Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Skoda Octavia

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.


Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located at the end of the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) - fuse and relay box


1 10A Heated mirrors;

Cigarette lighter relay;

Electric seats;

Washer nozzles.

2 10A Direction indicators;

Headlamps with xenon bulbs.

3 5A glove box lighting
4 5A license plate light
5 7.5A Heated seats;


Air recirculation flap;

Heated exterior mirrors;

Cruise control.

6 5A Central locking
7 10A Reversing lamps;

Parking sensors.

8 Telephone 5A
10 10A Ignition
11 5A Instrument panel
12 7,5А Power supply for the diagnostic system
13 10A brake light
14 10A Interior lighting for bodywork;

Central lock;

Interior lighting of the body (without central locking).

15 5A Instrument panel;

Steering angle sensor;

Rearview mirror.

16 Air conditioner 10A
17 5A Heated sprayer nozzles;

30A Daytime running light.

18 10A Right high beam headlamp
19 10A Left-hand high beam headlamp
20 15A Right dipped beam headlamp;

Headlamp leveling.

21 15A Left-hand dipped beam headlamp
22 5A Right parking light
23 5A Left parking light
24 20A Front wipers, washer motor
25 25A Heater fan;

Air conditioning;


26 25A Heated glass trunk lid
27 15A Rear window wiper
28 15A fuel pump
29 15A Control unit: gasoline engine;

10A Control unit: diesel engine.

30 20A Electric Sunroof
31 Unoccupied
32 10A gasoline engine – valve injectors, engine high pressure pump;

Diesel 30A, control unit.

33 20A Headlight washer
34 10A gasoline engine: control box;

10A diesel engine: control box.

35 30A Socket for connecting the trailer;

A socket in the trunk.

36 15A Fog lamps
37 20A gasoline engine: control box;

5A diesel engine: control box.

38 15A Trunk Lamp;

Central lock;

Interior lighting.

39 15A Hazard warning system
40 20A Horn (beep)
41 Cigarette lighter 15A
42 15A Radio;


43 10A Gasoline engine: control box;

Diesel engine: control box.

44 15A Heated seats
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Relay box

It is located under the panel itself, behind the cladding cover.

Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) - fuse and relay box


Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) - fuse and relay box


  1. horn relay;
  2. switching relay;
  3. lighting amplifier;
  4. fuel pump relay;
  5. wiper controller.

In cars with more extensive electrical equipment, another panel is supplied – an additional one (mounted at the top), filled with classic relay elements.

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Engine compartment

It is located in the battery cover and consists of fuses (high power) and fuses.

Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) - fuse and relay box


1 110 / 150A generator
2 110A Interior lighting control unit
3 40 / 50A Electric motor of the engine cooling system
4 50A Electronic control unit
5 50A Glow plugs for diesel engines
6 30A Electric motor of the engine cooling system
7 ABS 30A control unit
8 ABS 30A control unit

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