Volkswagen Caravelle (Multivan) T5 and T6 – fuse box

Volkswagen Caravelle – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

T6 from 2015

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Volkswagen Caravelle is fuse 12 in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

The arrangement of the boxes in the Volkswagen Caravelle ( Multivan ) T5 and T6 is similar. However, their pattern is different.


Location of the control units


1 ABS electronic control unit
2 Air conditioning controller – in the heater control panel
3 Air conditioning control unit (rear) – in the heater control panel
4 Antenna unit – if available
5 Driver side impact sensor
6 Side impact sensor, rear left
7 Side impact sensor, passenger
8 Side impact sensor, rear right
9 Anti-theft control unit
10 Burglar alarm – resonator of the intake system
11 Audio Output Amplifier – Under Right Front Seat – if equipped
12 Accessory Battery 1 – Under Left Front Seat – If equipped
13 Additional battery 2 (RV) – in the kitchen cabinet
14 Additional heater control unit (Air Top 3500) – underneath the body, on the right side – if present
15 Additional heater control unit (Thermo Tor) – underneath the body, on the left – if present
16 Battery battery
17 Camping equipment (RV) control unit
18 Diagnostic Connector (DLC)
19 Diagnostic unit – dashboard
20 Driver’s door controller
21 Rear left door electrical controller (with electric sliding doors) – left pillar
22 Passenger’s door electric control unit
23 Rear right door wiring control unit (electric sliding door) – right pillar
24 ESP stability control unit (includes acceleration sensor, lateral movement sensor)
25 Roof lift control unit (RV)
26 ECM – Near Engine Fuse / Relay Box 1
27 Cooling Fan Motor Control Module 1 – Suspension (Front Left)
28 Cooling fan motor 2 controller – on cooling fan motor 2 – if installed
29 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
30 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2
31 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment Z
32 Fuse / Relay Box, Instrument Panel 1 – Center of Instrument Panel
33 2 fuse / relay box, dashboard – under dashboard fuse / relay box 1
34 Fuse / Relay Box, Instrument Cluster 3 – Behind Fuse / Relay Box, Instrument Cluster 1/2
35 Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 4 – behind fuse / relay box, instrument panel 1/2
36 Fuse / Relay Box, Left Seat – Under Seat
37 Additional fuse 1 (differential lock switch, rear 10A) – left front pillar
38 Additional fuse 2 (additional heater 30A) – under the left seat
39 Additional fuse 3 (door electronics control unit, rear left 40A) – under the left seat (some models)
40 Heater Blower Motor Resistor 1 – Near the rear heater blower motor
41 Heater blower motor resistor 2 – near the rear heater blower motor – if equipped
42 Beep 1
43 Beep 2 – if available
44 Immobilizer control unit – instrument cluster
45 Ring antenna of the immobilizer – at the ignition switch
46 Instrument cluster control unit – instrument panel
47 Telephone exchange – behind the glove compartment
48 Multifunctional control unit 1 – functions: automatic gearbox (automatic gearbox), charging system (with additional battery), cruise control, door / hood switch contact recognition, electric load control, electric windows, fuel pump, headlight washers, mirror heating door views taillights, rear window defogger, hazard lights, windshield defroster, horn, turn signals, instrument cluster lighting, interior lamps, automatic wipers, reversing lights, starter, sunroof, light switch, windshield washer, windshield wiper
49 Multifunction control unit 2 – functions: anti-theft system, central locking, electric door mirrors, electric sliding doors, electric windows, sunroof
50 Navigation control unit – on the navigation display
51 Ambient temperature sensor
52 Parking system control unit
53 Driver seat heating control unit
54 Heated passenger seat control unit
55 Steering Wheel Position Sensor – If equipped
56 Electric sunroof control unit
57 SRS electronic control unit
58 Rear Door Open / Close Control – Left “D” Pillar – If equipped
59 Traffic information control unit – under the dashboard
60 Traffic information control unit (alternative position) – under the dashboard
61 Transfer case control unit (4WD) – rear final drive
62 Electronic gearbox control unit (automatic gearbox) – at the engine control unit
63 Text-to-speech – under the front right seat – if equipped
64 Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor – Transmission (some models)
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Engine compartment

