Dacia Sandero I (2008-2012) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Dacia Sandero

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

The cigarette lighter in Dacia Sandero is fuse number 38, 10A in the fuse box of the passenger compartment.

Sandero 1

Passenger compartment

The fuse box is located at the end of the dashboard.

Dacia Sandero I (2008-2012) - fuse and relay box


F01 (20A) Windscreen washer;

Heated rear window relay coil.

F02 (5A) Instrument cluster power supply;

The winding of the K5 relay for the fuel pump and the ignition coil;

Powering the ECU of the engine control system from the ignition switch,

F03 (20A) Brake light lamps;

Reversing lamps;

Windshield washer

F04 (10A) Power circuits: airbag control unit; turn signals; engine management system diagnostic connector; immobilizer coils
F09 (10A) Power circuits: left headlamps headlamps (dipped beam); dipped beam indicator in the instrument cluster; headlight washer pump
F10 (10A) Right headlamps (dipped beam) headlamps
F11 (10A) Left headlamp unit headlamps (high beam);

High beam indicator in the instrument cluster

F12 (10A) Right headlight (high beam)
F13 (30A) F14 (30A) Chains of electric windows for rear and front doors respectively
F15 (10A) ABS ECU
F17 (15A) Sound signal (horn)
F18 (10A) Left headlight side bulbs;

Side lights for the left rear light;

License plate lamps;

Illumination of the instrument cluster and controls on the instrument panel, console and floor tunnel liner;

Switch unit buzzer.

F19 (7.5A) Side lights for the right headlight;

Side lamps for the right taillight;

Lamps in the glove box

F20 (7.5A) Lamps and indicator for turning on the rear fog light
F21 (5A) Circuit of heating elements for outside rear view mirrors
F28 (15A) Interior lamp shade;

Trunk lamp;

Permanent power supply to the audio reproduction main unit,

F29 (15A) Power circuits: alarm switch; turn signal switch; intermittent operation of the windshield wiper; central locking control; engine control system diagnostic connector,
F30 (20A) Central locking power circuit
F31 (15A) K8 fog lamp relay coil
F32 (30A) Rear window defogger relay power circuit
F36 (30A) The power circuit of the K1 relay for the heater fan
F37 (5A) Power circuits for electric drives outside rear view mirrors
F38 (10A) Lighter;

Powering the main unit for sound reproduction from the ignition switch;

F39 (30A) Heater fan relay coil circuit
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Engine compartment

Dacia Sandero I (2008-2012) - fuse and relay box


F01 (60A) Power circuits: supplying the ignition switch and all consumers powered from the lock; outdoor light switch
F02 (30A) K3 relay supply circuit for cooling fan (in a car without air conditioning)
F03 (25A) Power circuits: relay K5 of the fuel pump and ignition coil; K6 engine management system main relay
F04 (5A) Circuits: constant power to the engine control system ECU; winding of the main relay K6 of the engine control system
F05 (15A) Not used
F06 (60A) Passenger compartment fuse box power supply
F07 (40A) Power circuits: K4 air conditioner relay; K3 relay, slow-speed cooling fan (in a car with air conditioning); relay K2 high speed cooling fan (in car with air conditioning)
F08 (50A) and F09 (25A) ABS ECU chains
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  • K1 – stove fan relay, heater fan motor. See information about the F36.
  • K2 – fast cooling fan relay (for cars with air conditioning), radiator fan motor.
  • KZ – slow-speed cooler fan relay (for cars with air conditioning) or radiator fan relay (for cars without air conditioning), radiator fan motor (for cars with air conditioning – through a resistor).
  • K4 – air conditioning relay, compressor electromagnetic clutch.
    See information about the F36.
  • K5 – fuel pump relay and ignition coil.
  • K6 – engine control system main relay, oxygen concentration sensor, speed sensor, fuel injectors, e / m adsorber bleed-off valve, K2, KZ, K4 relay coils.
  • K7 – headlight washer pump relay.
  • K8 – fog lamp relay. See information about the F31.
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