Skoda Yeti (2013) – fuse box

Skoda Yeti (2013) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2013.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Skoda Yeti (2017)  is fuses # 26 (power socket in the luggage compartment) and # 30 (cigarette lighter front and rear) in the fuse box in the instrument panel.

Color coding of fuses
The color of the fuse Amperes [A]
light brown 5
dark brown 7.5
Red 10
blue 15
yellow 20
White 25
Green 30
Orange 40
Red 50
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Fuse box in the dashboard

Skoda Yeti – fuses – dashboard
Number Description
1 Heating of gearbox ventilation (diesel engine),

Automatic gearbox control unit DQ200

2 Towing device
3 Towing device
4 Instrument cluster;

Windshield wiper lever;

Turn signal lever;


5 Air blower for heating;

Radiator fan;

Air conditioning system;


6 Rear window wiper
7 Telephone
8 Towing device
9 Vehicle voltage control unit -interior lighting, rear fog light
10 Rain sensor, light switch, diagnostic socket
11 Cornering light, left-hand side
12 Cornering light, right-hand side
13 Radio, changer for mobile navigation
14 Towing device
15 Light switch
16 Haldex
17 Control unit for light adjustment and headlamp rotation
18 Diagnostic socket;

Motor controller;

Brake sensor.

19 ABS, ESP control unit;

Tire pressure control switch;

Parking assist control unit;

OFF ROAD mode switch;

START STOP button.

20 Airbag switch and control unit
21 WIV;

Parking light;

Tinted mirrors;

A pressure sensor;

Telephone preparation;

Air mass meter.

22 Instrument cluster;

Electromechanical control unit

power steering.

23 Central locking and bonnet cover
24 Rear electric window
25 Rear window heating;

Auxiliary heating and ventilation.

26 Power socket in luggage compartment
27 Electric sliding and tilting roof;

Electric sunblind.

28 Fuel pump;Injection valves.
29 Windscreen
30 Front and rear cigarette lighter
31 Headlight cleaning system
32 Front seat heating;

Seat heating regulator.

33 Heating;

Air conditioning;


Parking heater remote control .

34 Alarm;

Spare horn.

35 Automatic gearbox control unit DQ200
36 CD / DVD
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Fuse box in the engine compartment

Skoda Yeti – fuses – engine compartment
Numer Description
F1 Not assigned
F2 Automatic gearbox control unit
F3 Measuring circuit
F4 ABS control unit
F5 Automatic gearbox control unit
F6 Instrument cluster;

Windshield wiper lever;

Turn signal lever.

F7 Power terminal 15;Starter.
F8 Radio
F9 Telephone
F10 Engine control unit
F11 Additional heating and ventilation control unit
F12 Data bus control unit
F13 Engine control unit
F14 Ignition
F15 Lambda probe;

Fuel pump relay;

Glow plug arrangement.

F 16 Vehicle voltage control unit,right headlight, right tail light.
F17 Horn
F18 Amplifier for digital audio processor
F19 Wipers
F20 Fuel pressure control valve
F21 Lambda probe
F22 Clutch pedal switch;

Brake pedal switch.

F23 Coolant pump;

Boost pressure control solenoid valve;

Radiator diverting valve;

Fuel high pressure pump.

F24 Activated carbon filter;

Exhaust gas recirculation valve;

Radiator fan.

F25 ABS control unit
F26 Vehicle voltage control unit,left headlight, left tail light
F27 Glow plug system
F28 Windscreen heating
F29 Interior power supply
F30 Terminal X a)
a) In order not to discharge the battery unnecessarily during

starting the engine, the electrical components of this

terminal are automatically turned off.

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