Mini Cooper R-50 (2001-2006) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Mini Cooper R-50

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

Fuse box in the engine compartment

Mini Cooper R-50 (2001-2006) - fuse and relay box

Mini Cooper R-50 (2001-2006) - fuse and relay box

Number Description
Engine compartment fuse box relay function
A Front Wiper Fast / Slow Relay
b Front wiper on / off relay
C. Front fog lamp relay
D Heating and air conditioning relay
E. Air conditioning compressor relay
F. Engine cooling fan low speed relay
G. DME main relay (K6300)
Cab fuse box relay function
H. Headlight washer relay
I Heating and air conditioning blower
J. Fuel pump relay

Fuse box in passenger compartment

Mini Cooper R-50 (2001-2006) - fuse and relay box

Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 30A BC1 (X332 3) Power window, left
F2 5A Steering angle sensor
F3 5A Folding control unit with digital clock / exterior mirror
F4 5A BC1 (X254 27) Constant power
F5 5A Control module for instrument cluster / diode (from electronic immobilizer control unit)
F6 5A Brake light switch / clutch switch module / EWS electronic immobilizer control unit
F7 5A BC1 (X254 36) / rain sensor
F8 5A Dipped beam indicator / switch
F9 5A Control module for the instrument cluster
F10 5A Navigation computer / on-board monitor control unit / radio control unit
F11 5A K119, Relay, Rear Washer Pump / K5 Relay, Front Washer Pump
F12 20A Ignition switch for heated seats
F13 5A Reverse lamp switch / CVT switch
F14 10 A. BC1 (X332 14) Constant power for interior / reading lamps
F15 20A Sunroof module control unit
F 16 30A BC1 / rear window without antenna or 1 wave trap with rear window antenna through K13 / heated rear screen
F17 15A BC1 (X254 43) / rear window wiper motor thru 101142 (rear wiper relay motor)
F18 5A Hall sensor drive and passenger buckle / multiple restraint system (SRS system)
F19 30A BC1 (X332 7) Power Windows RH
F20 20A K96, fuel pump relay 1
F21 10 A. Control module for instrument cluster
F22 15A Built-in monitor control unit / chart computer / eject box
F23 20A K5 Front washer pump relay / K119 rear washer pump relay
F24 5A Electronic immobilizer control unit / horn for EWS anti-theft alarm system
F25 30A Via K6 headlight washer pump
F26 10 A. Automatic gearbox
F27 15A Radio control unit / CD changer / amplifier
F28 15A Spiral Spring / Right Corner / Left Corner Via K2
F29 5A Heating and air conditioning module / sensor internal temperature fan
F30 5A Instrument cluster
F31 30A BC1 Through K4 (X253 23) Heater and A / C blower
F32 15A Front Cigar Lighter Via 101151 (Rela Lighter Front)
F33 10 A. ABS / ASC / DSC unit
F34 10 A. Digital electronic control of the engine directly and via the main management relay K96 / Eng
F35 5A Mirror adjustment switch / electrochromic rearview mirror / windshield heater / exterior mirrors
F36 5A K416, Heated front screen of relay
F37 20A BC1 (X332 1) Central locking
F39 5A Alternator / electric steering control unit / hydraulic pump
F40 5A Control module for instrument panel / switch panel / steering angle sensor
F41 5A Parking distance control unit / power supply for K69923, fan control module relay / fan control pump

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