Dodge Stratus (1995-2000) – fuse and relay box

Scheme of fuse and relay boxes – Dodge Stratus

Applies to vehicles new in years:

1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.


Diagram of the fuse box in the passenger compartment

The fuses are located on the left side of the dashboard.

Dodge Stratus (1995-2000) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 thirty Blower motor
2 twenty Convertible: right-hand headlight (high beam), daytime running light module
10 Right headlight (high beam), daytime running light module
3 twenty Convertible: left-hand headlight (high beam)
10 Left headlight (high beam)
4 15 Reversing Lamp (Reverse Lamp Switch (M / T), Transmission Range Sensor (A / T)), Top Power Relay (Convertible), Daytime Running Lamp Module, Power Door Lock Switch, Power Mirror Switch, Automatic Day / Mirror Mode nighttime proportional steering control module
5 10 Dome Lamp, Data Link Connector, Power Antenna, Top Map Lamp, Trunk Lamp, Traveler, Body Control Module, Radio, Glove Box Lamp, Sun Visor / Vanity Lamp, Universal Garage Door Opener, Automatic Day / Night Mirror, Illuminated Relay Entry Courtesy Lamp, Door Lock Switch, Door Arm / Disarm Switch, Halo Lanp Key, Sunroof Control Module
6 10 Heated mirror, air conditioning heating control
7 twenty 1998-2000: Instrument cluster, headlight switch
15 1995-1997: Headlight switch
8 twenty Cigar lighter / Power socket, horn relay
9 15 Body control module
10 twenty Rear fog light switch, daytime running light module
11 10 Body control module, instrument cluster, Autostick switch, transmission control module
12 10 Left-hand headlight (low beam), daytime running light module
13 twenty Right headlight (low beam), front fog light switch
14 10 Radio
15 10 Combined blinker, seat belt control module (convertible), intermittent wiper relay, wiper relay (high / low), rear window defogger relay
16 10 Airbag control module
17 10 Airbag control module
Circuit breaker
18 twenty Seat power switch, deck release relay
19 twenty Power window, main power window switch, window timer module, sunroof control module
R1 Headlamp delay
R2 Horn
R3 Rear window defogger

Diagram of the fuse box in the engine compartment

Dodge Stratus (1995-2000) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 10 Downstream oxygen sensor
2 twenty ABS
3 twenty Transmission control module, transmission control relay
4 twenty Stop lamp switch, fuse (passenger compartment): “5”
5 twenty Auto shut-off relay (fuel injectors, ignition coil pack (2.0 l and 2.4 l), silencer (2.0 l and 2.4 l), generator, inlet oxygen sensor, distributor (2.5 l) EGR solenoid Fuse: “1”, Powertrain control module
6 twenty Combined blinker, guard key immobilizer module
7 10 Ignition switch (fuse (passenger compartment): “11”)
8 twenty Starter relay, fuel pump relay, ignition switch (body control module, clutch lock switch (M / T), transmission control module (EATX), fuse (passenger compartment): “14”, “15”, “17”, fuse (Engine compartment): “9”, “10”)
9 10 A / C Compressor Clutch Relay, Radiator Fan Relay (High Speed), Radiator Fan Relay (Low Speed), Fuel Pump Module, Instrument Cluster, Sentry Key Immobilizer Module, Brake Shift Lock Solenoid
10 10 Fuel pump relay, powertrain control module, ABS
11 twenty Convertible: Seat belt control module
12 40 Rear window defogger relay
13 40 ABS
14 40 Fuse (passenger compartment): “7”, “8”
15 40 Headlamp switch, headlamp delay relay (body control module, headlamp switch, fuse (passenger compartment): “12”, “13”), fuse (passenger compartment): “9”, “10” “18 ″
16 40 Ignition switch (fuses (passenger compartment): “1”, “4”, “16”, “19”)
17 40 Convertible: Boost / Power Relays
18 40 Intermittent Wiper Relay (Wiper Relay (High / Low))
19 40 Air conditioner compressor clutch relay, radiator fan relay (high speed), radiator fan relay (low speed)
R1 Radiator fan (high speed)
R2 Automatic shutdown
R3 Radiator fan (low speed)
R4 Starter
R5  –
R6 Air conditioning compressor clutch
R7 Convertible: Power Tow
R8 Intermittent wiper
R9 Wiper (high / low)
R10 Fuel pump
R11 Gearbox inspection
R12  –
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