Mazda Tribute (2003-2004) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Mazda Tribute

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2003, 2004.

Fuse panel in the passenger compartment

The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the handlebar next to the brake pedal.

Mazda Tribute (2003-2004) - fuse and relay box
Fuse / Relay Amperes [A] Description
1 5 The solenoid that controls the canister vent
2 5 Blower relay (coil), pressure switch to PCM
3 10 Rear Wiper Motor, Rear Washer Motor, Rear Wiper Relay (Coil)
4 10 Four-wheel drive control module, cluster (limit control warning)
5 5 ABS Unit (EVAC & FILL), ASC Unit, Limitation Control Module (RCM), ASC Main Software to ASC Unit, Clock Spring Switch
6 10 Flash unit, Reversing lamps, Parking assist module (PAM)
7 10 Passive anti-theft transceiver (PATS), RCM, EEC fuse
8 10 Cluster, Shift Lock Relay (Coil), O / D Signal for PCM, GEM, E / C Autolamp Mirrors
9 3 PCM Relay (Coil), Fan Relay 1, 2, 3 (Coil), A / C Relay (Coil)
10 twenty Front wiper motor, front washer motor
11 10 ACC relay (coil), key lock solenoid, GEM
12 5 Radio
13 Not used
14 twenty Lighter
15 15 Park Lamp Relay, Front Position Lamps, License Lamps, Tail Lamps, Park Lamp Relay (Coil), Trailer Fuse, Lighting Fuse
16 10 Cluster, Electric Mirror, GEM, Heated Seats
17 15 Sunroof motor
18 5 Lighting: Cluster, Heater Unit, Radio, Hazard Switch, Rear Defrost Switch, 4WD Switch, Front Fog Switch
19 10 Subwoofer amplifier
20 15 Turn signals, front side turn lamps, front turn lamps, rear turn lamps, trailer turn, flash unit
21 10 Trailer position lamps
22 15 Not used
23 15 Horn relay
24 15 Stop Lamps, High Mount Stop Lamp, Trailer Stop Lamp, ABS Unit, ASC Unit (Brake Pedal Position Switch), PCM, Shift Solenoid
25 thirty Electric window motors
26 thirty Electric Lock Motors, GEM (Door Lock Relay Coil), Power Seat, 4WD Relay
27 10 GEM, Audio, Cluster, Interior Lamp, Map Lamp, Cargo Lamp, Datalink Connector
ACC Accessory relay
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Power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.

Mazda Tribute (2003-2004) - fuse and relay box
Fuse / Relay Amperes [A] Description
horn 15 horn
H / L LH 15 * Headlight (high / low left, high beam)
H / L RH 15 * Headlight (high / low right, high beam)
HEGO 15 * HEGO 1.2, CMS 1.2, VMV
FUEL twenty* Fuel pump, EEC (FPM)
H / L MICRO RELAY Headlight (high / low, right / left relay)
HTD CHAIRS thirty Heated seats (if equipped)
INJ thirty** EEC (VPWR), EVR, MAF, IAC, baffle, HEGO fuse
MAIN 120 Main
ALT 15 * Alternator / regulator
(DRL) 15 * Daytime running light (DRL) unit (power), DRL relay
(DRLZ) (HELV) 15 * (DRLZ) 10 (HLEV) DRL, HLEV module
PWR 1 15 * Auxiliary power point
FOG twenty* Fog lamps, fog lamp indicator
Air conditioning 15 * Air conditioning clutch
(ABS) 25 * Anti-lock brake system (ABS) SOL, EVAC & FILL
PWR 2 15 * Auxiliary power point
HOME IG 40 ** Starter
HTR 40 ** Blower motor, blower motor relay
BTN 1 40 ** JB – Accessory Relay, Radio, TNS Relay, Cigarette Lighter, Cluster, Power Mirror, GEM, Accessory Delay Relay, Power Windows, Moon Roof
(ABS) 60 ** ABS, EVAC & FILL engine
BTN 2 40 ** JB – Radio, CD Changer, Cluster, Dome Lamps, Map Lamps, Cargo Lamps, Horn Relay, GEM, Power Locks, Speed ​​Control
MAIN FAN 40 ** (2.0 l) 50 (3.0 l) Main fan
R DEF thirty** Rear defroster
ADD A FAN 40 ** (2.0 l) 50 (3.0 l) Add a fan
ISO FUEL PUMP Fuel pump relay
MAIN ISO FAN Low Speed ​​Fan Control Relay (2.0L Engine) High Speed ​​Fan Control Relay 1 (3.0L Engine)
ADD FAN ISO High speed fan control relay 1 (2.0L engine) Low speed fan control relay (3L engine)
DEF ISO RELAY Rear defroster relay
ST ISO RELAY Starter relay
ADD 2 ISO FAN Relay 2 for quick fan control (3.0L engine)

Medium Speed ​​Fan Control Relay (2.0L Engine)

MICRO FOG RELAY Fog lamp relay
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