Renault Master III (2003-2010) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Renault Master

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Due to the fact that Renault Master has been produced for a long time with various options for electrical equipment and body models, it is not possible to give a single general description of fuses and relays.


Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located under the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Renault Master III (2003-2010) - fuse and relay box

Renault Master III (2003-2010) - fuse and relay box


  1. Reserve
  2. Reserve
  3. Reserve
  4. 20A – Anti-theft device, shock sensor
  5. Reserve
  6. 10A – Left high beam headlamp, instrument panel
  7. 15A – Plafond, Audio system memory, Instrument panel, Receiver for remote control of door locks, Interior lighting, Index with built-in clock, Door lock control relay, Tachograph
  8. 30A – Deviation of fuses of electricity consumers
  9. Reserve
  10. 10A – Right headlight (high beam)
  11. 7.5A – Rear fog lights, instrument panel
  12. Reserve
  13. Reserve
  14. 20A – Windshield wiper motor
  15. Reserve
  16. 25A – Central locking of door locks
  17. 30A – Headlight washer
  18. 2A – Connector for the diagnosis of the OBD2 on-board diagnostic system
  19. 5A – Air suspension
  20. 15A – Alarm, diagnostic connector
  21. Reserve
  22. 2A – Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  23. 15A – Sound signal
  24. 7.5A – bulbs on the right side, illuminated license plate
  25. Reserve
  26. 5A – Rear window heating element
  27. 20A – Left side lamps, license plate lamps, lamps for illumination of controls and cigarette lighter switches
  28. Reserve
  29. 15A – Heated seat
  30. 20A – Solenoid valve for stopping diesel engines, Heating system, Injection system.
  31. 15A – Cleaner, windshield washer
  32. 10A – Right headlight (low beam)
  33. 25A – Electric passenger glass lift
  34. 20A – Stop lamps, Reversing lamps
  35. 20A – Electric fan for blowing air into the cabin
  36. 10A – Headlight washer timer, left headlight (low beam), instrument panel
  37. 25A – Electrically operated window in the driver’s door
  38. 7.5A – ECU of the injection system
  39. Reserve
  40. 20A – Audio system, tachometric relay, diesel heater relay
  41. 10A – Elements for heating the exterior rear-view mirrors
  42. 15A – Signaling device with external lighting not switched off, Instrument panel
  43. Reserve
  44. 25A – Cigarette lighter
  45. 40A – Electric fan for air supply to the car cabin with air conditioning
  46. 40A – Rear window heating element
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Relay box

These modules are mounted on the passenger compartment relay board, on the left side of the dashboard.

Type 1

Renault Master III (2003-2010) - fuse and relay box


F1 25 9-seater bus:

+ Battery powered before battery cutoff heating output

F2 9-seater bus:


F3 25 9-seater bus:

Condenser relay

F4 5 9-seater bus:

+ Battery supply before battery cut-off, heating control

A + After ignition 1
B Not in use
C. Passenger compartment fan assembly speed 4
D Independent heating cut-off
E. Heated rear screen and side mirrors
R1 9-seater bus:

Air conditioning + power supply after ignition

R2 9-seater bus:


720 Air conditioning cut off
731 Heated windscreen
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Type 2


Module 1 (M1)
F1 15 Condenser relay
F2 25 + After ignition relay 2
F3 30 Electric power supply to the door after disconnecting the battery
F4 Not in use
Module 2 (M2)
F1 15 Battery cut-off relay
F2 5 + Battery supply before battery cut-off, heating control
F3 25 + Power supply to the battery before disconnecting the battery, heating output
F4 15 Traffic lights and on the legs + battery power after battery cut
Module 3 (M3)
F1 10 + Ignition 2 relay (299-752) power supply – electric door – passenger lighting – central locking
F2 5 Emergency stop – circuit breaker open
F3 5 Rear door locks + after ignition
F4 Not in use
720 Air conditioning cut off
Top row
A + After ignition 1
B Fog lights
C. Passenger compartment fan assembly speed 4
D Independent heating cut-off
E. Heated rear screen and side mirrors
Bottom row
A Battery cut-off
B Battery disconnection lock
C. + After ignition 2
D Evaporator
E. Condenser
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Battery fuses

These fuses are located on the positive battery terminal.

Renault Master III (2003-2010) - fuse and relay box

  • F1 40A Fuse box in passenger compartment
  • F2 – 400A – Power supply for the fuse box for the supply circuits, the starter and the starting system
  • F3 – 40A – Injection computer power relay fuse

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