Mitsubishi Canter 6 (1993-2002) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Mitsubishi Canter 6

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.


Fuse box in passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located behind the protective cover in the center panel.

Mitsubishi Canter 6 (1993-2002) - fuse and relay box


F1 10 / 15A Left headlight
F2 10 / 15A Right headlight
F3 10 / 15A Stop lights, horn, retarder control unit (reset codes)
F4 10 / 15A Direction indicators
F5 5A E / dv fuel cut-off
F6 10A Interior lighting
F7 10A Optional equipment
F8 25 / 30A Glass lifts, central locking
F9 25A air suspension
F10 15A Automatic transmission control unit (wiping codes)
F11 25A Power steering
F12 25A EZGO system
F13 Cigarette lighter 15A
F14 10A Radio tape recorder
F15 10A Optional equipment
F 16 10A Mirror drive
F17 5 / 10A Fuel cut-off relay (24V)
F18 Starter 10 / 30A
F19 10A Reversing lamps, exhaust gas recirculation control unit (reset codes) (4D33, 35)
F20 10A Instrument cluster
F21 10A Windshield wiper
F22 10A Optional equipment
F23 Automatic gearbox 10A, EZGO system
F24 Automatic gearbox 10A
F25 10A Exhaust gas recirculation system
F26 10A retarder
F27 10A exhaust brake
F29 10А ABS
F30 10A Automatic air conditioner
F32 Air conditioner 10A
F33 25 / 30A Heater fan
F34 Dimensions 15A
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Separately in the lower part there may be: 2 – ASR fuse (10 A), 3 – ammeter fuse (1 A)

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Relay box

Installed in the panel opposite the passenger seat.

Mitsubishi Canter 6 (1993-2002) - fuse and relay box


  1. mirror drive relay (folded)
  2. mirror drive relay (working position)
  3. central locking relay (lock)
  4. central locking relay (unlock)
  5. MU-TIC or MULAC unit
  6. turn signal flasher relay (and turn signal relay – modifications)
  7. table signal relay (models with exhaust brake)
  8. thermostat relay (FE, FF, FG)
  9. size relay
  10. high beam relay
  11. dipped beam relay
  12. heater fan relay
  13. power take-off buzzer relay
  14. low speed wiper relay
  15. parking brake relay
  16. wiper quick relay
  17. mountain brake relay (ABS / ASR)
  18. mountain brake relay (ABS)
  19. intensive engine warm-up system relay (FB, FD)
  20. low engine oil indicator relay
  21. LAC block
  22. compressor relay (FF)
  23. compressor relay (FF)
  24. air suspension main relay
  25. retarder control unit
  26. transfer case shift relay (FG38)
  27. brake light sensor (CUSTOM)
  28. automatic transmission fluid cooler (FE) relay
  29. automatic transmission fluid cooler (FB) relay
  30. EZGO horn relay
  31. fuel cut-off relay
  32. 4WD enable relay
  33. PPS control unit (FE, FF); mirror drive control unit
  34. key lock control unit (models with automatic transmission)
  35. Transfer case control unit (FG38)
  36. differential lock controller (FG38)
  37. , 38, 39 – power take-off clutch relay. 40 – automatic transmission control unit.
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A box near the battery

An additional fuse and relay box is located outside the vehicle next to the battery.

Mitsubishi Canter 6 (1993-2002) - fuse and relay boxDescription

FH1 50A Fuses F1… 4
FH2 50A Fuses F5… 12
FH5 50A Ignition switch output “B”
FH6 Fuses F31… 34
FH7 100A generator
FH8 80A Second generator;

50A Retarder.

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