Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (907) (2018-2022) – fuse box

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.


Fuse and relay box in the passenger footwell

Number Description Amperes [A]
15-1 Engine control unit;

Common Powertrain Module (CPC);

ESP module;

Four-wheel drive module;


Pneumatic suspension.

15-2 Feedback cable, terminal 15 relay;

Headlight range adjustment, halogen headlight;

TCO tachograph;

Radar sensor for active brake assist;

Reversing warning device deactivation, power take-off, working speed adjustment;

Connection to a DIN socket.

30-T Multifunction camera;

TCO tachograph;

Connection to DIN socket, roof;

Terminal 15, undervoltage relay;

Instrument cluster;

Central oil pump.

1 Unassigned
2 Common Powertrain Module (CPC) 10A
3 OM642 / OM651 / M274 engine control unit 10A
4 DIN socket, cockpit 7.5A
5 Common Powertrain Module (CPC) 10A
6 Radiator fan (not for OM654) 5A
7 Automatic Transmission 30A
8 Body controller 30A
9 Body controller 30A
10 Heating, SCR catalyst. 30A
11 Ceiling control module (standard);

Ceiling control module, cab chassis;

Ceiling control module, high.

10A / 10A / 15A
12 Pump, SCR catalyst 15A
13 Automatic gearbox NAT3 60A
14 ESP valves (Premium), vehicles with electromechanical parking brake;

ESP valves (Standard).

40A / 25A
16 ESP pump 60A
17 Body controller 30A
18 Body controller 30A
19 D +, bodybuilder 10A
20 Co-driver’s door control unit 25A
21 Driver’s door controller 25A
22 Air suspension control unit (LFA) 10A
23 Blower control unit 25A
24 USB socket (cockpit, glove box);

115V / 230V converter socket.

25 Cigarette lighter, center console 15A
26 Information panel socket 15A
27 Converter socket, 115V / 230V. 25A
28 Pre-installation of the radio;

Cargo elevator;

Voltage converter antenna;

Converter socket, 115V / 230V for vehicles with external battery.

30-1 Unassigned
30-2 Unassigned
30-3 Central lock 5A
30-4 Alarm (ATA) 5A
30-5 Unassigned
30-6 Electronic ignition lock control unit 10A
31 Starting, terminal 15-II relay 25A
32 Unassigned
33 Voltage quality sensor (SEB) 5A
34 Electronics for interior lighting 10A
35 Advance Caravanning (ACU) – a motorhome unit 7.5A
36 Air conditioning control panel 5A
37 Electric Steering Lock (ESTL) 5A
38 Steering Column Control (SCSM) 10A
39 Antenna;


Twoway radio.

40 Rotating beacon 5A
41 Radio multimedia system (C5 / NTG6), radio pre-installation 25A
42 Unassigned
43 Unassigned
44 Multimedia system control panel 5A
45 Charger bracket;

Wireless Mobile Interface (WMI).

46 Multimedia Connection Unit (MMI) 7.5A
47 Hermes (UMTS / LTE communication module) 5A
48 Telestar stationary heating 5A
49 Central display 5A
50 Auxiliary headlight, left (platform body builder) 5A
51 Auxiliary headlight, right (platform bodybuilder) 5A
52 Airbag control unit 7.5A
53 Diagnostics 5A
54 Relay power supply 5A
55 TS engine (Diesel), engine control unit (OM651) 7.5A
57 Soot particle sensor;

NOx sensor;

Soot Particle Sensor (not for OM654)

58  Engine, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) (OM642 / OM651);Engine (not for OM654). 10A
59 Sensor NOx before and after the catalyst (not OM654) 15A
60 Lambda probe 10A
61 M274 engine;

Engine (OM642 / OM651).

62 Engine control unit (not for OM654) 15A
63 Engine control unit;

Engine (M274);

Engine (not for OM654).

20A / 20A / 25A
64 Body controller 30A
65 Body controller 30A
66 Roof fan 15A
67 Fuel metering control unit (FSCM) 25A
68 Right LED headlight 15A
69 Left LED headlight 15A
H2 30A
70 Windshield wipers 30A
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Relay box in the passenger footwell

Number Description Amperes [A]
R1 Reserve 30A
R2 Terminal 87, engine 50A
R3 Terminal 87, common driveline module (CPC) 30A
R4 Terminal 15-I 40A
R5 Switches the windshield wipers on and off 40A
R6 Reserve 40A
R7 Windshield wipers speed 40A
R8 Terminal 50, starter 40A
R9 Terminal 15R (vehicles without additional battery) 50A
R10 Terminal 15-II 30A
R11 Terminal 15R (vehicles without additional battery) 50A
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Fuses on the outside of the base of the driver’s seat

Number Description Amperes [A]
F55 / 1
1 Additional turn signal lamp 10A
2 Rear window wiper, right 15A
3 Four-wheel drive 30A
4 Terminal strip for electrical connection 25A
5 Driver’s seat adjustment unit 25A
6 Driver seat heating unit 10A
7 Driver lumbar support 25A
8 Tire pressure monitoring 5A
9 Parking assistant;

Rear Camera (RVC).

