Renault Midlum – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Renault Midlum

For the cigarette lighter (power socket) in Renault Midlum there is fuse 30 in the fuse box.

Fuse box

Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box
Number Amperes [A] Description
1 15 7 Pin Trailer Socket (“ABS”);

Trailer socket, 7-pin 24 S type;

Stop lamp relay.

2 10 Front position / position lamps;

Right rear position lamps;

License plate – right light;

Headlight adjustment.

3 10 Clearance lights;

Rear left / parking lights;

License plate – left light;

Dashboard lighting;

Switch lighting.

4 10 Trailer side / parking lamps
5 10 Power (lighting) available
7 10 Jake’s brake solenoid valves;

Engine stop control;

Fuel filter clogging;


8 15 Fog lights;

Driving fog lights.

12 10 Right dipped beam
13 10 Left dipped beam
14 15 Right road lights;

Left main beam headlights;

Long high beam.

16 10 Dashboard warning lights and power gauges;

Electric or hydraulic control


Exhaust brake solenoid;


17 20 Heated driver’s seat;

Voltage limiter (12V socket);

Voltage limiter (telecommunications).

18 15 Fan coil heaters
19 25 Fuel filter heater
20 20 Rotating beacons;

Roof vent motor.

21 10 Power (behind the main switch)
22 20 Independent AT 2000 heater
23 10 Driver overhead light;

Passenger’s overhead light.

24 20 Driver window lifting motor;

Passenger window lifting motor.

25 5 Tachograph clock
26 15 Horn
27 10 Stop lights
28 15 “ABS” ECU;

Electric relay that cuts off the retarder.

29 10 Defrosting rear view mirrors;

Defrost delay time relay

the windscreen.

30 10 Lighter
31 20 24V socket;

Voltage drop (additional 12 V socket).

32 20 Windshield wiper speed regulator;

Windshield washer pump;

Headlight washer pump;

Windshield wiper motor.

33 20 Diagnostic socket;

ECU suspension.

34 15 Radio tuner memory power supply;

Independent heater AT 2000;

Flashing device.

36 20 7-pin trailer socket (“ABS”)
37 15 Left door electric strike;

Right electric strike;

Electric strike for right rear view mirrors;

Rotary control;

Outside rear view mirrors;

Gradual lighting;

Left upper rear door lighting;

Right upper door illumination.

38 25 ECU “EUP”
39 10 Automatic gearbox control unit
42 10 Automatic transmission ECU power supply
43 10 Loading headlight (tractor);

Trailer Socket, 7 Pin 24 S;

Bodybuilder control;

Control of lighting control valves;

Relay for deactivating the exhaust brake.

45 10 Central door lock box
46 15 Fuel heater relay;

Reversing lamp (s);

Reversing buzzer;

Rearview mirror defroster relay.

47 10 Suspension ECU; S

suspension remote control box.

52 10 Windshield wiper delay relay.
57 15 “EUP” VECU ECU;

Electronic tachograph.

R1 After ignition, power relay No. 1
R2 Power supply after ignition relay
R3 Windshield wiper safety relay
R5 Side / parking lamp relay
R6 Accessory relay
R9 Fog lamp relay
R10 Fog lamp relay
R11 Dipped beam relay
R12 High beam headlamp relay
R13 Long-range high beam
R14 Stop lamp relay
R18 Electric relay that cuts off the retarder
R20 Rearview mirrors and windshield defroster relay.
R23 Beacons relay
R25 Windshield wiper relay
R33 Relay actuation
R41 Fuel heater relay
R43 ECU power supply relay “VECU / EECU”
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Configuration A: With ADR and with daytime running lights.
Configuration B: without ADR and without daytime running lights.
Depending on the installation, the vehicle is equipped with the following shunts:

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Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box
Number Siding
SH2 ADR shunt
SH3 Daytime running light shunt
Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box
Number Amperes [A] Siding
F61 50 Windscreen defrosting
F200 200 Power (before the main switch)

Preheating relay (R93)

Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box

Windshield defroster (lagged) relay (R48)

Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box


Renault Midlum - fuse and relay box
Number Relay
R22 Neutral relay
R23 Beacons relay
R50 Power relay available (bodybuilder equipment).
R53 Headlight washer delay relay
R54 Reverse lamp relay
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Number Relay
R34 Zero speed relay;

“ALLISON” Gearbox Zero Speed ​​Relay.

R70 Relay for deactivating the exhaust brake

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