Volkswagen Passat B8 (2015-2021) – fuse box

Volkswagen Passat B8 – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

The cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on the Volkswagen Passat B8 is a 40 fuse in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the glove box.


Number Amperes [A] Description
1 30A Reducing agent heater control unit -J891-
2 10 A. Steering column electronics control unit -J527-
4 7.5A / 10A Alarm horn -H12-
5 5A / 7.5A Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
6 5A / 7.5A Gear shift lever -E313-
7 10 A. Heater and air conditioning controls -EX21-;
Rear air conditioning system control and display unit -E265-;
Remote control receiver for additional coolant heater -R149-;

Heated rear window relay -J9-;
Analog clock -Y-;
Tire pressure monitoring system control unit -J502 -.

8 7.5A / 10A Rotary light switch -EX1-;

Electromechanical parking brake button -E538-;

Rain and light sensor -G397-;

Diagnostic connector -U31-;

Anti-theft alarm sensor -G578-;
Left LED illumination -L181-;
Right LED illumination -L182-;
Front interior lighting -WX1-;
Anti-theft alarm sensor -G578-;
Control unit for cornering lamp and headlight range control -J745-;
Front left door outline lighting -L251-;
Rear left door clearance light -L253-;
Right front door clearance light -L252-;
Rear right door marker light -L254-;

9 5A / 7.5A Steering column electronics control unit -J527-
10 7.5A / 10A Front information display display and operating unit control unit -J685-;
Head-up display control unit -J898-.
11 40A Onboard supply control unit -J519-
12 20A Information electronics control unit 1 -J794-;
Navigation system control unit -J856- 1).
13 25A Front left seat belt -NX10-
14 40A Fresh air blower control unit -J126-
15 10 A. Electronic steering column lock control unit -J764-
16 7.5A Bidirectional repeater for mobile phones / data services -J984-;
USB 1 charging socket -U37-;
Storage box with interface for mobile phone -R265-;
USB hub -R293-.
17 7.5A Dashboard panel insert -KX2-;
Alarm call module control unit and communication unit -J949-.
18 7.5A Control unit for top camera -J928-;

Back cover handle -EX37-;

Rear top camera -R246-.

19 7.5A Interface to input and commissioning system -J965-
20 7.5A / 10A / 15A Reducer dosing system relay -J963-;
Vacuum pump relay -J318-.
21 15A All-wheel drive control unit -J492-
22 15A Trailer detector control unit -J345-
23 20A / 30A Sliding sunroof adjustment control unit -J245-
24 40A Onboard supply control unit -J519-
25 30A Driver door control unit -J386-;
Driver side rear door control unit -J926-.
26 30A Onboard supply control unit -J519-
27 30A Onboard supply control unit -J519-
28 25A Trailer detector control unit -J345-
29 5A Remote start system relay -J471-
30 10 A. Remote start system relay -J471-
31 30A Rear cover control unit -J605-
32 10 A. Front camera for driver assistance systems -R242-;

Adaptive cruise control control unit -J428-;

Parking assist control unit -J446-;

Lane change assistant control unit -J769-;

Lane change assistant control unit 2 -J770-.

33 5A / 7.5A Airbag control unit -J234-
34 7.5A Interior mirror -EX5-;

Power sockets relay -J807-;

Reversing light switch -F4-;

Refrigerant circuit pressure sensor -G805-;

Air quality sensor -G238-;

Central switch module in dashboard -EX22-;

Switch module 1 in center console -EX23-;

Material sound control unit -J869-;

Electromechanical parking brake button -E538-.

35 7.5 / 10A Diagnostic connection -U31-
36 5A / 7.5A Right front headlight -MX2-
37 5A / 7.5A Front left headlight -MX1-
38 25A Trailer detector control unit -J345-
39 30A Front passenger door control unit -J387-;

Rear passenger door control unit -J927-.

40 20A 12 V socket -U5-;

12 V socket 2 -U18-;

12 V socket 3 -U19-.

41 25A Front right seat belt -NX11-
42 40A Onboard supply control unit -J519-
43 40A Digital sound packet control unit -J525-
44 15A Trailer detector control unit -J345-
45 15A Driver seat adjustment control unit -J810-;

Front left seat cushion fan 1 -V514-;

Front left seatback fan 1 -V512-.