Fuse mounting box


1 (5A) Cooling fan (s) motor (s)
2 (5A) Coolant pump relay
3 (15A) Air conditioning. (5A) Crankcase ventilation resistor
4 (30A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS) or voltage stabilizer, stereo, radio
5 (15A) Automatic gearbox
6 (30A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
7 (5A) Cooling fan motor 1 control unit;(7.5A) Washer pump.
8 (15A) Engine management
9 (5A) Engine management, ignition main circuit relay
10 (5A) Engine management. (15A) Boost or exhaust valve
11 (5A) Power steering controller;(30A) Headlight switch and relays.
12 (5A) Engine management;(10A) Fuel pressure regulator.
13 (10A) Engine management;(10A) Xenon in the left headlight.
14 (5A) Engine management or fuel pump relay
15 (10A) Switch for reversing light
16 (5A) Engine control or brake light switch, air flow meter
17 (5A) Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
18 (5A) Power steering
19 (5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor);

Clutch pedal position sensor.

20 (5A) Engine management
21 (5A) Exhaust gas recirculation valve
22 (10A) Engine management (injectors)
23 (25A) Automatic gearbox;

(10A) Right xenon headlight.

24 (5A) Automatic gearbox
25 (25A) Engine management, ignition
26 (25A) Engine management;

(5A) Left headlight.

27 (5A) Coolant pump relay
28 (15A) High tone signal
29 (10A) Vehicle speed sensor;

(5A) Right headlight.

30 (15 / 20A) A / C / auxiliary heater pump relay, fuel pump, fuel pump relay
31 (15A) Engine management (lambda probe)
32 (30A) Engine management (ignition);

(5A) Fuel pump relay.

33 (5A) Coolant pump relay motor control;

Glow plug relay.

34 (10A) Cooling fan motor control unit;

(5A) Bot network control unit.

35 (10A) Engine management;

(15A) Fuel level regulator.

36 (25A / 30A) Starter relay;

(5A) Data bus interface.

High power fuse box

It is located next to the assembly and is connected to the battery.


1 (175 / 225A) Generator
2 (125A) Battery power distribution;

Auxiliary ignition relay;

Driver’s door controller;

Passenger door control unit;

Rear window defroster;

Terminal X of the relay;

Separate fuses.

3 (50A / 100A) Charging system (with an additional battery);

Rear left door electric unit (some models);

Rear right door electric unit (some models);

Relay – distributor in the charging system (with an additional battery).

4 (125A) Battery power distribution;

(70A) Positive connection in engine compartment wiring harness.

5 (50A) Battery power distribution (some models), separate fuses
6 (60A) Glow plug relay;

(50A) Exhaust air pump motor.

7 (70/80 / 100A) Cooling fan motor
8 (40/50 / 100A) Cooling fan motor, separate fuses
9 (100A) Battery power distribution;

Ignition switch.


Relay box

It is also located next to the fuse box

Type 1


1 Electronic air conditioning control unit (manual temperature control)
2 Fuel pump relay 2
3 Discharge air pump relay
4 Main ignition circuits relay
5 Fuel pump relay 1
6 A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch Relay (Automatic Temperature Control)
7 Automatic transmission control system relay
8 Power steering control unit
9 Coolant pump relay
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Type 2


1 Electronic air conditioning control unit (manual temperature control)
2 Fuel pump relay 2
3 Discharge air pump relay
4 Main ignition circuits relay
5 Fuel pump relay 1
6 A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch Relay (Automatic Temperature Control)
8 Coolant pump relay
9 Starter Relay – If Equipped

Passenger compartment

Main fuse box


1 (25A / 30A) Heater;Air conditioner;

Terminal 15 power relay.

2 (5A) Steering wheel position sensor
3 (10A) Multifunction control module 1 (on board power)
4 (10A) Headlamp range control;(5A) Lane change assistant.
5 (15A) Left headlight bulb
6 (15A) Left headlight bulb
7 (15A) Multifunction control module 1 (interior light or vehicle electrical system)
8 (5A) Diagnostic connector (DLC);

(15 / 20A) Sliding roof and door control unit, tailgate.

