Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 (1985-1996) – fuse box

Mercedes E-Class w124 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124  is fuse 1 in the fuse box.

Fuse box

Mercedes-Benz E-Class w124 – fuse box diagram
Amperes [A]
1 16 Glove box lamp;
Cigar lighter;
Rear head restraints;Demister;
Rear wiper and washer;
Rear window;Sunshade Motor
Sliding / Raising Roof;
Central locking / orthopedic backrest;
SBE control module (convertible);
HS control module;Convenient function.
2 16 Wiper / washer;
Headlights / fog lights;
Electric seats;Power windows;
Convenient function.
3 8 Lamps:



Side marker;

License plate (right);



Instrument cluster;




Sound signal;

Headlamp wiper / washer;
Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors;
HS control module;
Foldable head restraints;
Rear backrest / headrests;
Sliding / lifting roof;

Seat heating switch;

RB switch;
Electrically soft top switch;
Front seat adjustment with memory;
Seat belt warning module.

4 8 Fog lamp;

Rear fog lamp.

5 8 Stop light switch;
Front dome lamp;
Inductive speed sensor;
Instrument cluster;
Outdoor lamp failure monitoring module;
Cruise control;
Warning module;
Control lamp;
RB switch;
Soft roof;Seat Belt Warning Module;

Daytime running lamp control module.

6 8 Signpost;

Outdoor temperature indicator;

Fan sound signal;

Starter switch;

Instrument cluster;
Warning lights;
ABS MIL TWC failure control module;

Safety bar;

Overvoltage protection relay module;

Ignition coils;

Preglow time limit relay module;

Generator charge control lamp.

7 8
16  1)
Automatic air conditioning;

Electric automatic gearbox:

Solenoid valve;


Fuse box mode valve;

Data link connector, terminal 16;
Throttle valve potentiometer;
Blower motor;
Heating / air conditioning system:
Electromagnetic clutch;
Air conditioning compressor;
Additional fan relay, terminal 86

Fan Auxiliary Relay (Stage 2)
O  2S (Behind TWC) Heater Relay Module;
Air conditioning system;

Monovalve, double valve;
Additional coolant pump;
Fresh / recirculating air flap changeover valve (changeover valve block);
Residual relay module;

Stationary heater control module;
Bypass valve;
Purge Control Valve / Fuel Tank Rental Valve;
Shift delay solenoid;
Heated windshield washer nozzle;
Heated windshield washer system;
Trip / Compressor Relay Module;
HFM-SFI control module;
EGR reversing valve 2;
Resonance intake manifold diverter valve;

Air pump diverter valve;
Adjustable Camshaft Timing Solenoid;
Air pump electromagnetic clutch;
Function indicator / indicator lamp;

Reversing lamp.

8 8 Parking / rear / side lamps (left);
Engine compartment lighting.
9 8 Lighting controls;

Illumination of the gear lever position;
Dome lamp (with switch-off delay and reading lamp);
Instrument illumination;

Illumination of external lamps switches;

Side mirror lighting;

Radio control;

Radio relay, terminal 86;
Electric seat relay module;
Rear headrest unlock switch;

Rear window sun visor switch;
Seat heating switch;

RB switch;
Soft top power switch;

Window switch;
Diagnostic module;

Hazard warning system;
Warning buzzer contact.

10 25 Rear defogger
11 16 ATA control module
8 Transmission oil cooling;
Intake manifold heater;
Carburetor electrics.
12 25 Blower motor (automatic air conditioning);
Blower regulator (automatic air conditioning).
16 ATA control module
12 25 Anti-theft alarm system
13 8 Headlamps (left-hand dipped beam);
Anti-theft alarm system.
14 8 Headlamps (right-hand dipped beam);
Anti-theft alarm system.
15 8 Headlamps (left high beam)
16 Left main beam with left auxiliary main beam
16 8 Headlights (right high beam);
High beam indicator.
16 Right high beam with auxiliary right high beam
A 16 Heated sliding seats;

Orthopedic armchairs;

Folding headrests / rear shelf.

25 Central power window optional
8 Soft-top control module, optional RB control module
B 8 Seat belt extension system;
Anti-theft alarm
Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror;
Seat Belt Warning Module, clip 86;
IRCL control module;
Adjustable, heated exterior mirrors.
C. 16 Anti-theft alarm system;
Radio tuner / amplifier;
Audio Power Amplifiers;
CD changer;
Automatic antenna;
CD player;
Rear dome lamp (Combi);
Entry / exit lamp;
Alarm system;
Seat belt extender (Coupe);
Tailgate Lock Switch (Station Wagon);
Trunk light (except station wagon);
Rear reading lamps;
IRCL control moduleCF control module;
Central lock;Sound system;
Backrest lock (Coupe).
D 16 Auxiliary fan / dropping resistor
E. 25 Electrically adjustable passenger seat:
Headrest motor;
Right front / rear seat power steering
motor group with memory Backrest motor;

Electrically adjustable driver’s seat:
Headrest motor;
Left front / rear memory powered seat motor group;
Backrest motor.

F. 25 Telescopic steering column;

Front passenger seat:
Forward / Reverse Seat Motor;

Right front / rear seat motor assembly with memory;

Driver assist seat:
Forward / Reverse Seat Motor;
Left front / rear power seat motor.

G. 16 124545: 0600, 0700, 0900, 1000: Power windows (front left and rear right)
25 124545: 1200, 1300: Power windows (front left and rear right)
124545: 1500, 1600, 2100, 2200, 2500, 2700: Power windows (front)
H. 16 124545: 0600, 0700, 0900, 1000: Power windows (front right and rear left)
25 124545: 1200, 1300: Power windows (right front and left rear)
124545: 1500, 1600, 2100, 2200, 2500, 2700: Power windows (rear)
A Relay, power socket K5
B К10 Auxiliary fan pre-resistor relay;

K9kl Auxiliary fan relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models).

C. K9 Auxiliary fan relay;
K9k2 Auxiliary Pre-Fan Relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models).
D K2 Headlight washer relay
E. F14 Auxiliary fuse holder;
K17 Air Injection Relay (from my 1992, 400E / 500E models).
F. Relay for power windows K4;

Comfort relay K24 (from my 1990).

G. K18 Seat belt warning relay (Сoupe only);
K29 / 1 Relay for starting first gear (Сoupe only);
H. Combined relay N10
I V1 seat LED (replaced with K24 from 1990);
V5 Parking Brake / ASR / Electronic Accelerator (From 1992 Models 400E / 500E).
K. N7 outdoor lamp failure monitoring unit
1)   Automatic climate control 
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