Ford F-250 (1987-1991) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Ford F-250

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:


Diagram of the fuse box in the passenger compartment

Ford F-150 (1987-1991) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 15 Stop lights, hazard lights, speed control
2 7 Circuit Switch: Windshield Wiper Motor
3  –
4 15 Main light switch, exterior lights, instrument panel lighting
5 15 Turn signals, reverse lights, overdrive gearbox, roof map lighting
6 15 Speed ​​Control, Accessories & 4WD, Auxiliary Battery Control, Digital Timer, Rear Window Defogger, Feedback Carburetor Control (4.9L), Windshield Wiper Switch, Electronic Shift Control, Rear Anti-lock Brakes
7  –
8 15 Lights courtesy, dome lights, cargo light, glove box lighting, warning buzzer, radio
9 thirty Air conditioning heater or heater
10 5 Instrument lighting (radio, instrument cluster, wiper and washer switch, overdrive switch, 4WD shift switch, air conditioning heater control, rear window defogger, ashtray, cigarette lighter), main light switch, clock dimming, radio display dimming
20 Rear anti-lock brakes
11 15 Radio and clock illumination, headlight switch illumination
10 Radio
12 thirty Circuit breaker: power door locks
25 Transfer box control
25 Electric tailgate window, electric mirrors
13 5 Instrument panel lighting
14 thirty Circuit breaker: Power windows
25 Tailgate Power Window
15 10 Extra fuel tank, switch
16 thirty Horn relay (with cruise control), horn relay jumper (without cruise control), cigarette lighter, speed control, ashtray lighting
20 Horn, lighter
10 Horn
17 5 Instrument illumination, dimming clock and radio display
20 Rear anti-lock brakes
18 15 Cluster, seat belt buzzer, warning indicators, tachometer, glow plug check for diesel engines (6.9L, 7.3L), diesel gauges (6.9L, 7.3L), electronic engine control (EEC) , carburetor circuits, choke heater, fuel pump electric control (7.5L), dual diode brake warning resistor, low vacuum warning switch (6.9L, 7.3L)
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