46 30A DC / AC converter with socket, 12 V – 230 V -U13-
49 5A / 7.5A Clutch position sender -G476-;
Starter relay 1 -J906-;
Starter relay 2 -J907-.
50 40A Rear cover control unit -J605-
51 25A Control panel and display for rear air conditioning -E265-
52 15A Electronically controlled damping control unit -J250-
53 30A Heated rear window relay -J9-
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The following fuses are also located in the fuse box holder:

A 15A Control panel for adjusting the right front seat -EX34-;

Right front seat cushion fan 1 -V518-;

Right front seatback fan 1 -V516-.

B 5A Remote start system relay -J471-
C. 7.5A USB charging socket 1 -U37-
R1 Remote start system relay -J471-
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  • R1 Relay for reducing agent metering system -J963-
  • R2 –
  • R3 –
  • R4 Terminal 15 voltage supply relay -J329-
  • R5 Heated rear window relay -J9-
  • R6 Relay for power sockets -J807-

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the battery and is covered with a protective cover. It consists of 2 sections: a communication section with fuses and relays, and a section for high-power fuses.

The scheme of the fuse box

Number Amperes [A] Description
1 25A ABS control unit -J104-
2 40A / 60A ABS control unit -J104-;

ABS hydraulic pump -V64-.

3 15A
Engine / engine control unit -J623-
4 5A / 7.5A / 10A Radiator fan -VX57-;

High heat output relay -J360-;

Low heat output relay -J359-;

Oil pressure regulating valve -N428-;

Turbocharger air recirculation valve -N249-;

Intake manifold flap valve -N316-;

Piston cooling nozzle control valve -N522-;

Oil – oil level and temperature sensor -G266-;

Turbine diverting valve -N529-;

Engine components current supply relay -J757-.

5 10 A. Fuel pressure regulating valve -N276-;

Fuel metering valve -N290-;

Engine components current supply relay -J757-;

Turbine diverting valve -N529-.

6 5A / 7.5A Brake light switch -F-
7 7.5A / 10A / 15A Charge air cooling pump -V188-;

Gearbox coolant valve -N488-;

Coolant shut-off valve -N82-;

Auxiliary heating pump -V488-;

Cylinder head coolant valve -N489-;

Oil pressure regulating valve -N428-;

Fuel tank control unit leak detection -J909-.

8 15A Lambda probe 1 in front of the catalyst -GX10-;
Lambda probe 1 after catalyst -GX7-;
NOx sensor driver -GX30-;
NOx sensor 2 driver -J881-.
9 5A / 10A Exhaust flap control unit -J883-;

Exhaust flap control 2 -J945-;

Automatic glow period control unit -J179-;

Crankcase breather heater element -N79-;

Air mass meter -G70-;

Auxiliary pump for heating -V488-;

Activated carbon filter solenoid valve 1 -N80-;

Exhaust camshaft control valve 1 -N318-;

Camshaft control valve 1 -N205-.

10 15A / 20A Fuel pump control unit -J538-
11 40A / 50A Auxiliary air heater element -Z35-
12 40A Auxiliary air heater element -Z35-
13 30A Auxiliary hydraulic pump 1 for gearbox oil -V475-
14 40A Heated windshield relay -J47-
15 15A Horn relay -J413-
16 20A Engine components current supply relay -J757-
17 7.5A Engine control unit -J623-;

ABS control unit -J104-;

Heated windshield relay -J47-.

18 5A / 7.5A Battery monitor control unit -J367-;

Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-.

19 30A Wiper motor control unit -J400-
20 10 A. Alarm horn -H12-
21 30A Heated windshield relay 2 -J611-
22 5A / 7.5A Engine / engine control unit -J623-
23 30A Starter -B-
24 40A Auxiliary air heater element -Z35-
33 30A Heated windshield relay 2 -J611-
34 30A Heated windshield relay 2 -J611-
35 30A Wiper motor control unit -J400-
37 30A Auxiliary heater control unit -J364-
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  • R1 Starter relay 1 -J906-
  • R2 Starter relay 2 -J907-
  • Horn relay R3 -J413-
  • R4 High heat output relay -J360-
  • R5 Main relay -J271- (petrol) / Terminal 30 voltage supply relay -J317- (diesel)
  • R6 Automatic glow period control unit -J179- (petrol)
  • R7 Low heat output relay -J359- (diesel)
  • R8 Engine components current supply relay -J757- (2.0l petrol engine)
  • R9 Heated windshield relay -J47-
  • R10 Relay for heated windshield 2 -J611-

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