9 (15A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor);

(30A) Onboard supply control unit.

10 (10A) Windshield wiper;

Rear window wiper.

11 (5A) License plate lamp
12 (15A) Lighter;

(5 / 30A) Light switch.

13 (5 / 10A) SRS electronic control unit
14 (30A) Auxiliary heater;


(25A) Headlight switch.

15 (7.5) Air conditioning (fan switch and relay)
16 (5A) Multifunction control module
17 (5A) Rear fog lamps, instrument cluster
18 (5A) Instrument cluster control module
19 (5A) Audio system;

Instrument cluster control unit;

Multifunction control unit 1;

Navigation system;

Special vehicle equipment.

twenty (5A) Left front light;

Left brake light;

Left rear light or differential lock.

21 (5A) Right front light;

Right brake light;

Right tail light or starter relay;

Engine control module.

22 (7.5 / 10A) Passenger airbag deactivation indicator;

Diagnostic Connector (DLC);

Instrument cluster control unit.

23 (5 / 30A) Starter relay (some models with manual transmission)
24 (5A) Steering wheel position sensor
25 (7.5A) Air conditioner (fans)
26 (30A) Headlight switch
27 (15A) Right headlight bulb
28 (15A) High beam indicator, right headlight
29 (10A) Tailgate signal relay
30 (10A) Heated windscreen washer nozzles;

Rear window wiper motor.

31 (30A) Multifunction control module 1 (horn)
32 (25 / 30A) Multifunction control module 1 (windshield wiper motor)
33 (15A) Audio system, navigation system, traffic information control module;
34 (25A) Automatic gearbox control system;

Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1.

35 (5A) Illumination of the instrument cluster
36 (25A) Multifunction control module 1 (direction indicators)


Scheme of the lower section


1 (25A) Trailer electrical connector (15A) 10-pin connector
2 (5A) Anti-theft system
3 (5A) Auxiliary heater air conditioner fan left and right;

(10 / 15A) Optional equipment.

4 (10A) Transfer case control module (differential)
5 (10A) Accessory connector or 6-pin connector
6 (5A) Engine oil condition sensor (level, temperature)
7 (10A) Roof fan;(30A) Anti-theft alarm.
8 (5A) Parking system
9 (5A) Steering column control module (cruise control)
10 (30A) Audio system;

(10A) Headlamp range control, instrument lighting level.

11 (20A) Anti-theft alarm horn;

Multifunction control module 2;

Electric sliding doors;

Tailgate opening control module;

(15A) Walkie-talkies;

Anti-theft system.

12 (5A) Left headlight;

(10A) Brake light cut-off relay;

(30A) On-board power control.

13 (5A) Cruise control main switch;

Multifunction steering wheel controls.

14 (5A) Telephone, right headlight;

(30A) On board power management.

15 (5A) Automatic transmission or telephone and voice control
16 (5A) Navigation with audio system, telephone;

(7.5A) TV tuner.

17 (7.5A) Multifunction control module (interior lamp, mirror with dimming function)
18 (5A) Air conditioner (some models)
19 (5A) Auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror
20 (10A) Multifunction control module 1 (door mirror heater)
21 (5A) Anti-theft system or rain sensor
22 (5A) Air conditioning or pressure sensor
23 (5A) Auxiliary heater and accessories
24 (7.5A) Internal lamps
25 (15A / 25A) Heated seats
26 (10A) Tachograph (if equipped)
27 (15A) Fog lamps or power relay
28 (5A) Rearview mirror adjustment switch;

Exterior mirror heaters.

29 (25A) Auxiliary heater
30 (5A) Auxiliary heater
31 (25A) Hatch;(5A) On-board charger.
32 (20A) Headlamp washers and their relay
33 (5A) Tachograph (if equipped)
34 (15A) Auxiliary power connector 3 (rear);

(5A) Multifunction steering wheel control module.

35 (10A) Multifunction control unit 1 (reversing light (s), with automatic gearbox);

(20A) Onboard supply control unit.

