Volkswagen Pointer – fuse and relay box

Diagrams of fuse boxes and relays – Volkswagen Pointer

Other names:

  • Volkswagen Parati
  • Volkswagen Pointer
  • Volkswagen Saveiro.

Fuse and relay box

It is located under the dashboard behind the glove box. To access the boxes, you need to remove them (see picture).

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Volkswagen Pointer - fuse and relay box


1 Sound signal
2 Left headlight range control
3 ABS system
4 First stage radiator fan
5 Right-hand headlight range adjustment
6 Clock, trunk lighting, interior lighting
7 Right parking lights
8 Brake lights, hazard lights, signal lights
9 Second stage radiator fan
10 Air conditioning
11 reserve
12 Central locking, security siren system
13 Injection system
14 Fuel pump
15 Right high beam, warning light
16 Left high beam
17 Windshield wiper and washer, rear window washer
18 Fog lights
19 12 V socket
20 Left parking lamps
21 Storage compartment, ashtray, cigarette lighter, license plate light, rear fog lights, parking lights
22 Heated rear window
23 Rear window wiper
24 Ventilation system
25 Cigar lighter, seat belt warning
26 Adjusting the exterior mirrors
27 Direction indicators, Warning indicators, Warning lights, Reserve fuel, Coolant temperature gauge
28 Reversing lamps
29 Spare fuses
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This box (top) contains the main section with a relay.

Relay assignment

  1. Front wiper relay
  2. Turn on the signal and the alarm relay
  3. Relay for vehicles with rear window wiper or washer
  4. Fog lamp relay
  5. Rear window defogger shutoff relay
  6. X function (reserved item)
  7. Signal relay
  8. Thermal fuse for electric windows
  9. central lock
  10. Air conditioner relay
  11. Headlamp range control relay

Additional relay box

It is located under the skin, at the feet of the front passenger.

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