BMW X3 E83 (2004-2010) – fuse box

BMW X3 E83 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Location of the fuse box

Engine compartment

The fuse box is on the top right.

Glove compartment

Open the glove box, rotate the two clips and pull the panel downwards.


Fuse box no.1 (behind the glove box)
The arrangement of the fuses may differ!

Version 1

Version 2

Fuse allocation (version 2)

Number Amperes [A] Description
F5 5A Horn
F6 5A Lamps for cosmetic mirrors
F7 5A Audio unit;

Navigation system;

Telephone system;

Audio system (after 09.05).

F9 5A Brake pedal position (BPP) switch;

Clutch Pedal Position (CPP) switch;

Headlight switch;

Multifunctional control module;

Steering column function control module.

F10 5A Instrumentation control module
F11 5A Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Control Module
F12 7.5A Center console mounting with many switches
F14 5A Immobilizer control module
F15 5A Light sensor;

Rain sensor;

Rear window washer and wiper.

F 16
F22 5A Engine Control Module (ECM) – Diesel
F23 5A Headlamp direction control module
F24 5A Interior rearview mirror;

Parking assist control module.

F25 5A Passenger’s exterior mirror;

Heated windshield washer jets (before 03/04)

F26 5A Lighter;Transfer box control module.
F27 10 A. Reverse gear position switch;

Reverse lamp relay.

F28 5A Air conditioning and heating system;

Heated rear window relay.

F29 5A Engine Control Module (ECM);

Ignition coil relay.

F30 7.5A Datalink (DLC) connector;

Engine oil level sensor;

Fuel heater (diesel);

Transmission control module (TCM).

F31 5A Door function control module, driver
F32 5A Power switch (before 09/06)
F33 5A Center console with multiple switches
F34 5A Instrumentation control module;

Fuel pump control module.

F35 40A ABS control module – with DSC
F36 60A Fuel heater;

Secondary air injection (AIR) pump relay.

F37 60A Engine coolant blower motor
F38 15A Fog lamp relay
F39 5A Telephone control module;

Telephone system interface module;

Telephone system antenna (before 09.05).

F40 5A Steering wheel position sensor, gear selector lamp
F41 30A Audio unit, audio unit amplifier
F42 10 A. Radio;

Navigation system;

CD changer;

Multifunction display;

TV tuner.

F43 5A Data Link Connector (DLC);

Instrumentation control module.

F44 20A Trailer socket
F45 20A Intermittent wiper)
F46 20A Sunroof control module
F47 20A Cigar lighter, auxiliary power socket
F48 30A Multifunction control module
F49 5A Antenna module, multi-functional control module
F50 40A Heater / AC blower motor
F51 30A Headlight washer pump relay
F52 30A Multifunction control module
F53 25A ABS control module – with DSC
F54 20A Fuel pump control module;Fuel pump relay.
F55 15A Horn relay
F56 5A Transmission Control Module (TCM) (before 03/07)
F57 7.5A Door function control module, driver;

Side mirror memory potentiometer;

Electric window switch.

F58 7.5A Headlamp direction control module (before 03/07)
F59 30A Windshield wiper motor relay
F60 25A Multifunction control module
F61 30A Center console switch unit
F62 7.5A Auxiliary heater
F63 7.5A AC compressor clutch relay
F65 30A Seat adjustment control module, driver;

Seat lumbar pump switch, driver (before 03/07).

F66 10 A. Ignition switch
F67 5A Alarm system inclination sensor;

Alarm system horn;

Alarm system in the car’s motion sensor;


Interior rearview mirror.

F68 30A Heated rear window relay
F69 5A Power steering control module;

Tire pressure monitor control module.

F70 30A Seat adjustment control module, passenger;

Seat lumbar pump switch, passenger (before 03/07).

F71 30A Multifunction control module
Fuse box # 2 (behind fuse box # 1)

Fuse box №2

Number Amperes [A] Description
F102 80A Shorting connector (2.0 / 2.5 petrol (M54.N46))
F105 50A Ignition switch
F106 50A Ignition switch;

Lamp control module.

F107 50A Lamp control module;

Trailer control module.

Relay panel (behind the glove box)

Relay panel

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Number Description
1 Horn relay
2 Fog lamp relay
3 A/C compressor clutch relay
4 Fuel pump relay
6 Secondary air injection (AIR) pump relay
7 Headlight washer pump relay
8 Headlamp direction control module
9 Power steering control module
10 Multifunctional control module – functions: alarm system, headlight washers, interior rearview mirror, rear window washer / wiper, windshield washer / wiper
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Fuse box in the engine compartment the BMW X3

Fuse box layout

1 Engine Control Module (ECM)
2 Transmission Control Module (TCM)
3 Ignition Coil Relay – 2.0 Petrol (N46)
4 Engine control relay (EC) – gasoline
5 Reverse lamp relay
7 Engine control relay (EC) – Diesel
8 Windshield wiper motor relay
F1 (20A) Components of the engine management system
F2 (20A) Engine management
F3 (20A) Engine management system components;

Reverse light relay – 2.5 gasoline (M54)

F4 (10A) ABS engine management
F5 (30A) Ignition coil relay – 2.0 gasoline (N46)

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