36 (5A) Camping equipment control unit, vehicle special equipment
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Relay box behind main fuse boxes

Type 1


2 Relay 1 auxiliary heater
3 A / C blower motor relay, rear
4 Auxiliary ignition circuits relay
5 – 06.03: Rotary warning relay (special purpose vehicle)
6 Brake light cut-off relay
7 Headlight washer pump relay
8 A / C auxiliary pump / heater relay
F2 (30A) Door control module (driver), door control module (passenger)
F3 (40A) Heated rear window

Type 2


1 A / C blower motor relay, rear (some models)
2 Steering column electronics control unit
3 Steering column electronics control unit
4 Roof fan relay 1
5 Differential lock control unit
6 06/03: Tailgate signal relay
F1 (15A) Siren (special purpose vehicle)
F2 (10A) Siren (special purpose vehicle)
F3 (10A) Beacon (special vehicle)
F4 (40A) Rear left door (ECM) control module
F5 (40A) 01/04: Rear right door control module
F6 (5A) 01/04: Text-to-speech (if available)

A box under the driver’s seat

Type 1


1 Relay – distributor in the charging system (with an additional battery)
3 Relay – distributor in the charging system (with an additional battery)
4 Equipment for special vehicles
5 Equipment for special vehicles
F1 (5A) Camping equipment control box
F2 (10A) 1 accessory power socket (front), refrigerator (RV)
F3 (5A) Fresh water pump (motorhome)
F4 (10A) Interior lamps, local lighting (utility vehicle)
F5 (30A) Body power connector control module (utility vehicle)
F6 (40A) Roof lift control module (utility vehicle)
F7 (5A) Antenna unit
F8 (25A) Auxiliary heater
F9 (30A) Heater air conditioner blower motor (automatic temperature control)
F13 (40A) Right rear door control module
F14 (80A) Additional battery

Type 2


2 Relay splitter in the charging circuit (with an additional battery)
3 Equipment for special vehicles
4 Equipment for special vehicles
5 Equipment for special vehicles
F1 (15A) Accessory power connector (s)
F2 (15A) Accessory power connector (s)
F3 (15A) Accessory power connector (s)
F4 (15A) Refrigerator (RV), special vehicle equipment
F5 (5A) Antenna unit
F6 (25A) Auxiliary heater
F7 (30A) Air conditioner / heater blower motor (automatic temperature control)
F11 (40A) Right rear door control module
F12 (80A) Additional battery

Type 3


  1. 5A – 10-pin connector / 6-pin connector
  2. 3A – 10-pin connector
  3. 5 / 15A – 10-pin connector or emergency data recorder
  4. 15A – 10-pin connector
  5. 5A – 10-pin connector
  6. 25A – 6-pin connector
  7. 15/30 – 12V socket, voltage converter
  8. 20 / 25A – Heater (heater) control unit
  9. 25 / 30A – Supply fan
  10. 15 / 30A – Air conditioning
  11. 15A – Cigarette lighter
  12. 5A – 10-pin connector / 6-pin connector
  13. Local relay
  14. Local relay
  15. Local relay
  16. 30A – On-board charger
  17. 30A – Roof hydraulics control unit
  18. 10A – Lighting plafonds
  19. 10A – Cooled compartment
  20. 5A – Water pump
  21. 5A – Camping equipment control panel
  22. 15A – 12V socket
  23. 15A – 12V socket
  24. 10A – Roof fan or 12V socket
  25. 15A – Trailer recognition control unit
  26. 20A – Trailer recognition control unit
  27. 20A – Trailer recognition control unit
  28. 7.5A – Trailer recognition control unit
  29. Reserve
  30. 5A – Voice amplifier control unit
  31. Reserve
  32. Reserve
  33. 15A – Lumbar support for driver’s seat
  34. 40A – Right sliding door controller
  35. 80A – Control unit for charging the second battery
  36. 40A – Left sliding door controller
  37. 40A – Supply fan
  38. 6 pin connector
  39. Reserve


Caravell T6 fuses

In the sixth generation, the main fuse box is located under the glove box.

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