Volkswagen Touareg GP (2002-2010) – fuse box

Volkswagen Touareg GP – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.


The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Volkswagen Touareg GP is fuse 1, 3 and 5 (front 12 V socket) in the fuse box on the dashboard.

Fuse # 1 is: cigarette lighter + 12v socket in the center tunnel for rear passengers;
Fuse number 3 is: 12V socket in the trunk;
Fuse No. 5 is: 12v driver socket (at the automatic transmission handle) and 12v socket in the trunk.


These drawings show the locations of the main fuse and relay boxes.


The box on the left side of the dashboard



A – spare fuses

1 Cigarette lighter 20A
2 5A Auxiliary heating (clock, sensor, pump);

15A Circulation pump relay.

3 20A Additional sockets (12V)
4 20A Auxiliary heating – heater
5 20A socket relay
7 5A diagnostics;Multiplex system;

Rain and light sensor.

8 30A wipers
9 15A Glass washer pump
10 25A Window regulator – left rear
11 15A Central locking – left
12 20A Interior lighting
14 25A Window regulator – left front
15 20A Left rear lamp
16 20A sound signal
17 10A Direction indicator;

Side lights – left.

18 Relay 20A SRA
19 15A Fog lamps
20 30A electric seat
21 15A Auxiliary turning headlamp
22 30A Side lock, boot lid control 2
23 10A Rear cross lock
24 5A Tire pressure monitoring system
25 15A Steering column adjustment – electro
26 10A Airbag control unit;

Passenger’s front airbag deactivation;

Clutch pedal switch.

27 5A Switch for disabling the interior monitoring system, interior lighting;
28-32 Reserve
33 15A Steering wheel heating;

Steering column control unit.

34 5A Seat heating sensor;

Interior security monitoring.

35 15A Dipped beam, main beam;

30A Onboard supply control unit.

36 10A Powered by on-board battery
38 10A Braking signals
39 5A Relay for ignition, air conditioning, seat heating, instrument panel
40 5A Instrument panel
41 15А KESSY
42 Electric hatch 30A
43 30A subwoofer
44 30A electric seat
45 30A electric seat
47 10A Axle differential lock control unit
48 5A Auxiliary heater timer, lane change assistant control unit
49 5A Servotronic
50 10A Oil Level and Temperature Sensor, Blow Heater Tube (VR6)
51 5A air quality sensor;

Tire pressure monitoring system;


52 30A Rear wiper
53 5A Supervision of the security of the interior space of the passenger compartment;

Outdoor lighting switching unit;

Heated mirrors.

54 10A Headlight range control
55 Supply fan relay 15A (speed 2)
56 40A Air conditioning
57 40A Bitron fan regulation motor
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On the right side of the dashboard

Located on the right end of the dashboard.


1 15A Trailer recognition control unit
2 5A Parktronic;


3 15A Trailer control unit
4 Telephone 5A
5 15A Trailer recognition control unit
6 30A ESP, ABS anti-skid system
7  5A Transfer case control unit
8 20A Auxiliary main beam
9 CD changer 5A
10 TV tuner 5A
11 Radio 10A
12 30A Audio amplifier, antenna switch
14 20A Right rear lamp;

Trunk lid control unit 15A.

15 25A window lifter – right rear
16 Trunk lighting 10A
17 15A low beam, high beam
18 30A Rear window defogger relay
19 Traction hitch tilt motor 25 / 30A
20 30A Electric seat adjustment 20A;

Inverter with socket, 12V-230V.

21 10A Security alarm system;

Spare wheel unlocking.

22 25 / 30A Electrically adjustable front right seat;

Heated front seats.

23 10A Air conditioning
24 Electric seat adjustment 25 / 30A
25 5A Air conditioning rear console
27 15A Tire pressure monitoring system;

Ride height control unit.

28 10A Automatic distance control
29 10A Automatic transmission (automatic transmission)
30 20A winch, closer relay
31 25A Rear control unit;

15A Rear lid control unit.

32 10A Central locking – right
33 10A Rear alarm system control unit;

15A Individual equipment.

34 25A window lifter – right front
35 10A Direction indicator, parking lights, right;

30A Control panel for adjusting the front passenger seat.

36 5A ceiling module, telephone
39 10A Air conditioning;

5A Windshield heater relay.

40 10A Longitudinal locking
41 10A Trailer control unit
42 5A Radio, garage door opener control
43 5A reverse light switch
44 Heated washer nozzles;

Seat heating regulator.

