Jeep Wrangler JK (2017-2018) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and Relay Box Diagrams – Jeep Wrangler JK

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2017, 2018.

The cigarette lighter in the Jeep Wrangler is fused by the M6, M7 and M36 fuses in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Jeep Wrangler JK (2017-2018) - fuse and relay box

Recess Cartridge fuse Mini fuse Description
J2 30 Amp Pink Transfer case module
J4 25 A Clean The driver’s door node
J5 25 A Clean The node of the passenger door
J6 40 amp green Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) pump;

Stability control system.

J7 30 Amp Pink Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) valve;

Stability control system.

J9 40 amp green PZEV Sec Engine / Flexible Fuel – If equipped
J10 30 Amp Pink Headlight washer relay;

Manifold tuning valve.

J11 30 Amp Pink Transverse stabilizer
J13 60 A yellow Consumption after ignition is turned off (IOD) – main
J14 40 amp green Rear defroster
J15 40 amp green Front blower
J17 40 amp green Starter solenoid
J18 20 A blue Powertrain Control Module (PCM);

Gearbox range

J19 60 A yellow Radiator fan
J20 30 Amp Pink Front wiper
J21 20 A blue Front / rear washer
J22 Reserve
M1 15 A blue Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL);

Stop lamp power switch.

M2 20 A yellow Trailer Lighting Relay (Stop Lamp)
M3 20 A yellow Front / rear axle lockout relay
M4 2 A Gray Clock Spring
M5 25 And transparent Power converter – if equipped
M6 20 A yellow Power socket # 1;

Rain sensor.

M7 20 A yellow Power socket # 2
M8 20 A yellow Front heated seat
M9 20 A yellow Heated rear seat – if equipped
M10 15 A blue Ignition Off – Vehicle Entertainment System, Satellite Digital Audio Receiver (SDARS), DVD, Handsfree, RADIO, Antenna, Universal Garage Door Opener, Toilet Light
M11 10 A red (Ignition off) Climate control system, hood lamp
M12 30 A green Amplifier
M13 20 A yellow Ignition off consumption – cab compartment node, wireless control module, siren, multi-function control switch
M14 20 A yellow Towing a trailer (export only)
M15 20 A yellow Climate control system, rear view mirror, cab compartment node, transfer case switch, multi-function switch, tire pressure monitor, glow plug module – for diesel export only
M16 10 A red Airbag module
M17 15 A blue Left rear / license / park lamp
M18 15 A blue Right rear / park / running lamp
M19 25 A Clean Automatic shutdown (ASD # 1 and # 2)
M20 15 A blue Interior lighting of the cabin node, a set of switches
M21 20 A yellow Automatic shutdown (ASD # 3)
M22 10 A red Right horn (high / low)
M23 10 A red Left horn (high / low)
M24 25 A Clean Rear wiper
M25 20 A yellow Fuel pump, diesel lift pump – only for export
M26 10 A red Window switch, driver window switch
M27 10 A red Ignition switch power supply, wireless module
M28 10 A red Powertrain control module
M29 10 A red Drive system
M30 15 A blue Front Wiper Motor, J1962 Diagnostic Cable
M31 20 A yellow Spare lamps
M32 10 A red Airbag controller, TT EUROPE
M33 10 A red Drive system controller
M34 10 A red Parking assistant, air conditioning system, headlight washer, compass
M35 10 A red Heated mirrors
M36 20 A yellow Power socket
M37 10 A red Anti-lock brake system, electronic stability control, stop lamp switch, fuel pump relay
M38 25 A Clean Locking / unlocking engines


Number Description
K1 Ignition (work / accessories)
K2 Ignition (run)
K3 Starter
K4 Ignition (Run-Start)
K5 Transmission Control Module (TCM)
K6 Rear Window Defogger (Hard Top)
K7 Not used
K8 Not used
K9 Not used
K10 Automatic shutdown
K11 Radiator fan control
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