Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Opel Vivaro B

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Fuses and relay boxes in the passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located on the left side of the dashboard – behind the cover on LHD vehicles.

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box

Or in the clipboard (RHD).

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box


F1 30A + battery powered rear window wiper
F2 10A Main electromagnetic horn
F3 15A + battery charging accessory socket
F4 30A + driver window motor deceleration
F5 15A + socket for rear power distribution accessories
F6 5A BCM + boot
F7 15A + after ignition power heated seats
F8 5A + EMM battery supply (after charging the ignition on VSC) AVS, AUO
15A + EMM battery supply (after charging the ignition on VSC) SOP03C
F9 5A + general current distribution
F10 15A + cigarette lighter socket  or front power distribution in accessory socket
F11 Battery power 25A + EMM (R daytime running lights, front position, R high beam, L low beam)
F12 5A + battery power supply for brake lights, ABS, transponder
F13 10A + time battery powered interior lighting and air conditioning
F14 5A + time battery power steering angle Stop and start the keyless vehicle
F15 25A + Ignition ON, rear window wiper, washer pump, horn
F 16 10A General + after ignition feed
F17 5A + when reverse indicator light is turned on
F18 5A + after the ignition power switch
F19 5A + after ignition feed injection, starter relay, BCM
F20 5A + supply airbag after ignition, column lock
F21 30A + passenger window switch after ignition
F22 10A + power assist pump after ignition
F23 Battery brake lights 15A + EMM
F24 15A + BCM battery power (+ time battery power)
F25 10A + BCM battery operation, electronic calculating units, tire pressure monitoring system and keyless vehicle
F26 15A + BCM battery power for hazard lights and indicators
F27 25A + BCM battery power for blocking the opening elements
F28 25A + EMM battery power for L daytime running lights, rear position, L high beam, R low beam
F29 25A + EMM battery power license plate position, front and rear fog lights
F30 15A + battery powered single lever, alarm, horn
F31 5A + battery power dashboard
F32 5A + battery powered single lever
F33 20A + preparation for towbar socket with battery power
F34 15A (supplied with the tow bar)
F35 5A + battery power switch, radio, multimedia, mirrors, diagnostic socket
F36 5A + power mirror heater
F37 10A + electric mirrors with temporary battery power, additional UCE adapter
F38 40A + battery power switch tachograph
F39 40A + battery-powered wiper
F40 20A + battery current distribution relay 1 (heating, air conditioning)
F41 15A + initial equipment for power distribution, additional adaptations
F42 10A + heater to power the battery
F43 10A + supply motor with additional adaptation
F44 25A + feed motor heater
F45 25A + after ignition, supply of additional air conditioning
F46 25A + after passing ignition power for a keyless vehicle
F47 20A + EMM battery powered for no-load current distribution relay
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Relay box

An additional relay box is located on the right side – in the glove box on the LHD.

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box

Or behind the cover (RHD).

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box


RH3 40A Windshield wiper relay
RH4 40A Relay for 2nd windshield wiper speed
RH5 40A + after ignition, rear heating and air conditioning power supply relay
RH6 20A water pump heater matrix auxiliary relay;
RH7 20A Driver’s Electric Unlock (SDO) Relay
RH8 70A + current distribution relay no. 1
RH9 40A + current distribution relay no. 2
RH11 20A Power windows relay
RH12 40A mirrors + rear window heating relay
RH13 40A Rear window wiper relay
RH14 20A Central door locking relay
RH15 20A Power windows relay
RH16 40A After ignition feed relay no. 2 (vehicles with handsfree card)
RH17 40A Engine running + relay

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side, next to the battery.

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay box


F3 25 ABS / ESP
F4 thirty Starter
F5 70 Passenger compartment 1
F6 70 Passenger compartment 3
F7 50 ABS / ESP
F8 60 Passenger compartment 2
F9 twenty Mirror heater
40 Rear window + mirror heating
F14 15 + air conditioning compressor with battery operation
F15 15 Fuel pump
F 16 70 Heater control unit
F17 60 Heating element assembly
F18 60 Heating element assembly
F19 40 Engine suffix * 408 and air conditioning or 450 and heating Motor 1 fan unit
50 Engine suffix * 408 and heating or 450 and air conditioning Motor driven fan assembly 1
F20 40 Engine suffix * 408 and air conditioning or 450 Motor Driven Fan Assembly 2
F26 25 Diesel fuel heater
F27 twenty Engine injection system
F28 15 Engine injection system
R1 twenty Starting
R2 twenty Fuel pump relay
R3 40 Injection supply relay
R4 twenty Compressor control relay
R6 70 High Speed ​​(1 motor driven fan assembly)
R7 40 Low speed (motor driven fan assembly)
R8 40 High speed (2 motor driven fan assembly)
D1 Air conditioning compressor
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Electric distribution unit

It is located near the battery itself.

Opel Vivaro B (2014-2019) - fuse and relay boxDescription

  1. Battery protection power supply wiring
  2. 300A engine wiring (alternator)
  3. 300A Engine wiring harness (starter)
  4. 5A mini fuse with a cap (Start / Stop)
  5. 5A cab wiring (Start / Stop)
  6. 50A Cab Wiring (KPD & KC6 Option Conversion or Trailer Tow Hitch)
  7. Reserved for deliberate bodybuilder conversions
  8. 35A Motor Wiring (Engine Management)
  9. Motor connection unit
  10. 120A cab wiring (power steering)

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