Peugeot 607 (2007-2008) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Peugeot 607

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2007, 2008.

The cigarette lighter in Peugeot 607 is fuse number F9 in the fuse box on the dashboard.

Fuses on the dashboard

Peugeot 607 – fuses – dashboard
Number Amperes [A] Description
F31 5 Right brake light
F32 5 Left brake light
F33 5 Third brake light
F34 5 Not used
F35 5 Under-tire detection control unit;

CD changer.

F36 30 Passenger seat relay
F37 30 Heated passenger and rear right seats
F38 30 Heated driver and rear left seats
F39 30 Driver seat relay
F40 5 Diagnostic socket
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Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 15 Front washer pump and washer fluid level sensor.
F2 30 Blocked and jammed ground
F3 5 Airbags
F4 10 Clutch switch;

Brake dual action switch;

Diagnostic connector;

ESP sensor;

Electrochromic mirror.

F5 30 Electric windshields and power sunroof.
F6 30 Power rear power windows
F7 5 Glove box switch;

Additional lighting;

Map reading lights;

Additional mirror.

F8 20 Multi-function display power supply;

Steering wheel control;

Alarm siren;

Trailer fuse box power supply;

Audio RD4;

RT4 GPS audio / telephone;

Electric mirror and control

electric front and rear windows.

F9 30 Front and rear lighters (max. 100 W)
F10 15 Power supply to the additive tank control unit
F11 15 Automatic gearbox control unit;

Automatic transaxle position selector;

Ignition switch.

F12 15 Trailer fuse box power supply;

Loudspeeker sysetm;

Seats relay;

Seat memory module;

Rain and brightness sensor.

F13 5 Engine fuse box supply
F14 15 Power supply to the control unit

parking aid;

Headlight adjustment switch;

Instrument panel, air conditioning;

Airbags and pretensioner assembly.

F15 30 Locks power supply
F17 40 Heated rear window and heated mirrors.
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Engine compartment fuses

Peugeot 607 – fuses – engine compartment
Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 20 Engine control unit
F2 15 Horn
F3 10 Electric rear roller shutter
F4 20 Headlight washer
F5 15 Fuel pump

(except the 2-liter HDI 16V i

2.2 liters HDI 16V);

Diesel fuel heater

(2 liters of HDI 16V);

Engine control actuators

(2.2 liters HDI 16V).

F6 10 Power steering;

Suspension controller;

Automatic Transmission;

Automatic headlight adjustment.

F7 10 Engine air flow sensor

(2.2L HDI 16V);

ESP controller.

F8 15 Starter coil
F9 10 Coolant level sensor;

Cabin heating (HDI);

STOP switch.

F10 30 Motor control actuators


the ignition coil,

solenoid valves,

oxygen sensors)

F11 40 A / C blower relay
F12 30 Wiper relay
F13 40 Embedded systems interface power supply

(positive ignition).

F14 30 Air pump
F15 10 Right traffic light
F 16 10 Left main beam
F17 15 Left dipped headlight
F18 15 Right dipped beam
F19 15 Oil heater

(2.2 liters of 16V and 2 liters of HDI 16V);

Heater solenoid valve

inlet air

(2 liters of HDI 16V);

Air flow sensor

(2 liters of HDI 16V);

Injection pump

(2.2 liters of HDI 16V);

Oxygen sensor;

Canister purge solenoid valve

(3 liters V6 24V).

F20 10 Diesel water sensor

(2 liters of HDI 16V and 2.2 liters of HDI 16V);

Turbocharger control solenoid valve

(2 liters of HDI 16V);

Solenoid valves

timing gear and exhaust

(3 liter V6 24V).

F21 10 Fan unit relay control.
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