Fiat 500L (2020) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Fiat 500L

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:


Fuse box in the engine compartment

The Front Distribution Unit is located on the right side of the engine compartment, next to the battery. To access the fuses, push the release tabs and remove the cover.

Front Distribution Unit

The ID number of the electrical component corresponding to each fuse can be found on the back of the cover.

Cavity Maxi Fuse Mini Fuse Description
F01 70 Amp Tan Body Controller
F02 60 Amp Blue Body Controller Rear Distribution Unit
F03 20 Amp Yellow Ignition Switch
F04 40 Amp Orange Anti-Lock Brake Pump
F05 70 Amp Tan Electric Power Steering
F06 30 Amp Green Radiator Fan – Low Speed
F07 50 Amp Red Radiator Fan – High Speed
F08 40 Amp Orange Blower Motor
F09 7.5 Amp Brown Transmission (Aisin)
F10 15 Amp Blue Horn
F11 10 Amp Red Powertrain
F15 10 Amp Red Transmission (Aisin)
F16 7.5 Amp Brown Transmission Powertrain
F17 10 Amp Red Powertrain
F18 5 Amp Tan Powertrain (Multi-Air – If Equipped)
F19 7.5 Amp Brown Air Conditioning
F20 30 Amp Green Rear Defroster
F21 15 Amp Blue Fuel Pump
F22 20 Amp Yellow Powertrain
F23 20 Amp Yellow Anti-Lock Brake Valves
F30 5 Amp Tan After Run Pump
F81 70 Amp Tan PTC (Secondary)
F83 40 Amp Orange PTC (Primary)
F85 15 Amp Blue Front Power Outlet 12 Volts
F86 7.5 Amp Brown USB Charger Sockets
F88 7.5 Amp Brown Heated Mirrors
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Interior fuses

The interior fuse panel is part of the Body Control Module (BCM) and is located on the driver’s side under the instrument panel. To access the fuses, pull on the cover.

Fuse Panel Cavity Locations

Cavity Vehicle Fuse Number Mini Fuse Description
1 F12 7.5 Amp Brown Right Low Beam
2 F32 7.5 Amp Brown Front and Rear Ceiling Lights Trunk and Door Courtesy Lights
3 F53 7.5 Amp Brown Instrument Panel Node
4 F38 20 Amp Yellow Central Door Locking
5 F36 15 Amp Blue Diagnostic Socket, Vehicle Radio, Climate Control System, TPMS, Sunroof
6 F90 7.5 Amp Brown Left High Beam
7 F91 7.5 Amp Brown Right High Beam
8 F92 7.5 Amp Brown Left Fog Light
9 F93 7.5 Amp Brown Right Fog Light
10 F42 5 Amp Tan BSM, ESP
11 F33 20 Amp Yellow Rear Left Passenger Window
12 F34 20 Amp Yellow Rear Right Passenger Window
13 F43 20 Amp Yellow Bi-Directional Washer
14 F48 20 Amp Yellow Passenger Power Window
15 F13 7.5 Amp Brown Left Low Beam, Headlamp Leveling
16 F50 7.5 Amp Brown Airbag
17 F51 5 Amp Tan Vehicle Radio Switch, Climate Control System, Stop Light, Reverse Gear, Sunroof, Parking Sensor, Rear Camera
18 F37 7.5 Amp Brown Stop Light Switch, Instrument Panel Node
19 F49 5 Amp Tan Exterior Mirror, GPS, Electric Mirror, Parking Sensor
20 F31 5 Amp Tan Climate Control, Seat Regulation
21 F47 20 Amp Yellow Driver Power Window
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Rear interior fuses

The rear interior fuse panel is located on the driver’s side in the rear compartment.To access the fuses, pull on the cover.

Rear Fuse Panel

Cavity Vehicle Fuse Number Mini Fuse Description
1 F61 15 Amp Blue Lumbar Regulation Seats
2 F62 15 Amp Blue Heated Seats
3 F64 20 Amp Yellow Hi Fi System
4 F65 20 Amp Yellow Sun Blind
5 F66 20 Amp Yellow Sunroof

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