Kia Ceed 2 JD (2016-2018) – fuse box

Kia Ceed 3 (CD) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2016, 2017, 2018.

The cigarette lighter fuses (power socket) on the Kia Ceed JD  are 46 (20A) fuses in the instrument panel fuse box.

A box in the passenger compartment

It is located on the lower left side of the dashboard.

Number Description
1 30A electrically adjustable driver’s seat
2 25A Headlight washer
3 25A Electric window lifters (right side)
4 10A Electric tailgate lock
5 25A Electric window lifters (left side)
6 20A Central locking
7 20A Spare
8 20A Lighter;

Rear electric socket.

9 Electrically adjustable driver seat 20A
10 15A Tailgate window wiper
11 7.5A Automatic headlight activation system;

Automatic transmission selector lock;

Alarm switch.

12 15A Heated front seats
13 10A Audio system;


Keyless vehicle unlocking system;

Electric Body Control Unit (BCM);

Electric exterior mirrors.

14 7.5 A air conditioner
15 7.5A Headlight washer;

Rain sensor;

Electric Body Control Unit (BCM);

Automatic dimming mirrors;

Electric sunroof;

Keyless opening system;

Heated front seats.

16 10A Heated door mirrors;

Air conditioning.

17 7,5А Interior lighting
18 7.5A Keyless vehicle opening system;

Engine start and stop button.

19 7.5A Anti-theft alarm
20 20A Electric sunroof
21 10A Electric parking brake;

Electric headlight range adjustment;

Air conditioning;

Parking assist system;


Automatic transmission gear selector position indicator;

Instrument panel switch illumination;

Heated front seats.

22 15A Steering wheel heating
23 20A Fuse and relay box in engine compartment
24 25A Doormat;

Rain sensor.

25 7.5A immobilizer
26 7,5А Electric drive of exterior mirrors;

Central lock;

Instrument cluster;

Air conditioning;

Tire pressure monitoring system;

Parking assist system;

Ignition switch illumination;

The body control unit (BCM).

27 10A Keyless Entry System;

Brake lights.

28 7,5А Instrument cluster;

Clock .

29 7.5A Electric power steering
30 7.5А Reserve
31 7.5A Starter;

Ignition switch;

Automatic transmission selector position sensor;

Automatic gearbox control unit.

32 15A Audio system;

Clock .

33 10А Reserve
34 25A keyless entry system
35 15A Front power socket
36 7.5A Instrument cluster
37 10A Electric Body Control Unit (BCM);

Tire pressure monitoring system;

Automatic gear selector;

Audio system;

Automatic headlamp control system;

Lane Departure Warning System.

38 15A Passive Safety System SRS
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In the engine compartment

Main unit

The main fuse and relay box is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Number Description
1 25А Reserve
2 7.5А Reserve
3 10A Reversing lamp
4 15A Electronic engine control unit;


Keyless entry system.

5 10A ABS anti-lock braking system, ESC
6 15A Electronic automatic transmission control unit;

Brake lights.

7 10А Reserve
8 15А Reserve
9 20А Reserve
10 Fuel pump 15A
11 15A Electronic engine control unit
12 15A Sound signals;


13 10A Fuel pump
14 10A Electronic engine control unit
15 20A Ignition coils
16 10A Starter, variable valve timing
17 20A Electronic engine control unit
18 10A Oxygen sensors;

System for changing the length of the suction pipe channels;

Canister venting valve.

19 15F Heated windshield
20 15A Brake lights, hill start assist
21 20A Electronic engine control unit
22 40A Electronic automatic transmission control unit
23 40A Fuses No. 10-18
24 50A Fuse box in passenger compartment
25 Electric heater fan 50A
26 10A Air conditioning
27 10A Rain sensor
28 40A Heated rear window
29 40A Ignition switch;

Passenger compartment fuse box.

30 40A Electronic control unit for automatic transmission
31 30A Electric parking brake
32 30A Electric parking brake
33 Electric cooler fan 40A
R1 Radiator fan relay (low speed)
R2 Radiator fan relay (high speed)
R3 Emergency brake warning relay
R4 Heater fan relay
R5 Heated rear window relay
R6 Ignition system relay
R7 Wiper relay
R8 Ignition system relay
R9 Starter relay
R10 Ignition switch relay
R11 Additional heater relay
R12 Hill start assist relay
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Power fuse box

Located inside the main unit

Number Description
1 80A Electric power steering
2 60A Mounting block in passenger compartment;

Left block headlight;

Direction indicators;

Daytime running lights.

3 40A ABS anti-lock braking system, ESC
4 40A ABS;


Diagnostic connector.

5 40A Ignition switch;


6 40A Not used
7 60A Auxiliary heater
8 50A Mounting block in passenger compartment;

Right headlight block;

Fog lights;

Rear lights.

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Extra block

It is mainly installed in diesel engines.

A: PTC (gasoline) / fuel heater relay (diesel)
B: Glow plug relay
C: PTK3 relay
D: PTK2 relay
E: PTK1 relay

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