Renault Clio III (2006-2012) – fuse box

Renault Clio III (2006-2012) – fuse box diagram

Year of production:  2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.


The fuse in the cigarette lighter (power outlet) on the Renault Clio III  is the F9 fuse in the instrument panel fuse box.

Location of the fuse box

Engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Passenger compartment

Depending on the vehicle, open the cover on the right side of the steering wheel or glove compartment.

See the fuse location label to identify the fuses.


Symbol Description
Rear door lock
Electric windows
Passenger compartment fan
Main power;

Lighting in the door.

Central lock
Brake and brake lights
Engine immobilizer
Rear window wiper
Interior lighting;

Automatic windshield wipers;

Automatic lights.

Air conditioning control
Manual air conditioning
Front cigarette lighter
Driver side window control
Driver window
Electric exterior mirrors
Instrument cluster
Direction indicators;

Rear window wiper.


Diagrams of fuse boxes

Instrument panel

Arrangement of fuses in the instrument panel

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 Ignition primary circuits relay 1
F1 30A Gauges (no keyless entry system)
F1 15A Rear window wiper motor (with keyless access system)
F2 15A Air conditioning control module;

Ancillary equipment;

Instrument panel.

F3 7.5A Outside mirror control module;

Interior lamps;

Cosmetic mirror mamps.

F4 15A Data Link Connector (DLC);


Not used (with keyless entry system);

Glove box light;

Cargo area lamp (without keyless system).

F6 25A Central lock;

Electric window motor, controller.

Not used (with keyless entry system);

Double window switch, driver’s door (no keyless entry system).

F8 10 A. ABS control module
F9 15A Lighter
F10 20A A / C / Heater Blower Motor Control Module (Manual Temperature Control)
F11 20A A / C / Heater Blower Motor Control Module (Automatic Temperature Control)
F12 15A Air conditioning control module;

Air conditioning / heating control panel;

Alarm system horn;

Audio team;

Fuse box / relay board;

Dashboard 2-relay 6/7;

Heated seats;

Multifunctional control module;

Rear window washer pump;

Steering wheel function control module;

Telephone control module;

Windshield washer pump.

F13 10 A. Brake pedal position (BPP) switch;

Fuse box / relay board;

Console 2-relay 3.

Not used (with keyless entry system);

Light sensor;

Outside mirror control module;

Indoor lamps;

Rain sensor;

Cosmetic mirror lamps;

Windshield wiper (without keyless entry).

Not used (with keyless entry system);

Rear window wiper motor (without keyless entry).

F 16 30A
Indicators (with keyless access system);

Immobilizer control module (without keyless entry system).

F17 30A Central lock
F18 15A Side mirror control module;

Interior lights;

Cosmetic mirror lamps (with keyless entry system);

Multifunction control module (without keyless entry).

F19 5A Car temperature sensor blower
F20 25A Passenger’s electric window motor
F21 Electric rear window LED

Fuses with consumer circuit breakers

Fuses with consumer circuit breakers

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 Electric window relay, driver
3 Stop lamp relay
6 Electric window relay – rear 1
7 Electric window relay – rear 2
F2 20A Heated seats
F3 15A Sunroof
F4 25A Electric rear windows

Engine compartment

Arrangement of fuses and relays in the engine compartment

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 Heated rear window relay
2 Engine control (EC) relay – except K9K764
3 Dipped beam relay
4 Fog lamp relay
5 Starter motor relay
7 Engine coolant blower motor relay, high speed 1
8 Engine coolant blower motor relay, low speed 2
9 Ignition main circuits relay 2
F1 25A ABS control module
F3 10 A. Right high beam headlamp
F4 10 A. Left high beam headlamp
F5 10 A. Air conditioning control module;

Central lock;

Cruise control switch;

Electric window motor, rear right;

ABS / ESP system;

Multifunction display;

Right side lamps;

Right rear lamps.

F6 10 A. Audio team;

Central lock;


Side mirror adjustment switch;

Double electric window switch, driver’s door;

Electric window motor, rear left;

Electric window switch, passenger’s door;

Headlamp adjustment control module;

License plate lamp;

Parking aid;

Lamps on the left side;

Rear lamps on the left side;

Traction Control System (TCS).

F7 15 A. Auxiliary heater relay 1/2;

Cruise control reverse switch;

Data Link Connector (DLC);

Electric power steering;

Gas discharge headlamp control module;

Multifunctional control module;

Transmission mode selector switch;

Gear selector lamp;

Tire pressure monitor control module.

F8 20A Windshield wiper motor
F9 15A Right headlight adjustment motor;

Right dipped beam headlamps.

F10 15A Left headlight adjustment motor;

Left-hand dipped beam headlamps.

F11 10 A. Air conditioning compressor clutch
F13 25A Starter solenoid
F14 20 A. Transmission Control Module (TCM)
F 16 15A Heated rear window
F17 15A Headlight washer pump relay
F18 5 A. Transmission Control Module (TCM)
F20 10 A. Reversing lamps
F21 20A Ignition coils
F22 20A Engine Control Module (ECM)
F23 10 A. Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Control Module
F24 10 A. Engine Control Module (ECM);

Steering Column Lock Solenoid – With Keyless Entry System.

F25 20A Front fog lights

Power fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 Headlight washer pump relay 1
2 Headlight washer pump relay 2
3 Discharge headlamp relay
F1 30A Engine control relay (EC) – K9K764
F2 30A Transmission pump relay – D4F764 (sequential manual transmission)
F3 30A Engine coolant blower motor – K9K766, D4F764 (sequential mechanical transmission)
F4 30A Engine coolant blower motor -K4M, K4J, D4F (MT)
F5 50A Fuse box / relay board;Console 2 fuses F2-F4.
F6 80A Auxiliary heater 1/2
F8 50A ABS control module
F12 10 A. Discharge headlamp relay

Main fuses

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 350A Fuse box / relay plate, engine compartment 2 fuses F2-F8;

Fuse box / relay plate, engine compartment 3 fuses F2 / F3.

F2 70A Fuse box / relay board, console 1 – fuses F16-F18;Fuse box / relay plate, engine compartment 2 fuses F1.
F3 60A Electric power steering
F4 70A Fuse box / relay plate, console 1 – fuses F1-F6 / F20, relay 1
F5 60A Multifunctional control module

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