Volkswagen Golf VII (2013-2020) – fuse box

Volkswagen Golf VII (2013-2020) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

The cigarette lighter fuses (power sockets) in the Volkswagen Golf VII  are fuses # 40 (cigarette lighter, 12V sockets), # 46 (230V socket) and # 16 (USB ports) in the fuse box in the dashboard.

Fuse box in passenger compartment

Location of the fuse box

The fuse box is located behind the glove box on the driver’s side (LHD). Open the glove box, squeeze the sides and pull it towards you to access the fuses.


On right-hand drive cars, this fuse box is most likely located behind a cover on the left side of the glove compartment.

The scheme of the fuse box

Arrangement of fuses in the instrument panel

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Number Description
1 Reduction heater control module
2 Not used
3 Not used
4 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Anti-theft alarm system;

5 Built-in data bus diagnostic interface
6 Gear stick;

Anti-theft alarm sensor.

7 HVAC control;

Heated rear window relay.

8 Rotary light switch;

Rain and light sensor;

Diagnostic connector;

Alarm sensor.

9 Steering column electronics control module
10 Infotainment screen (front)
11 Left front seat belt pretensioner control module;

Wheel drive control module.

12 Information electronics control module
13 Electronic damping control module
14 Fresh air blower control module
15 Electronic steering column lock control module
16 USB ports;


17 Instrument cluster;

Emergency call control module.

18 Rear view camera;

Back cover release button.

19 Access to the boot system interface
20 Relay for reducing agent dosing system
21 Wheel drive control module
22 Not used
23 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Right front headlight MX2.

24 Electrically operated sunroof
25 Driver and passenger door module;

Rear window regulator.

26 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Front heated seat.

27 Sound system
28 Towing hitch
29 Not used
30 Left front seat belt pretensioner control module
31 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Left front headlight MX1.

32 Front camera;

Distance sensor;

Parking aid;

Blind spot detection.

33 Airbag control module;

Passenger airbag deactivation indicator light;

Passenger presence sensor.

34 Rotary light switch;

Interior rearview mirror;

Relay of sockets;

Hazard warning lights switch;

Refrigerant pressure sensor;

Air quality sensor;

Center console switch;

Parking brake button.

35 Diagnostic connector;

Headlight range control;

Dashboard lighting regulator;

Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror;

Cornering lamp;

Headlamp range control module;

Right and left headlight beam adjustment.

36 Right daytime running light and parking light control module
37 Left daytime running lamp and parking light control module
38 Towing hitch
39 Front door control module;

Left and right rear window regulator motor.

40 Cigarette lighter, 12 V sockets
41 Steering column electronics control module;

Front right seat belt tensioner control module.

42 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Central lock.

43 Vehicle electrical system control module;

Interior lighting.

44 Towing hitch
45 Front seat adjustment
46 AC-DC converter (230 V power socket)
47 Rear window wiper
48 Not used
49 Clutch pedal position sensor;

Starter relay 1;

Starter relay 2.

50 Not used
51 Front right seat belt tensioner control module
52 Not used
53 Heated rear window

Fuse box in the engine compartment

The scheme of the fuse box

Arrangement of fuses in the engine compartment

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Number Description
1 ABS control module
2 ABS control module, hydraulic pump
3 Engine control unit (ECU)
4 Oil level sensor;

Coolant fan module;

EVAP regulator valve;

Camshaft adjustment. valve;

Exhaust camshaft adjustment;

Oil pressure valve;

High / low heat output relay;

EGR cooler reversing valve;

#75 Wastegate bypass valve regulating valve;

Ethanol concentration sensor;

Cylinder inlet;

Exhaust camshaft adjustment.

5 Fuel pressure reg. valve # 276;

Fuel metering valve # 290.

6 Brake light switch
7 Fuel pressure reg. valve;

Charge air cooling pump, reg. valve;

Cooling circuit solenoid valve;

Heater booster pump.

8 O2 sensors;

MAF sensor.

9 Ignition coils;

Lighting time control module;

Fuel evaporation.

10 Fuel pump control module
11 Electric auxiliary heating element
12 Electric auxiliary heating element
13 Automatic Transmission (DSG)
14 Heated windscreen (front)
15 Horn relay
16 Not used
17 ECU;

ABS control module;

Terminal 30 relay.

18 Battery monitoring control module;

J533 data bus interface.

19 Windshield wipers (front)
20 Burglar alarm
21 Not used
22 Engine control unit (ECU)
23 Starter
24 Electric auxiliary heating system
31 Not used
32 Not used
33 Not used
34 Not used
35 Not used
36 Not used
37 Auxiliary heater control module
38 Not used
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