Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Chevrolet Captiva

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (C100) and  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 ( C140).


Engine compartment

The fuse box is located next to the washer fluid barrel and is closed with a plastic cover.



Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box


F1 Engine management
F2 Engine management
F3 Electronic control unit
F4 Main fan
F5 Fuel
F6 Four-wheel drive *
F7 Auxiliary relay
F8 Stop
F9 Air conditioner / Ignition 1
F10 Sunroof *
F11 Anti-theft system
F12 System for cleaning misted windows
F13 Left-hand dipped beam headlamp
F14 Right dipped beam headlamp
F15 Engine 3
F 16 Left-hand parking lamps
F17 Headlight washer
F19 Right parking lights
F20 Reserve
F21 Reserve
F22 Reserve
F23 Reserve
F24 Air conditioner component
F25 Sound signal
F26 Front fog lamps
F27 Main
F28 Starter
F31 Mat
F32 Beginning
F33 Electric seat
F34 Battery
F35 Traffic lights
F36 Rear window washer
R1 Auxiliary fan relay
R2 Fuel system relay
R3 Wiper speed relay
R4 Relay for cleaning misty windows
R5 Relay up / down
R6 Headlight washer relay
R7 Main Relay
R8 Main fan relay
R9 Fan control relay
R10 Fan relay
R11 Parking lamp relay
R12 Starter relay
R13 Air conditioner relay
R14 Horn relay
R15 Wiper relay
R16 Fog lamp relay
R17 High beam headlamp relay
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Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box


SECTION  Anti-theft system
A / C  Air conditioning
BATT1  Dashboard fuse box
BATT2  Dashboard fuse box
BATT3  Dashboard fuse box
BCM  Body electronics control unit
ECM PWR TRN  ECM, engine and gearbox
ENG SNSR  Engine management sensors
EPB  Electric parking brake
FAN1  Cooling air flow
FAN3  Cooling air flow
FRT FOG  Front fog lamps
FRT CAP  Front wiper
FUEL / VAC Fuel pump;

Vacuum pump.

HDLP WASHER  Headlight washer
HI BEAM LH  High Beam (Left Block)
HI BEAM RH  High beam (right block headlight)
HORN  Sound signal
HTD WASH / MIR Heated washer fluid;

Heated exterior mirrors.

IGN COIL A  The ignition coil
IGN COIL B  The ignition coil
LO BEAM LH  Low beam (left block headlight)
LO BEAM RH  Low beam (right block headlight)
PRK LP LH  Parking light (left block headlight)
PRK LP RH  Parking light (right block headlight)
PWM FAN  PWM fan control signal
REAR DEFOG  Heated rear window
CAP REAR  Rear wiper
STOP LAMP Stop lights
STRTR Starter
TCM Gearbox control unit
TRLR PRL LP Trailer parking lamps


Additional box

Diesel models only. It is located in the center of the panel.

Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box

Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box


AF1 Glow plug driver 60A
AF2 30A fuel filter heater relay
AF3 Relay 40A PTC-1
AF4 Relay 40A PTC-2
AF5 Relay 40A PTC-3

Passenger compartment

It is located on the left side at the foot of the passenger.

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Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box


F1 AP01 / Additional socket
F2 Heated front seats
F3 Public address system
F4 Air conditioner
F5 Electronic body control unit
F6 Door lock
F7 Right-hand direction indicator
F8 Left turn indicator
F9 Stop
F10 Headlight washers
F11 Air conditioning
F12 Electronic body control unit
F13 Electronic body control unit
F14 Ignition: S / W
F15 Rear fog light
F 16 Airbag (airbag)
F17 Front washer
F18 Front door lock
F19 Additional slot
F20 Gearbox control unit
F21 Engine
F22 Dipped beam
F23 Window lifter
F24 Heated exterior mirrors
F25 Dashboard
F26 Ignition 1
F27 Airbag
F28 Folding mirror *
F29 Lighter
F30 Electrically operated window on the passenger side
F31 Electrically operated windows on the driver’s side
F32 Clock
R1 Air conditioner relay component / Non-removable auxiliary electrical socket
R2 Ignition: START



Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2019) - fuse and relay box


1 20A Heated seat switches
2 10 A. Air quality sensor;

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC);

Blower, high-speed relay;

Auxiliary heater relay 1.

3 40A Blower motor
4 10 A. Headlamp leveling controller;

Power steering controller;

Left headlight leveling actuator;

Right headlight leveling actuator.

5 2A Multi-function switch;

Instrument panel;

Electric rearview mirror switch.

6 30A Driver seat adjustment switch
7 10 A. Fuel pump control unit
or not used
8 5A Interior mirror;

Security alert.

9 10 A. Rear fog lamp relay;

Passenger airbag deactivation lamp;

Instrument cluster;

Information display control unit;

Multi-function switch;

Instrument panel.

10 10 A. Airbag diagnostic module
11 10 A. Body control;
Trailer connector ..
12 10 A. Park / Neutral position switch
13 10 A. Sunroof driver;

Mirror controller.

14 20A Reverse lamp relay, trailer relay, trailer lamps
16 20A Sunroof control unit
17 15A Differential control unit;
Canister venting solenoid valve.
18 20A Body control;
Trailer connector.
19 15A Radio
20 20A Fuel pump control unit
21 20A Accessory socket
22 20A Front cigarette lighter
23 20A Luggage compartment accessory socket
24 15A Motor controller;

Air mass flow meter with air temperature sensor;


Motor controller;

Vacuum pump relay.

26 15A Rear fog light
27 5A Air conditioning LED
28 10 A. Instrument cluster
29 2A Steering wheel controls
3 15A Fuel filler flap
31 20A Woofer
33 15A Body control unit
34 20A Windshield washer pump
35 15A Body control unit
36 10 A. Body control unit
37 30A Trailer connector
39 20A Central locking relay
40 15A Body control unit
41 15A Body control unit
42 15A Body control unit
44 30A Sound amplifier
45 15A Left daytime driving system
46 10 A. Heated driver’s seat control unit;

Heated passenger seat control unit.

47 15A Immobilizer control unit
48 10 A. Airbag diagnostic module
49 30A Electric windows
50 20A Electric driver’s window
51 10 A. Ultrasonic sensor;

Parking assist control unit;



Multi-function switch;

Instrument panel.

52 2A Ignition switch
R1 Accessory relay
R2 Auxiliary power relay
R3 Engine operation relay
R4 Main Relay
The following relays are integrated.
R5 Windshield washer pump
R6 Daytime running system relay
R7 Rear fog light relay
R8 Reverse lamp relay, trailer
R9 Trailer lighting relay
R10 Trailer lighting relay
R11 Door unlock relay
R12 Fuel filler flap relay
R13 Tailgate Relay
R14 Door lock relay
R15 Driver door lock relay
R16 Lockout relay
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