Scania 4 (1994-2005) – fuse box

Scania 4 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Scania 4 is fuse 15 in the fuse box.

The purpose of the fuses and relays on Scania 4 may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture and equipment level. Check your diagram on the back of the protective cover or other technical documentation!


Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box are located in the dashboard, on the passenger side, behind the protective cover.


It consists of two parts. On the left side are the main equipment fuses and relays. Additional equipment is connected to the fuses on the right.

The scheme of the fuse box


  1. Odometer, tachograph, buzzer, 10A ABS diagnostics
  2. Flashing lights, speed limiter, 10A axle load limiter
  3. Reversing signals 20A
  4. Engine brake, 10A white smoke limiter
  5. Gearbox 10A
  6. ABS, 20A braking signals
  7. Suspended axle lifting, differential lock, power take-off, pressure sensor 10A
  8. Wipers, sprinklers 20A
  9. Buzzer, fan, air conditioner, 20A temperature module
  10. Air suspension, steering axles, 10A retarder
  11. Window regulator, left side 20A
  12. Right side window regulator, 20A fog lights
  13. ABS 30A trailer
  14. Tachograph, odometer, 10A seat
  15. Interior lighting, central, lock, 20A cigarette lighter
  16. Diagnostics, local lighting 20A
  17. Radio equipment, 20A seat
  18. ABS 20A relay valve
  19. 20A motor driver power supply
  20. EDC engine controller, fuel interruption 10A
  21. EBS 30А
  22. Heated seats and 20A mirrors
  23. 5A trailer ABS controller
  24. Headlight adjustment, 20A air dryer
  25. Instrument panel lighting 10A
  26. Work light, roof light 20A
  27. Left side marker, 20A upper marker lights
  28. Right dimension 20A
  29. 20A front and rear fog lights
  30. Left main beam 10A
  31. Right main beam light, 10A local lighting
  32. Left dipped beam 10A
  33. Right low beam, headlight height adjustment 10A
  34. Auxiliary heater, cab tilting 20A
  35. Warming ka , temperature control, refrigerator 10A
  36. Flame start, power take-off,  cigarette lighter  , 10A alarm
  37. Fuel heater 20A
  38. Flame start, fuel heater, seat heating 10A
  39. Battery heater, aut. undercarriage grease 10A
  40. Electric sunroof, FMS on-board computer, 20A cell
  41. Opticruise gearbox, block clock, 10A alarm
  42. EBS 20А
  43. Optional equipment 20A
  44. Filter heating, optional equipment 20A
  45. Additional equipment 10A
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RP1 Power supply (bus 15, supply of fuses 1-13, 18,21,23)
RP2 Power supply (bus 15, powered by fuses 36.37)
RP3 High and low beam headlamps
RP4 Power rail 61 (loads with the engine running)
RP5 Power bus 58 (parking lights, backlight)
RP6 Wipers, intermittent operation
RP7 Stop lights
RP8 Additional headlights
RP9 Electronic Engine Control (EDC) power
RP10 Buzzer
RP11 Reversing lamps
RP12 Front fog lights
RP13 Rear fog lights
RP14 EDC diode block
RP15 Row shift control
RP16 ABS trailer
RP17 Reduction of the braking force of an additional axle
RP18 Depending on the version
RP19 Indoor heater fan
RP20 Indoor heater fan
RP21 Additional headlights
RP22 Engine brake (depending on version)
RP23 White smoke limiter, starter lock (depending on version)
RP24 Air conditioning
RP25 Air conditioning
RP26 Additional heater
RP27 Additional heater
RP28 Additional heater
RP29 Differential lock, 6-way ABS (diagonal 1)
RP30 Depending on the version, 6-channel ABS (2 diagonal)
RP31 6-channel ABS diagnostic lamp depending on version
RP32 A strong start
RP33 Fuel heater
RP34 Reserve
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