Chrysler Voyager (2001-2007) – fuse and relay box

Diagram of fuse boxes and relays –  Chrysler  Voyager, Town & Country

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

The cigarette lighter is fuses number F6 in the fuse box in the car kit.


Diagram of the fuse box in the engine compartment

The integrated power module is located in the engine compartment near the battery. This hub contains fuses and relays. A label identifying each item is printed on the inside of the cover.

Chrysler Voyager (2001-2007) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 twenty Front fog lamp relay, front control module
2 15 except export: Left Front Park Lamp / Turn Signal, License Lamp, Trailer Tow Connector, Left Rear Light Assembly, Front Control Module
15 Export: Left Parking Lamp, Left Headlight Leveling Motor, License Lamp, Left Tail Light Assembly, Front Control Module
3 15 except export: right rear lamp assembly, right front park lamp / turn signal (except export), front control module
15 Export: Right Parking Lamp, Right Headlight Adjustment Motor, Headlight Switch, Right Tail Lamp Assembly, Front Control Module
4 thirty Front Wiper On / Off Relay (Front Wiper High / Low Relay, Wiper Module), Front Control Module
5 twenty Front Cigarette Lighter, Radio
6 twenty Rear Power Outlet, Flor Console Lamp, Flor Console Power Outlet
8 twenty Horn relay
9 40 Starter relay, ABS, front control module, front blower motor relay, rear blower motor relay, defogger relay, fuse: “14”, “15”
thirty 2001: Starter relay, ABS
10 40 Front blower resistor (manual air conditioning), front blower module (automatic air conditioning)
11 twenty Sunroof module, rear wiper motor, radio, amplifier
12 25 Rear A / C Heater (Manual A / C), Rear Blower Motor Power Module (Automatic A / C)
13 40 Rear window defogger relay
14 twenty Radio, Front Control Module, Loudspeaker Relay, Body Control Module, Automatic Temperature Control, Guard Key Remote Input, Ceiling Console, Adjustable Pedal Switch (Except Export), DVD / CD Changer, Thatcham (UK) Alarm Module, Siren ( Great Britain)
15 2001: Radio, Loudspeaker Relay, Front Control Module, Body Control Module, Ceiling Console, Guard Key Immobilizer Module, Auto Temperature Control, Guard Key Remote Input Module
15 twenty Gasoline: Transmission control relay (Transmission solenoid / pressure switch assembly, Powertrain control module)
twenty Diesel: lift pump relay, cab heating aid
16 25 Gasoline: Auto shut-off relay (Powertrain control module, ignition coil, fuel injector)
25 Diesel: ECM / PCM Relay (Engine Control Module, Generator, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Fuel Pressure Solenoid, Plu Glow Relay, Camshaft Position Sensor, EGR Solenoid, A / C Compressor Clutch, Radiator Fan Relay: No.1, No.2 No.3 )
17 twenty Gasoline: Powertrain control module, fuel pump relay
twenty Diesel: Fuel heater relay (crankcase ventilation heater, fuel heater)
18 15 A / C Compressor Clutch Relay, Power Mirror Switch, Adjustable Pedal Relay (Except for Export), Passenger Folding Mirror Relay (Export), Ignition Switch (Export), Thatcham Alarm Module (UK), Sentry Remote Key Entry Module (Export)
twenty 2001: A / C Compressor Clutch Relay, Passenger Folding Mirror Relay (Export), Power Mirror Switch
19 40 Body control module
20 40 Body control module
thirty Amplifier
21 25 ABS
22 40 Seat Power Switch (Driver / Passenger Seat Power Switch, Heated Driver / Passenger Seat Module, Seat / Mirror Memory Module)
23 10 Ignition Switch (Sentry Remote Key Entry Module, Parking Assist Module, Thatcham Alarm Module (UK))
24 twenty Body Control Module, Instrument Cluster, Message Center (High Line), Left / Right Repeater Lamp (Export)
26 twenty Stop lamp switch
27 40 Gasoline: Radiator fan relay
40 Diesel: Radiator fan relay # 2
28 40 Electric window switch
30 40 Headlight washer relay (export), front control module
31 40 Double sliding door, right sliding door, left sliding door
32 40 Sunroof module (except export), Power Liftgate module
33 15 Front washer pump motor, rear washer pump motor
PTC fuse
4 8 Left / right power mirror
7 13 Power Outlet, Flor Console Power Outlet, Data Link Connector
R1  –
R2 Headlight washer (export)
R3 Park lamp
R4 Horn
R5 Front fog lamp
R6 Air conditioning compressor clutch
R7 Gasoline: fuel pump
Diesel fuel: fuel heater
R8 Rear window defogger
R9 Rear blower motor
R10 Front blower motor
R11 Accessory
R12 Starter
R13 Gasoline: Automatic shutdown
Diesel: ECM / PCM
R14 Front wiper High / Low
R15 On / off front wiper
R16 Gasoline: gearbox check
Diesel: lifting pump
R17 Loudspeaker
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