant;

Blind Spot Detection;

Voltage stabilizer;

Humidity sensor;

Electronic steering lock;

Temperature sensor;


Heated seats;

Light and rain sensor;

Start-stop switch.

F50 7.5 amps Brown Passenger restraint controller
F51 7.5 amps Brown Electronic climate control;

Passenger classification;

Reversing camera;

Climate control;

Headlamp leveling;

Site selection;

Heated rear window;

Towing a trailer;

Lane modification.

F53 7.5 amps Brown Keyless ignition node module;

Electric parking brake;

RF hub;


F94 15 A blue Driver’s seat with lumbar adjustment;

Power sockets.

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