Fiat 500X (2020) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Fiat 500X

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:


Fuse box in the engine compartment

The engine compartment fuse panel is part of the Body Control Module (BCM), located on the left side of the engine compartment.


See an authorized dealer for BCM fuse replacement.

Engine Compartment Fuse Location

Fuse Panel And Cover Location

1 — Mounting Screw
2 — Fuse Cover

Removing Fuse Cover and Locking Screw

Proceed as follows:

  1. Slowly turn the screw counterclockwise.
  2. Slowly release the screw.
  3. Remove the fuse cover by sliding it upward.

Mounting Fuse Cover and Locking Screw

Proceed as follows:

  1. Properly secure the fuse cover to the box, slide completely from top to bottom.
  2. Fully press the screw, using the special screwdriver supplied.
  3. Slowly turn the screw clockwise.
  4. Release the screw.
Cavity Maxi Fuse Cartage Fuse Mini Fuse Description
F01 70 Amp Tan Module Body Computer
F02 60 Amp Blue Module Body Computer, Rear Distribution Units
F03 20 Amp Blue Controller Power Supply Body Computer
F04 30 Amp Pink Brake Control Electronics Module
F05 70 Amp Tan Electric Power-Assisted Steering
F06 70 Amp Tan Engine Cooling fan
F08 30 Amp Pink Automatic Transmission, GSM
F09 5 Amp Tan Control Module Engine
F10 10 Amp Red Horn
F11 5 Amp Tan Supply Secondary Loads
F14 15 Amp Blue Pump Power “After run” AGS Supply
F15 40 Amp Orange Brake Control Module Pump
F16 5 Amp Tan Engine Control Module Power, Automatic Transmission
F17 30 Amp Green Power Control Module Engine
F18 30 Amp Green Power All-Wheel Drive
F19 7.5 Amp Brown Air Conditioner Compressor
F20 5 Amp Tan Electronic Power Four-Wheel Drive
F21 15 Amp Blue Fuel Pump
F22 10 Amp Red Supply Primary Loads
F23 20 Amp Yellow (Customer Installed) Power Outlet (Battery Powered)
F24 15 Amp Blue Electronic Unit Supply Automatic Transmission
F30 30 Amp Green Heated Windshield – If Equipped
F83 40 Amp Green Air Conditioning Fan
F84 20 Amp Yellow Power Outlet (Ignition Powered)
F87 5 Amp Tan Gear Selector Automatic Transmission
F88 7.5 Amp Brown Heated Outside Mirrors
F89 30 Amp Pink Heated Rear Window
F90 5 Amp Tan IBS Sensor (Battery State of Charge)

Body computer fuses  (BODY COMPUTER FUSE CENTER)

The controller is located at the left side of the steering column at the bottom of the instrument panel.

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For the fuse replacement see an authorized dealer.

Body Controller Fuse Cavities

Cavity Mini Fuse Description
F31 7.5 Amp Brown Fan Air Conditioning, Power Socket
F33 20 Amp Yellow Power Window Front (Passenger Side)
F34 20 Amp Yellow Power Window Front (Driver’s Side)
F36 15 Amp Blue Supply Uconnect System, Air Conditioning, USB Port, Rear lateral ceiling light in case of open roof, EOBD port
F37 10 Amp Red System Power Forward Collision Warning Plus, All Wheel Drive (AWD), IPC, Central stack switches, Brake Pedal Switch (NC)
F38 20 Amp Yellow Central Locking
F42 7.5 Amp Brown BSM – Brake Control Module, EPS – Electric Power-Assisted Steering
F43 20 Amp Yellow Bi-directional Pump Washer
F47 20 Amp Yellow Power Rear Window (Driver Side)
F48 20 Amp Yellow Power Rear Window (Passenger Side)
F49 7.5 Amp Brown Supply ParkSense, Spot Lights Front Dome, Internal Electocromic Mirror, Heated Front Seats, SGW, Sunroof Motor.
F50 7.5 Amp Brown Supply Air Bag
F51 7.5 Amp Brown Air Conditioning Compressor, Plaque Automatic Transmission, Rear Camera, Air Conditioning, LDW – Lane Departure Warning, ASS – Auxiliary Stack Switch, DSU – Drive Syle Selector Unit, Reverse gear switch, side mirrors and rear window defrost
F53 7.5 Amp Brown Supply IPC/Starter Device/System Keyless Enter-N-Go, Brake Pedal Switch (NA), EPB – Electric Parking Brake

Fuse box in the trunk

To access the fuses, remove the access door from the left rear panel of the rear cargo area. Push on the left side of the access door to unhinge and remove.

Rear Cargo Fuse Cavities

Cavity Mini Fuse Description
F2 20 Amp Yellow Audio System
F3 20 Amp Yellow Electric Sunroof
F5 30 Amp Green Power Seat (driver side)
F6 7.5 Amp Brown Power Seat (driver side) Lumbar Adjustment
F8 20 Amp Yellow Heating Front Seats

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