F55 / 2
10 Trailer coupling, right (trailer socket) 25A
11 Control unit with trailer socket 15A
12 Trailer coupling, left (trailer socket) 25A
13 Control unit with trailer socket 15A
14 Multi-functional module (MPM) 25A
15 Multi-functional module (MPM) 25A
16 Rear chamber blower 25A
17 Auxiliary heating (water heating) 20A
18 Automatic gearbox, auxiliary oil pump 15A
F55 / 3
19 Parking heating;

Terminal 15 on extra battery.

20 Measurement voltage auxiliary battery 5A
21 Heated rear window, left 15A
22 Heated rear window, right 15A
23 Tail lift / tipper vehicle (pre-installation) 7.5A
24 Terminal strip for electrical connection 15A
25 Roof fan relay 5A
26 Signal special, cockpit body 7.5A
27 Rear window heating 30A
F55 / 4
28 Sliding door, left;

Electric sliding door, left.

15A / 30A
29 Sliding door, right;

Electric sliding door, right.

15A / 30A
30 Antenna switch box 5A
31 Automatic Transmission 7.5A
32 Automatic Transmission 10A
33 Brake servo 30A
34 Siren relay;

Preparation for a motorhome.

15A / 30A
35 Rotating beacon with siren;

Preparation for a motorhome.

15A / 30A
36 Preparation for a motorhome 30A
F55 / 5
37 Electric step, left 10A
38 Electric step, right 10A
39 Warning buzzer;Electric step, right and left. 5A
40 Automatic transmission (NAT2) 10A
41 Terminal 15, special signal 5A
42 Rear Camera (RVC);

Interior mirror with monitor for rear view.

43 Nest, cabin 15A
44 Seat, D pillar, left 15A
45 Seat, D pillar, right 15A
F55 / 6
51 USB port, left 7.5A / 5A
52 USB port, right 7.5A / 5A
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Fuses in the base of the driver’s seat and in the battery box

Number Description Amperes [A]
F150 / 1 (MFB-1) Battery box
1 Battery sensor
2 Unassigned MIDI
3 Main fuse box (MFB-2) Rail
4 Energy Distribution Center, Terminal 30 (F30-1 – F30-6) 50A
5 PTC booster heater 125A
F150 / 4 (MFB-2)
1 Terminal 30T, Fuse Box, Driver Seat Base (F55 / 1-F55 / 6) 125A
2 Electric control 125A
3 Alternator 300A
4 Alternator 400A
5 Energy Distribution Center (PDC), FB-P 175A
6 Glow output stage (GZE) 80A
7 Radiator fan (not for OM654);

Engine radiator fan;

Radiator fan (not for OM654).

40A / 70A / 80A
8 Motorhome main fuses 100A
9 Unassigned
10 Air conditioning, rear compartment 100A / 50A / 25A
11 Extra battery / Battery cut-off relay;

Retarder without additional battery.

150A / 100A
12 Air Suspension (LFA) 40A
13 Windshield heating 80A
F150 / 5 (MFB-ZB)
1 Retarder 100A
2 Tail lift / tipper vehicle (preparation) 250A
3 Extra battery
4 Battery cut-off relay 150A
5 Socket, converter 60A
6 Auxiliary heating 25A
F59 / 1 and F59 / 2
1 Heated windscreen, left 40A
2 Heated windshield, right 40A


Number Description Amperes [A]
1 Windshield heating
2 Terminal 15
3 Heated rear window
4 Sockets, rear
5 Interior lighting
6 Not used
7 Not used
8 Not used
9 Not used
10 Not used
11 Not used
12 Not used
13 Not used
14 Not used
15 Right-hand rear wiper
16 The body of the manufacturer’s terminal strip
17 Switch, reverse tell-tale
18 Roof fan
19 Additional oil pump
20 Electric step, right 1
21  Electric step, right 2
22  Electric step, left 1
23  Electric step, left 2
24 Siren
25 Rotating beacon with siren
26 Load elevator

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