Seat Alhambra (2011-2015) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Seat Alhambra

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket)  is 15A (front) and 31 (rear) 15A fuse in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

Engine compartment

Main box diagram

Seat Alhambra (2011-2015) - fuse and relay box

Number Description Amperes [A]
F1 Voltage stabilizer block thirty
F2 Onboard supply control unit thirty
F3 ABS / ESP thirty
F4 On-board power control unit;

Power circuit;

Left lighting.

F5 Battery control unit 5
F6 Power circuit;

Lighting on the right.

F7 Two-tone horn relay;

Heated windshield relay.

F8 Sound amplifier thirty
F9 Audio system;


F10 Engine management thirty
F11 Diagnostic unit 5
F12 Mechatronic unit DSG 15
F13 Main Relay 5
F14 Engine management 10/30
F 16 Engine management 15/30
F17 15/20
F18 Fuel pump thirty
F19 Windshield wiper thirty
F20 Auxiliary coolant pump relay 15
F21 Additional heater twenty
F22 Headlight cleaning relay 20/30
F23 15
F24 10
F25 ABS / ESP system 40
F26 Supply fan control unit 40
F27 Main ignition circuits 50
F28 Glow plugs 50
F29 40
F30 Auxiliary circuits 50
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Power box diagramSeat Alhambra (2011-2015) - fuse and relay box

Number Description Amperes [A]
1 Charging system;


2 Power steering 80
3 Cooling fan motor control unit 80
4 80
5 100
6 Heated windscreen 50
7 Coolant heater 70
8 Thermal fuse 2. Right rear sliding door.
Thermal fuse 1. Adjust the position of the driver’s seat.
Thermal fuse 1. Adjust the position of the front passenger seat
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Passenger compartment

The box is on the driver’s side.

Seat Alhambra (2011-2015) - fuse and relay box
Number Description Amperes [A]
F4 Starter relay 10
F5 Suspension control system 10
F9 SRS 7.5
F10 Equipment for special vehicles 5
F11 4WD control system 10
F12 Xenon headlight (left) 10
F13 5
F14 7.5
F15 10
F 16 Xenon headlight (right) 10
F17 Telephone 5
F18 Equipment for special vehicles 7.5
F20 ABS / ESP 5
F21 Air conditioner;


F24 Remote control system for central locking and engine start 7.5
F26 Air conditioner;


F28 Rear window wiper motor 10/15
F36 Parking brake thirty
F37 10/25
F38 10/30
F39 Steering column electronics control unit 7.5
F40 Multimedia system 5
F41 Instrument cluster 5
F42 Suspension control system 15
F43 Electric seat thirty
F44 25
F45 thirty
F46 thirty
F47 10
F48 15
F49 Parking brake thirty
F50 thirty
F51 Seat heating thirty
F52 20/30
F53 Accessory power connector thirty
F54 Steering column lock 10
F55 Trailer electrical connector 25
F56 Trailer control unit thirty
F57 Two-channel radio 10
F58 Equipment for special vehicles 25
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Seat Alhambra (2011-2015) - fuse and relay box

Number Description Amperes [A]
F1 Left electric sliding door 40
F2 Rear door opening / closing drive controller thirty
F3 Trailer control unit thirty
F4 thirty
1 Trailer connector feed relay

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