45 Reserve
46 Reserve
47 10A Automatic distance control;

Radar sensor;

Right headlamp module.

48 10A air suspension control unit
49 5A mirrors, telephone
50 5A Parktronic;

Disable ASR and ESP.

51 20A gearbox
52 Selector 5A
53 30A Windshield heater relay
54 30A Electric trailer brakes;

Windshield heater relay.

55 20A Electric steering column
56 40A ABS, ESP
57 40A Longitudinal locking
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Mounting box under the hood

The relays and fuse box are located in the air intake compartment of the engine compartment.


1 60A Radiator fan control unit, radiator fan
2 30A Radiator fan control unit, radiator fan
3 40A secondary air pump
4 40A secondary air pump
5 30A Ignition coil, fuses in the relay and fuse box
6 30A Ignition coil
7 10A cylinder injector;

Fuel cooling pump relay;

20A Ignition coil.

8 10A Injector Cylinder;

20A Ignition coil.

9 30A Motronic control unit;

Motor controller;

Diesel injection controller.

10 10A High pressure sensor;

Air flow meter;

Air conditioning control unit;

Alternator connection relay;

Auxiliary cooling pump relay;

Brake assist relay (3.2L);

Fuel system diagnostic pump;

Turbocharger control unit.

11 15A oil level and temperature sensor;

Climatronic controller;

Shock absorber solenoid valve;

Turbocharger controller;

10A Air conditioning controller.

12 5A Secondary air pump relay;

Electric fuel pump relay;

10A absorber 1 solenoid valve, regulator;

Glow plug control unit;

20A engine coolant thermostat electronically controlled;

High pressure sensor;

Coolant circulation relay after shutdown. engine;

Air conditioning controller;

Intake camshaft adjusting valve;

Intake manifold geometry change engine.

13 15A Fuel pressure regulator;

Fuel pump.

14 15A Fuel pressure regulator;

Fuel pump

10A Fuel metering valve;

15 Fuel pump relay 15A;

Motronic control unit;

Engine control unit.

16 10A Parallel battery relay;

30A master cylinder.

17 Lambda probe 15A;

Lambda probe 30A.

18 7,5 / 15A Lambda probe after catalyst
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A1 Glow plug controller (475)
A2 Terminal 30 power supply relay (109) / (219)
A4 Fuel pump relay (53)
A6 Fuel cooling pump relay (404)
A5 Auxiliary coolant pump relay (404)
A3 Glow plug controller (475)
B6 Auxiliary fuel pump relay (449)
B7 Not used
B4 Low heat output relay (100)Power relay 1 (100)
B3 High Power Heating Relay (100)
B1 Terminal 30 power supply relay (219)
B2 Fuel pump relay (53)
C20 Terminal 50 power supply relay (433)
C19 Fuel boost pump relay (404)

A box under the driver’s seat

Located on or near the battery cover.


  1. Main battery switch
  2. Power relay terminal 15 (100) / (433)
  3. Second battery charge relay
SD1 150A Left fuse box
SD2 150A Right fuse box
SD3 60A Right fuse box
SD4 60A Distribution Block, Left Fuse Box
SD5 60A Terminal 15 relay
SD7 250A Parallel battery connection
SD8 150A socket
SD9 5A Onboard supply control unit
SD10 10A Onboard supply control unit
SD11 5A Diagnosis of the starter cable
SD12 Not used
SD13 40A Electric motor for ride height adjustment compressor
SD14 Not used

Relay box under the dashboard

It is located under the front panel on the left side.


D1 Servotronic control unit (476)
D2 Closer relay (404)
D3 Ride height control compressor relay (373)
D4 Plug-in Relay (404)
D5 A / C Relay (100)
D6 Fresh air blower relay speed 2 (404) with manual air conditioning only
D7 Heated Rear Window Relay (53)
D8 Relay for circulation pump (404) VR6 with auxiliary heater only
D9 Alternator connection relay (53)
E1 Solar Cell Isolation Relay (79)
E2 Spare wheel release relay (404)
E3 Left windshield heating relay (53)
E 4 Circulation pump relay (404)
E5 Terminal 2 supply relay (432) V10 TDI only
E6 Not used
E7 Headlight Cleaning Relay (53)
E8 Residual heat accumulator relay (404)
E9 Right heated windshield relay (53)


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