Renault Modus (2005-2012) – fuse box

Renault Modus (2005-2012) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Renault Modus  is the F9 fuse in the fuse box

Fuse box in passenger compartment

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment
Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment
Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 thirty UCH
F2 15 Instrument panel;Air conditioning control unit;

Fuse and relay box.

F4 15 Main electromagnetic horn;Diagnostic socket;

Driving school control monitor.

F5 7.5 UCH
F6 25 Driver window motor;Child lock control.
F7 25 Double electric controlthe driver’s windscreen.
F8 10 ABS computer;electronic stability program

Cluster sensor.

F9 10 First row lighter
F10 twenty Passenger compartment fan assembly 1
F11 twenty Passenger compartment fan assembly 1
F12 15 Air conditioning controller;Air conditioning panel;


Steering wheel controls;

Radiotelephony switchboard;

Bidirectional washer pump;

Power fuse board;

fuse and relay box 2;

Heated driver’s seat;

Heated passenger seat;

Self-powered alarm siren.

F13 10 Passenger compartment fuse irelay box 2;

Brake switch.

F15 twenty Rear window wiper motor
F 16 7.5 Driver’s exterior mirror;Passenger’s side mirror.
F17 thirty UCH
F18 15 UCH;Engine immobilizer.
F19 5 Rain and light sensor;Cab fan sensor.
F20 10 Receiver switch;Instrument panel;


Radio telephone exchange;

Electric switch for exterior mirror;

Self-powered alarm siren;

Pressure monitoring system;

Pneumatic central unit;

F21 Child lock control
AND 50 + Accessory channel
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Passenger compartment relay and fuse box 2

This unit is attached to the dashboard cross member under the passenger airbag.

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – passenger compartment relay and fuse box
Number Amperes [A] Description
Fuse and relay card (row 3)
F1 twenty Driver and passenger door locking relay power supply(relay A on board 1531, row 2)

on the right-hand drive version

F2 twenty Heated driver’s seat;Heated passenger seat.
F3 15 Sunroof central unit
F4 25 Dual electric power relaydriver’s rear window control

(relay A on board 1531 row 1).

Relay card (row 2)
A twenty Central locking of the driver’s and passenger’s doors(right-hand drive version).
B twenty Stop lights
Relay board (row 1)
A 50 Dual electric driver rear window control
B 50 Power rear window control on the left and right side of the driver


Relay board

This unit is located under the dashboard on the left side of the cab fan assembly.

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – relay board
Number Amperes [A] Description
1067 35 Auxiliary heater 1
1068 50 Instrument panel;Air conditioning control unit;

Fuse and relay box.

1069 50 Additional heater 3 (1500 W version)

Fuse box in the engine compartment

This unit is located in the engine compartment behind the left headlight.

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
Number Amperes [A] Description
100 25 ABS or ESP computer
102 10 Right main beam
103 10 Main beam, left-hand side
104 10 Right side light;Right tail light;

Seat heating control on the right side;

Electronic on / off button

stability program;

Electric rear right window control;

Air conditioning control panel;

Air conditioning controller;

Central door lock switch;

CD changer;

Speed ​​limiter on / off.

105 10 Left side light;Left rear light;

Left seat heating control;

Right license plate light;

Left license plate light;

The first row of the lighter;

Headlamp height adjustment;

Rear left electric window control;


Gear lever display;

Traction control.

106 15 Shift pattern control;UPC;

Auxiliary heater relay;

Power steering diagnostic socket;

Gear lever display;

Loudspeeker sysetm;

Radiotelephony central unit;

Driving school monitor control;

Tire pressure monitor;

Central unit discharge bulbs

107 twenty Windshield wiper motor
108 15 Right headlight adjustment motor
109 15 Left left headlight adjustment motor
300 10 Air conditioning compressor clutch
302 25 Starter solenoid
303 twenty + Protected automatic battery supplyclutch computer
305 15 Heated rear window
306 15 Headlamp washer supply relay(relays A and B on board 777)
307 5 + Automatic gearbox computerafter ignition is energized.
309 10 Reversing lamps
310 twenty Supply of ignition coils
311 twenty + Secured battery power supplyinjection computer
312 10 + Airbag and pretensionerafter ignition feed.
313 10 + Injection computer after ignition feed
314 twenty Left and right front fog lamps
1 Heated rear window
2 Injection lock
3 Dipped beam
4 Headlamps
5 Starter
7 High speed engine cooling fan
8 Low speed engine cooling fan
9 + After ignition feed
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Protected positive battery

This device is located on the positive battery terminal.

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – protective positive battery
Number Amperes [A] Description
Main fuse (mark 1)
350 The fuse inputs F2 to F8 energize the boardpower supply fuses;



Power supply to fuses marked 2 and 3 on

protected battery unit

Fuse marked 2 (BLUE connector)
A 70 The fuse inputs F17 and F18 energize the fuse andrelay module in the passenger compartment;


B 60 Electric power assisted steering
Fuse marked with 3 (GREEN connector)
A 70 Fuse inputs F1, F3, F5 for power andaccessory relays on fuse module i

relays in the passenger compartment.

B 60 UPC
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Power fuse table

This device is located on the front of the battery drawer. Allocation of fuses and relays (according to equipment level).

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – power fuse table
Number Amperes [A] Description
F1 thirty Injection central unit supply relayon the K9K or 764 engine

(R5 relay on optional relay unit)

F2 thirty Electric gearbox sequential pump relaygears on a D4F engine with a sequential gearbox;

Pre-heating for K9K engines.

F3 thirty Air conditioning and radiator fan assembly inK9K and D4F engines with sequential gearbox.
F4 thirty Air conditioning fan and radiator assembly in enginesK4M / K4J / D4F with manual transmission;

Electric gearbox sequential pump relay

gears on K9K engines with sequential gearbox.

F5 50 Input power for fuse F12 -fuses F1, F2, F3, F4 input power

passenger compartment fuses i

relay boxes 2.

F6 80 Additional passenger compartment heater
F7 60 Additional passenger compartment heater
F8 50 ABS computer
F12 10 Left headlight supply relayin the version with a discharge bulb.
BEHIND twenty Headlight washer pump
b twenty Headlight washer pump relay
down twenty Left-hand headlamps with a gas discharge bulb


Optional relay card

This device is attached to the front of the battery drawer, on the engine side.

Renault Modus – fuse box diagram – optional relay board
No Amperes [A] Description
R4 50 Electric pump with sequential gearbox
R5 50 Injection central unit on K9K 764 engine

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