Ford Transit Connect (2018) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Ford Transit Connect

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:


Passenger compartment

Ford Transit Connect (2018) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F56 20 A. Fuel pump.
F57 Not used.
F58 Not used.
F59 5 A. Passive transceiver of an anti-theft system.
F60 10 A. Internal lamp.

Driver door switch kit.

The lamp in the glove compartment.

Switch unit in the overhead console.

F61 20 A. Not used.
F62 5 A. Automatic windshield wipers.

Auto-dimming interior mirror.

F63 Not used.
F64 Not used.
F65 10 A. Tailgate unlocking.
F66 20 A. Front door double locking and unlocking relay.
F67 7.5 amps SYNC module.

Front display interface module.

Global positioning system module.

F68 Not used.
F69 5 A. Instrument panel cluster.
F70 20 A. Central locking relay.
F71 10 A. Heating control head (manual air conditioning).

Double automatic temperature control.

F72 7.5 amps Steering wheel module.
F73 7.5 amps Data link connector.

Battery backup indicator.

F74 15 A. High beam headlamp.
F75 15 A. Front fog lamp.
F76 10 A. Reversing lamp.
F77 20 A. Washer pump.
F78 5 A. Ignition switch.
F79 15 A. Audio unit.

DVD navigation system.


Hazard light switch.

Door lock switch.

F80 Not used.
F81 5 A. Electrically operated sunroof.
F81 5 A. Indoor motion sensor.
F82 20 A. Washer pump.
F83 20 A. Central lock.
F84 20 A. Power to unlock DD FF (ground fuse).

Double DD FF lock (ground fuse).

F85 7.5 amps Ignition switch.
F86 10 A. Airbag module.

Passenger classification system.

Passenger airbag switch.

F87 Not used.
F88 Not used.
F89 Not used.

Engine compartment

Ford Transit Connect (2018) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 Not used.
F2 Not used.
F3 Not used.
F4 Not used.
F5 Not used.
F6 Not used.
F7 40 A. Wheel lock prevention system.
F8 30 A. Stability control.
F9 30 A. Heated rear window.
F10 40 A. Blower motor.
F11 40 A. Accessories – van only.
F12 30 A. Powertrain control module.
F13 30 A. Starter relay.
F14 40 A. Heated windscreen, right-hand side.
F15 20 A. Additional power point in the cargo area.

Auxiliary power point in the luggage compartment.

F 16 40 A. Heated windscreen.
F17 20 A. Floor console auxiliary power point.
F18 Not used.
F19 5 A. Anti-lock braking system with electronic stability control.
F20 15 A. Horn.
F21 5 A. Stop lamp switch.
F22 10 A. Supply voltage – powertrain control module.
F23 5 A. Relay coils.
F24 Not used.
F25 25 A. Door controller – Van.
F26 5 A. Engine control relay coil feed.
F27 15 A. Air conditioning clutch.
F28 25 A. Rear electric window.
F29 25 A. Front power window.
F30 5 A. Ignition switch output position II (van only).
F31 15 A. Taxi roof light switch.
F32 15 A. Engine control module.
F33 10 A. Engine control module.
F34 10 A. Fuel injectors.
F35 15 A. Vehicle power 4.
F36 5 A. Active grill shutter.
F37 5 A. Battery saver relay.
F38 15 A. Engine control module.

Transmission control module.

F39 10 A. Taxi block connector.
F40 5 A. Electronic power steering.
F41 20 A. Body control module.
F42 15 A. Rear window wiper.
F43 15 A. Heated front seat – Van.
F43 20 A. Accessories – Van.
F44 15 A. Headlamp control module.
F44 5 A. Air conditioning switch – Taxi.
F45 10 A. Electrically operated exterior mirror – no door controller.
F46 40 A. Windshield wiper.
F47 7.5 amps Heated exterior mirror – no door controller.
F48 25 A. Body control module.
Relay number
R1 Not used.
R2 Horn.
R3 Battery saver relay.
R4 Heated rear window.
R5 Rear window wiper.
R6 Not used.
R7 Heated windscreen.
R8 Accessory delay. DCU power supply – Van.
R9 Relay – Van.
R10 Starter.
R11 Air conditioning clutch.
R12 Cooling fan.
R13 Blower motor.
R14 Electronic engine control.
R15 Not used.
R16 Ignition.


Ford Transit Connect (2018) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 10 A. Rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
F2 25 A. Driver seat adjustment.
F3 25 A. Driver’s door module.
F4 25 A. Passenger door module.
F5 Not used.
F6 25 A. Rear left door control unit.
F7 25 A. Rear right door control unit.
F8 Not used.
F9 Not used.
F10 Not used.
F11 Not used.
F12 Not used.
F13 Not used.
F14 Not used.
F15 Not used.
F 16 Not used.
F17 Not used.
F18 Not used.
F19 Not used.
F20 Not used.
F21 Not used.
F22 Not used.
F23 Not used.
F24 Not used.
F25 40 A. Rear blower motor.
F26 40 A. Accessories. Trailer tow module.
F27 40 A. Taxi.
F28 Not used.
F29 5 A. Rear camera.
F30 5 A. Parking aid.
F31 Not used.
F32 Not used.
F33 Not used.
F34 15 A. Heated driver’s seat.
F35 15 A. Heated passenger seat.
F36 Not used.
F37 20 A. The power of the sun blinds.
F38 10 A. Taxi.
F39 Not used.
F40 Not used.
F41 10 A. Taxi connector.
F42 20 A. Taxi connector.
F43 Not used.
F44 Not used.
F45 Not used.
F46 Not used.
Relay number
R1 Ignition switch.
R2 Rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Ventilation and air conditioning engine.

R3 Not used.
R4 Not used.
R5 Not used.
R6 Not used.
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