Nissan Atlas (1989-2008) – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse and relay boxes – Nissan Atlas

Applies to vehicles manufactured in the years:

1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.


Passenger compartment

The fuse box is located in the panel and is closed with a protective cover, on the reverse side of which will be marked the current diagram with a description of the components.

Type 1

Nissan Atlas (1989-2008) - fuse and relay box


1 25А / 15А Heater fan motor, heater fan resistor, temperature switch, pressure switch, air conditioner cut-off relay, air conditioner relay, thermostat, e / p valve for acceleration system XX (FICD)
2 10A A / C switch, A / C relay, pressure switch, A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch, XX accelerator e / p valve (FICD), thermostat
3 10A Starter relay, immobilizer switch
4 15A Cigarette lighter, radio
5 10A Headlight (right), headlight switch relay
6 10A Headlight (left), headlight switch relay, turn signal relay, turn signal;
7 15A Radio and clock, interior lighting, interior light switch, door limit switches, reversing warning buzzer, door lock switch, central locking relay, electric door locks, central locking controller, speedometer
8 15A Hazard switch, horn, horn relay, horn switch, turn signals
9 Dimension 15A relay, lights, fog light switch, fog lights, light switch, rear fog light switch, rear fog light relay
10 10A Brake light switch, brake light switch, selector lock controller
11 15A Wiper and Washer Control Switch, Wiper Motor, Washer Motor, Wiper Interval Relay
12 10A Mountain brake control relay, automatic transmission electronic control unit, “OD OFF” indicator, “UNLOADED” indicator, condenser fan motor relay, reversing warning buzzer, reversing lamp switch, reversing lamps, immobilizer switch, starter relay, starting aid Engine Start (QOSIII), Engine Start Assist (QOSII), Glow Plug Relay # 1, Glow Plug Relay # 2, Glow Plug Indicator, Coolant Temperature Gauge, Temperature Sensor, Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor, Instrument Cluster, Power Window Relay, Turn Signal Relay , 4WD control switch, 4WD relay, 4WD control electro-pneumatic valve
13 10A / 15A Fuel heater
14 15A Rear heater, rear heater switch
15 10A Exhaust brake switch, exhaust brake control relay, exhaust brake solenoid valve, exhaust brake electromagnetic clutch, accelerator pedal
16 10A Fog lamp switch, fog lamps, ECU
17 10A Direction indicators, turn signal switch
18 15A alternator, charge relay, jump start controller (QOSIII)
19 10A Electric motor stop, fuel cut-off solenoid valve
20 10A Headlight range control switch, electric drive headlight range control
23 15A turn signal amplifiers, turn signal amplifier relay;
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Type 2

Nissan Atlas (1989-2008) - fuse and relay box

You will find the current diagram on the back of the cover.


If the markings are in English, check the table.

AIR CONDITIONING Air conditioning
HSA Hill start system
RADIO, CYGARA Radio, cigarette lighter
HEADLAMP (RIGHT) Right headlight
HEADLAMP (LH) Left headlight
ROOM LAMP, CLOCK Internal lamp, clock
THREAT, CLLAK Alarm, sound signal
TAIL parking lights
FOG LIGHT Fog lights
STOP LIGHT Stop lights
SPRINKLER Screen wiper and washer
INDICATOR, REAR Instrument cluster, reverse light
FUEL HEATER Fuel heating
HEATING SEATS Seat heating
ED. BREAK Mountain brake
FOG LIGHT Fog lights
TURN ON S / LAMP Direction indicators
EXACTLY. STOP Stopping the engine
POWER WINDOW Electric window lifters with electric drive

Relay and fuse box

It is located on the left side of the cabin rear or behind the left fender. There will be fuses or high power fuses and separate relays.

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Relay box

Nissan Atlas (1989-2008) - fuse and relay box

Individual items can be outside blocks. For example, B -261.


In 9 Wiper interval changing relay (INTERRUPTED)
B-19 Charge relay
B-19 (FEE)
In 20 Headlight relay
In 20 (HEAD)
At 21 Air conditioning, heating and ventilation relay (HEATER AND AIR CONDITIONING)
B-22 Dimension Relay (TAIL)
B-23 Combination switch relay
B-24 Horn relay
B-24 (HORN)
B-34 Rear fog light relay
B-35 Switching on the light relay
B-35 Rear fog light relay
B-35 (RR MGŁA)
B-36 Electric window relay
B-37 Pressure switch relay
B-38 Mountain brake relay
J-12 Starter relay
J-13 Glow plug relay
J-14 Glow plug relay
J-16 Capacitor heating control relay (CDS)
J-18 Exhaust brake control relay
J-19 4WD system relay
J-19 Relay for shutting down the air conditioner
J-19 (CUT A / C).
J-20 Turn signal relay (clearance lamp)

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