Volvo V50 (2009-2010) – fuse box

Volvo V50 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2009, 2010.

The cigarette lighter fuses (power sockets) on the Volvo V50 are fuses 45 (electrical socket) and 77 (electrical socket in the cargo area) in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

Location of the fuse box

Engine compartment

The fuse box is on the right side of the engine compartment.

Passenger compartment

The fuse box in the passenger compartment is located under the glove box.

Engine compartment


Fuse assignment in engine compartment (2009, 2010)

Number Description Amperes [A]
1. Fan (cooler) 50A
2. Power steering 80A
3. Power supply to the fuse box in the passenger compartment 60A
4. Power supply to the fuse box in the passenger compartment 60A
5. Element, air conditioning unit 80A
6. Not used
7. ABS pump 30A
8. ABS valves 20A
9. Engine functions 30A
10. Air conditioning system blower 40A
11. Headlight washers 20A
12. Heated rear window power supply 30A
13. Starter motor relay 30A
14. Trailer connector (accessory) 40A
15. Not used
16. Channel to the audio system 30A
17. Wipers 30A
18. Power supply to the fuse box in the passenger compartment 40A
19. Not used
20. horn 15A
21. Not used
22. Not used
23. Engine Control Module (ECM);

Transmission control module (TCM).

10 A.
24. Not used
25. Not used
26. Ignition switch 15A
27. Air conditioning compressor 10 A.
28. Not used
29. Front fog lights (option) 15A
30. Not used
31. Not used
32. Fuel injectors 10 A.
33. Heated oxygen sensor;

Vacuum pump.

34. Ignition coils;

Air conditioner pressure sensor.

10 A.
35. Engine sensor valves;

Air conditioning relay;

Relay coil;

PTC element oil separator;


Mass air meter.

36. Engine Control Module (ECM);

Throttle sensor.

10 A.
Passenger compartment

Assignment of fuses in the passenger compartment (2009, 2010)

Number Description Amperes [A]
Fuse 37-42, not used
43. Audio system;


Volvo navigation system (option).

44. Supplementary Restraint System (SRS);

Engine control module.

10 A.
45. 12 volt socket in the rear seat 15A
46. Lighting – Glove box, dashboard and legroom 5A
47. Indoor lighting 5A
48. Tailgate window wiper and washer 15A
49. Supplementary Restraint System (SRS);

Passenger Weight Sensor (OWS),

10 A.
50. Not used
51. AWD;

Fuel filter relay.

10 A.
52. Transmission Control Module (TCM);ABS. 5A
53. Power steering 10 A.
54. Parking aid (optional);

Active cornering lights (option).

10 A.
55. Not used
56. Volvo Navigation System Remote Key Module;

Alarm siren control module.

10 A.
57. On-board diagnostics socket;

Brake light switch.

58. Right high beam;

Auxiliary lamps relay.

59. Left high beam 7.5A
60. Heated driver’s seat (option) 15A
61. Heated passenger seat (Option) 15A
62. Sunroof (option) 20A
63. Electric window and door lock – rear passenger side door 20A
64. Audio system;

Volvo navigation system (option).

65. Public address system 5A
66. Audio System Control Module (ICM);

Air conditioning system.

10 A.
67. Not used
68. Cruise control 5A
69. Air conditioning;

Rain sensor (option);

BUS button (optional).

70. Not used
71. Not used
72. Not used
73. Sunroof;

Front ceiling lighting;

Automatically dimming mirror (option);

Seat belt reminder.

74. Fuel pump relay 15A
75. Not used
76. Not used
77. Auxiliary Equipment Control Module (AEM) 15A
78. Not used
79. Backup lights 5A
80. Not used
81. Electric window and door lock – rear door on the driver’s side 20A
82. Electric window – front passenger side door 25A
83. Electric windshield and door lock – driver’s side front door 25A
84. Passenger electric seat 25A
85. Electric driver’s seat 25A
86. Interior lighting relay;

Luggage compartment lighting;

Electric seats.

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