Dodge Durango (2016-2018) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and relay boxes diagram – Dodge Durango

Applies to vehicles new in years:

2016, 2017, 2018.


Power Distribution Center

A description of each fuse and component may be stamped on the inner cover, otherwise the bay number of each fuse is stamped on the inner cover.

Dodge Durango (2016-2018) - fuse and relay box

Recess Cartridge fuse Microfuse Description
F03 60 A yellow Radiator fan
F05 40 amp green Air Suspension Compressor – If equipped
F06 40 amp green Anti-blocking pump / electronic stability control
F07 30 Amp Pink Starter solenoid
F09 30 Amp Pink Diesel heater (diesel only) / brake vacuum pump
F10 40 amp green Body Controller / Exterior Lighting # 2
F11 30 Amp Pink Electric Brake For Trailer Towing – If Equipped
F12 40 amp green Body Controller # 3 / Power Locks
F13 40 amp green The front of the blower motor
F14 40 amp green Body controller # 4 / Exterior lighting # 1
F17 30 Amp Pink Headlight washer – if equipped
F19 20 A blue Headrest Solenoid – If equipped
F20 30 Amp Pink Passenger door module
F22 20 A blue Engine control module
F23 30 Amp Pink Interior lighting # 1
F24 30 Amp Pink Driver’s door module
F25 30 Amp Pink Front wipers
F26 30 Amp Pink Anti-lock braking system / stability control module / valves
F28 20 A blue Trailer Tow Reverse Lamps – If Equipped
F29 20 A blue Trailer Towing Park Lamps – If Equipped
F30 30 Amp Pink Trailer Towing Socket – If equipped
F32 30 Amp Pink Powertrain control module
F34 30 Amp Pink Slip differential check
F35 30 Amp Pink Sunroof – If equipped
F36 30 Amp Pink Rear window defroster
F37 25 A Clean Rear Blower Motor – If equipped
F38 30 Amp Pink 115 V AC power converter – if equipped
F39 30 Amp Pink Electric Liftgate – If equipped
F40 10 A red Daytime running lights / headlamp leveling
F42 20 A yellow Horn
F44 10 A red Diagnostic port
F49 10 A red Integrated central stack / climate control
F50 20 A yellow Air Suspension Control Module – If equipped
F51 15 A blue Ignition node module / keyless ignition / steering column lock
F52 5 A Tan Battery sensor
F53 20 A yellow Trailer Towing – Left Turn / Stop Lights – If Equipped
F56 15 A blue Extra Content (Diesel Engine Only)
F57 20 A yellow NOx sensor
F58 15 A blue Left HID headlamps – if equipped
F59 10 A red Cleaning pump (diesel engine only)
F60 15 A blue Transmission control module
F61 10 A red Transmission control module / PM sensor (diesel engine only)
F62 10 A red Air conditioning clutch
F63 20 A yellow Ignition coils (gas), urea heater (diesel)
F64 25 A Clean Fuel injectors / driveline
F66 10 A red Sunroof / Passenger Window / Rain Sensor Switches
F67 15 A blue CD / DVD / Bluetooth hands-free module – if equipped
F68 20 A yellow Rear wiper motor
F69 15 A blue Spotlight channel – if equipped
F70 20 A yellow Fuel pump motor
F71 30 A green Sound amplifier
F72 10 A red PCM (if any)
F73 15 A blue Right HID headlight – if equipped
F75 10 A red Dual Batt Control (if equipped)
F76 10 A red ABS / Electronic Stability Control
F77 10 A red Powertrain control module / front axle disconnect module
F78 10 A red Engine control module / electric power steering
F80 10 A red Universal garage door opener / compass / anti-theft module
F81 20 A yellow Trailer tow turn / stop lamps to the right
F82 10 A red Steering column control module / cruise control / DTV
F83 10 A red Fuel door
F84 15 A blue Switch instrument bank / cluster
F85 10 A red Airbag module
F86 10 A red Airbag module
F87 10 A red Air Suspension – If Equipped / Trailer Tow / Steering Column Control Module
F88 15 A blue Dashboard cluster
F90 / F91 20 A yellow Power socket (rear seats) to choose from
F92 10 A red Rear Console Light – If equipped
F93 20 A yellow Lighter
F94 10 A red Gear shift / transfer box module
F95 10 A red Rear camera / ParkSense
F96 10 A red Rear Seat Heater Switch / Flash Charger – If equipped
F97 20 A yellow Heated rear seats and heated steering wheel – where fitted
F98 20 A yellow Heated front seats – if equipped
F99 10 A red Air conditioning module / driver assistance systems / DSRC
F100 10 A red Active Damping – If Equipped
F101 15 A blue Electrochromic mirror / intelligent high beam – if equipped
F103 10 A red Cab heater (diesel only) / rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning
F104 20 A yellow Power sockets (instrument panel / center console)
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