Renault Magnum (2001-2014) – fuse box

Renault Magnum (2001-2014) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Renault Magnum is the F51 fuse in the fuse box

Fuse box

Renault Magnum – fuse box diagram – instrument panel
Description Number Amperes [A]
Trailer socket, 7-pin “EBS” type;

Trailer socket, 7-pin type 24 S;

Engine preheating control;

Electric or hydraulic retarder control.

F1 10
Right side lights – parking lights;

Right-hand side marker lamps;

Right center marker lights.

F2 10
Position lights – position lights;

Left-hand side marker lights;

Left center marker lights.

F3 10
Trailer side / parking lamps F4 10
Power (lighting) available;

Power available (roof light assembly).

F5 10
Instrument panel lighting;

Switch lighting;

Headlight spraying delay relay.

F6 10
Fog lamps;

Fog lights warning light.

F8 10
Fog lights;

Fog lights;

Fog light high beam.

F9 10
Right traffic light F10 10
Left high beam headlamp;

High beam warning lamp.

F11 10
Left dipped beam;

Dipped beam warning light.

F12 10
Right dipped beam F13 10
Windshield wiper relay;

Anti-theft alarm ECU.

F15 10
Anti-theft electronic box;


Rear view mirror defrosting;

Air pressure indicator;

Reversing buzzer.

F 16 10
Air conditioning F18 20
ECU “EBS” F20 20
Power (behind the main switch) F21 15
Independent heater;

Ventilation control box;

Independent heater programming control;

Main water circuit solenoid valve;

3-stage air conditioning pressure regulator;

Air conditioning relay.

F22 30
Step light;

Top light (s);

Voltage saver (telecommunications);

Map reader.

F23 20
Gearbox ECU “ASTRONIC” F24 20
Tachograph clock F25 5
Trailer socket, 7-pin “EBS” type F26 20
Brake lights;Trailer stop lamps. F27 10
Hydraulic retarder control F28 10
Left defrosting rearview mirror;

Right defrosting rearview mirror.

F29 10
Headlight adjustment motors;


F30 10
Windshield wiper motor;

Windshield washer pump;

Headlight washer pump.

F32 20
Diagnostic socket;

ECU suspension.

F33 10
Radio tuner + 24 V power supply;

Independent heater programming;

Burglar alarm.

F34 10
Power available (after ignition key) F35 10
Sound signal;

2-tone horn solenoid valve;

Axle self-steering solenoid;

Roof vent motor.

F37 20
Main display F38 5
Relays available F40 10
Gearbox ECU “ASTRONIC” F42 10
Trailer + 24 V power supply;

Preparation for on-board management;

Work light (tractor).

F43 15
Cab tilt pump F44 30
Electric door latch on passenger side;

Electric door striker on the driver’s side;

Blinker module;

Hazard lights control;

Central locking door;

ECU anti-theft lock.

F45 20
Air dryer heater;

Central lubrication timer;

Self-steering axle safety relay.

F46 20
Suspension controller;

Suspension remote control module;

Pressure sensor for air springs of driving rear axle.

F47 10
Reverse lamp relay F49 10
Refrigerator F50 20
Heated driver’s seat;

Heated passenger seat;

Voltage limiter (12V socket);

SAE plug socket;


Refrigerant cylinder holder.

F51 20
Video power available F53 10
Front sunblind motor;

Side sunshade motors.

F54 10
Power available (via ignition key)Relays available. F55 10
Window regulator motor F56 20
Main tachograph;

Vehicle ECU.

F57 10

Exhaust brake solenoid.

F58 20
ECU “EBS” F60 5
Hydraulic retarder control;

Electric retarder controller.

F86 10
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Table of relays on the connection unit

Description Number Amperes [A]
Post-ignition feed relay No. 1 RP1 50
Post-ignition feed relay No. 2 RP2 50
Side / parking lamp relay R5 20
Accessory relay R6 20
Lighting relay R8 20
Fog lamp relay R9 20
Fog lamp relay R10 20
Dipped beam relay R11 20
High beam headlamp relay R12 20
Stop lamp relay R14 20
Preheating relay No. 2 R16 20
Relay No.1 available R17 20
Rearview mirror defrosting relay R20 20
Windshield wiper relay R40 20
Reverse lamp relay R40 20
ECU power supply relay “VECU / EECU” R43 20
Air conditioning compressor relay R46 20
Relay No.2 available R47 20
Relay No.3 available R48 20
Air-conditioned air relay R49 20
Headlight washer delay relay R53
Self-steering axle safety relay R55 20
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Relay table away from the connection unit

Description Number Amperes [A]
Preheating relay R15 100
Cab tilt mechanism relay RP10 50

Diode table on the connection unit

Description Number
Alarm diode D5
LED daytime running lights D6
LED daytime running lights D7
Alarm diode D72
Air conditioning LED D86

Note: The connection unit LEDs are not available

Fuses located in the battery compartment

Renault Magnum – fuse box diagram – battery compartment
Description Number Amperes [A]
Blinker unit;

Independent heating;

On-board radio;


Central closure.

F1 25
Tachograph (without ADR) F89 5
Tachograph (ADR) F89 1

Fuses in the fuse box (1) located in the battery compartment

Renault Magnum – fuse box diagram – battery compartment
Description Number Amperes [A]
Cabin power supply FM1 125
Electric tail lift FM2 200
Engine intake air preheating FM3 125
FM4 40

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