Renault Megane II (2002-2009) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Renault Megane II

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Engine compartment

There are 3 fuse boxes under the hood of the second generation Renault Megan.

Fuses on the battery

This device is located on the positive terminal of the battery.


  1. 30A – Electronic control unit in the cabin
  2. 350 A – for a car with a petrol engine, a generator, 400 A – for a car with a diesel engine – Engine compartment switchboard
  3. 30A – Engine compartment switching unit

Fuse box

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment. First you need to remove the battery and unscrew the fasteners from the stand.

Then unscrew its clasp and move it to the side. We remove the air duct near the radiator and lift the ECU handle.

Type 1


1 7,5А Side lamp, left headlight, z


Central locking and alarm switch;

Headlight range adjustment;

Heating (air conditioning);

Ventilation control unit.

2 10A High beam, left-hand headlight
3 10A High beam, right headlight
4 10A Dipped beam headlamp for right;

Front and rear body height sensors;

Headlight range adjustment;

Right headlight corrector motor.

5 10A Dipped beam;

Left headlight;

Left headlight corrector motor.

6 20A Fog lamps
7 7.5A Low beam, right headlight, right side;

Automatic gearbox selector position indicator;

Driver for window lifters for all doors.

8 15A Electric anti-theft locking mechanism, steering column
9 5A Driver airbag module;

Electric power steering.

10 7.5A Automatic gearbox selector position indicator;

Diagnostic socket.

11 5A Electromechanical anti-theft mechanism for steering column
12 5A Automatic gearbox
13 10A Control unit for liquefied gas supply system
14 10A Reversing lamps
15 20A LPG relay solenoid valve
16 10A air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch
17 Reserve 10A
18 Electric motor cooling fan 40A
19 ABS control unit 25A
20 30A Heated tailgate window
21 25A Starter relay
22 25A Windshield wiper motor
23 Reserve 25A
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Type 2


1 10A Fuse for right side lights lamps (172-226) – speed control switch (1081) – stability control switch (1106) – automatic transmission gear shift lever position indicator (1129) – left seat heating switch (1514) – right seat heating switch ( 1513) – upper switch of the hard convertible
2 10A Fuse of the left lamps of the side electronic control unit (173-227) – cigarette lighter (101) – electric door lock and alarm switches (1391) – headlight range switch (1390) – air conditioning panel (319) – audio systems (281) – multifunction display (653) – electronic communication control unit
3 10A Right headlight fuse (low light) (226) – rear height sensor (1372) – front height sensor (1373) – headlight range adjustment switch (1360) – right headlight adjustment motor (538)
4 10A Left headlight fuse (low beam) (227) – left headlight corrector motor (537)
5 20A Right and left fog light fuse (176-177)
6 10A Left headlight fuse (high beam)
7 10A Right headlight fuse (high beam)
8 25A fuse for ABS ECU (113) or ESP (1094)
9 25A Windshield wiper motor
10 5A Fuse Circuit “+” Post Ignition on Airbags and Electric Power Steering (756-1232)
11 15A Electric steering column lock fuse
12 Reserve
13 Reserve
14 15A Injection system, Protection relay
15 Reserve 10A
16 5A ACP
17 7.5A “+” fuse after ignition in the passenger compartment: selector position indicator (1128) – automatic gearbox shift mode switch (129) – speed limiter switch (1081) – instructor control in the training car (459) – fuse in the cabin passenger compartment and relay box (260) – auxiliary heating relay 1 (1067) – auxiliary heating relay 2 (1088) – diagnostic socket (225) – microphone of the headset free
18 5A Electric steering column lock
19 10A Reversing lamps
20 20A Fuel heating relay
21 15A fuel washer pump
22 10A / C air conditioning compressor clutch
23 30A Rear window heating elements
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Power fuse box

It is located under the electrical box.


1 70A Auxiliary heating relay 2
2 60A Passenger compartment fuse and relay mounting block / 70A Glow plugs
3 40A Auxiliary heating relay 1
4 70A Electric power steering
5 ABS 50A control unit
6 70A Mounting block for fuses and relays in the passenger compartment
7 20A diesel filter heating relay
8 70A Pre-start heating control unit
9 70A Auxiliary heater relay 2

Additional items

Additional components can be installed near the fuse box.


The F9Q engine
AND F9Q: 20A diesel fuel heater
B F9Q814: 20A electric coolant pump
983 F9Q814: 50A Injection control unit power supply relay
K9K engine
F1 Not used
F2 Not used
F3 Not used
F4 15A + main injector relay feed (air flow meter feed protection)
234 K9K724: 40A 460W engine cooling fan relay (with air conditioning)
234 K9K732: 50A 550W Engine Cooling Fan Relay (With A / C)
K4M engine
A 20A fuel pump
B Turning off the LPG 20A fuel pump
C. LPG 20A solenoid valve
D 20A LPG tank
E. 20A Gas expansion valve solenoid valve
F. Not used
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Passenger compartment

The main fuse box in the passenger compartment is located on the lower left side of the dashboard behind the protective cover.


1 Reserve
2 Reserve
3 Reserve
4 3A Blower motor and interior temperature sensor;

Interior rearview mirror;

Rain and light sensors.

5 20A Heated driver and front passenger seats
6 20A Electric locks for all doors
7 Cigarette lighter 15A
8 7.5A Heated exterior mirrors
9 10A ABS control unit
10 15A Audio system head unit;

On-board computer;

Electric motor for headlight washers;

Windscreen and rear window (hatchback, station wagon);

Fuel heating (K9K engine);

Central heating (air-conditioning) and interior ventilation unit;


11 15A Stop light
12 Reserve
13 25A Motor glass door lift
14 25A Engine glass front passenger door lift
15 20A Instrument cluster;

Electric drive for exterior mirrors.

16 15A Horn;

Diagnostic connector;

Electric motor for windshield wipers.

17 15A Rear door wiper motor
18 20A Electrical equipment control unit in the passenger compartment;

Accessory relay.

19 30A Electric motor for heating (air conditioning) and ventilation of the interior
20 40A Electric motors glass rear door
21 20А / 40А Electric sunroof motor, electric folding roof
R1 Relay for electric motors of all doors
R2 Relay accessories

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