Jeep Cherokee KL (2019) – fuse and relay box

Fuse and Relay Box Diagrams – Jeep Cherokee KL

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Internal fuse box diagram

The internal fuse panel is located in the passenger compartment on the left side instrument panel behind the glove compartment.

Jeep Cherokee KL (2019) - fuse and relay box

Recess Blade fuse Description
F13 15 A blue Left dipped beam
F32 10 A red Indoor lighting
F36 10 A red Anti-theft module / siren – if equipped
F38 20 A yellow Lock all unlocks
F43 20 A yellow Front washer pump
F48 25 And transparent Rear Left / Right Fog Light – If Equipped
F49 7.5 amps Brown Lumbar support
F50 7.5 amps Brown Wireless Charging Pad – If equipped
F51 10 A red Driver Window / Power Mirrors Switch – If Equipped
F53 7.5 amps Brown UCI port (USB and AUX)
F89 10 A red Door locks – unlocked by the driver
F91 7.5 amps Brown Left front fog lamp (low and high line)
F92 7.5 amps Brown Right front fog lamp (high line)
F93 10 A red Right dipped beam
Recess Blade fuse Cartridge fuse Description
F06 Not used
F07 15 A blue Powertrain Control Modification – PCM (Diesel) / Surge Solenoid Purge Valve (Gas)
F08 25 And transparent Fuel injectors (gas), ECM (gas), PCM / fuel injectors (Diesel)
F09 15 A blue (gas) 10 A red (diesel) Coolant pump (gas) Coolant pump UREA / PCM (Diesel)
F10 20 A yellow Power Transfer Unit (PTU) – if equipped
F11 Not used
F12 10 A red Feed and purge pump (diesel)
F13 10 A red Voltage Stability Module (VSM) / Powertrain Control Module (PCM) / Engine Control Module (ECM)
F14 10 A red Powertrain control module (DTCM) / Power take-off (PTU) / Electric parking brake (EPB) / RDM / Brake system module (BSM) – if equipped / Brake pedal switch / Hazard light switch (Diesel)
F15 Not used
F 16 20 A yellow Injection coils / Extra diesel content
F17 30 A green Brake vacuum pump (GMET4 / V6 engines only)
F18 Not used
F19 40 amp green Starter solenoid
F20 10 A red Air conditioning compressor clutch
F21 Not used
F22 5 A Tan Turn on the radiator fan (PWM)
F23 50 amp red Voltage Stability Module (VSM) # 2
F24 20 A yellow Rear wiper
F25B 20 A yellow FT / RR washer
F26 30 Amp Pink Fuel heater (diesel)
F27 Not used
F28 15 A blue Transmission Control Module (TCM / Shifter)
F29 Not used
F30 10 A red Engine Control Module (ECM) / (EPS) / Fuel Pump Relay Feed / (PCM)
F31 Not used
F32 Not used
F33 Not used
F34 Not used
F35 Not used
F36 Not used
F37 Not used
F38 60 A yellow Glow plugs (diesel)
F39 40 amp green HVAC blower motor
F40 20 A blue Trailer tow parking light – if equipped
F41 50 amp red Voltage Stability Module (VSM) # 1
F42 30 Amp Pink Trailer Tow Module – If Equipped
F43 20 A yellow Fuel pump motor
F44 30 Amp Pink Trailer Towing Socket – If equipped
F45 30 Amp Pink Passenger Door Module (PDM) – if equipped
F46 25 And transparent Sunroof Control Module – If Equipped
F47 Not used
F48 30 Amp Pink Driver’s door module
F49 30 Amp Pink Inverter (115 V / 220 VA / C)
F50 30 Amp Pink Tailgate module
F51 Not used
F52 30 Amp Pink Front wipers
F53 30 Amp Pink Braking System Module (BSM) – ECU and valves
F54 30 Amp Pink Body control module (BCM) power 3
F55 10 A red Blind Spot Sensors / Reversing Camera, Heated Rear Seat Switch
F56 15 A blue Ignition Node Module (IGNM) / KIN / RF Hub / Electric Steering Column Lock (ESCL), Dual USB Port – Right Side Console
F57 20 A yellow Left Trailer Stop / Tow Direction Lamp – If equipped
F58 10 A red Passenger classification module / VSM / TT Mod / ESCL
F59 30 Amp Pink Powertrain control module (DTCM) – if equipped
F60 20 A yellow Power socket – center console
F61 20 A yellow Right Trailer Tow Stop / Direction Lamp – If equipped
F62 20 A yellow Windshield Defroster – If equipped
F63 20 A yellow Front Heated / Vented Seats – If Equipped
F64 20 A yellow Heated rear seats – if equipped
F65 10 A red Temperature Sensor / Humidity Sensor / Driver Assistance System (DASM) / Parking Assist (PAM)
F66 15 A blue HVAC (ECC) / Distribution Board Cluster (IPC) / Gateway Module
F67 Not used
F68 Not used
F69 10 A red Transfer Case Switch (TSBM) / Active Grill Door (AGS) – If equipped with gas engine
F70 5 A Tan Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)
F71 Not used
F72 10 A red Heated mirrors (gas) / PM sensor (diesel)
F73 20 A blue NOX sensor # 1 and # 2 / Trailer tow assist (NAFTA and gas)
F74 30 Amp Pink Rear defroster (EBL)
F75 20 A yellow Cigar Lighter – If equipped
F76 20 A yellow Rear Differential Module (RDM) – if equipped
F77 10 A red Hands-free module, brake pedal switch
F78 10 A red Diagnostic Port / Digital TV / TBM
F79 10 A red Integrated Central Stack (ICS) / Electric Park Brake (EPB) SW / CD Mod / Steering Control Mod (SCCM) / HVAC / Instrument Panel Kit (IPC)
F80 20 A yellow Radio
F81 Customer-selectable location for powering the F91 power outlet
F82 5 A Tan Cybersecurity Gateway Module
F83 20 A blue 30 A pink Engine driver module (gas) SCU module (diesel)
F84 30 Amp Pink Electric Parking Brake (EPB) – Left
F85 15 A blue (CSWM) Heated steering wheel
F86 20 A yellow Horn
F87 Not used
F88 10 A red Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) / Smart Camera
F89 15 A blue Automatic headlamp leveling (if equipped) / headlamp
F90 Not used
F91 20 A yellow Rear Power Outlet – If Equipped – Customer Choice
F92 Not used
F93 40 amp green Braking System Module (BSM) – Pump Motor
F94 30 Amp Pink Electric Parking Brake (EPB) – Right
F95 10 A red Sunroof Module / Rain Sensor Module (LRSM) / Electrochromic Mirror Module (ECMM) / Dual USB Port (Rear) / Outlet Console Lighting / Digital TV
F96 10 A red Passenger Security Controller (ORC) / (Airbag)
F97 10 A red Passenger Security Controller (ORC) / (Airbag)
F98 25 A Clean Audio amplifier / ANC
F99 Not used
F100 Not used
Circuit breakers:
CB1 30A (30A mini-fuse replaces 25A circuit breaker) Electric seat (driver)
CB2 30A (30A mini-fuse replaces 25A circuit breaker) Electric seat (passenger)
CB3 25 A. Power windows
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