Volkswagen Polo VI (2018-2021) – fuse box

Volkswagen Polo VI – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

The cigarette lighter fuses (power sockets) on the Volkswagen Polo VI are F55 fuses in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.

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Engine compartment

Press the lock button in the direction of the arrow to unlock the fuse box cover.  Plastic tweezers may be on the inside of the fuse box cover.


The table shows the location of the fuses relevant to the driver. The first column in the table contains the location.  Depending on the market and vehicle specification, fuse numbers and locations may be different from those given in the table. If necessary, ask your Volkswagen dealer for the exact assignment of the fuses.

Number Description Amperes [A]
F9 Brake light sensor 7.5A, ATO ®
F18 Front wipers 30A, ATO ®
F36 Horn 20A, ATO ®

Passenger compartment

Left-hand drive vehicle:

Reach behind the cover and pull in the direction of the arrow → Fig. 1. To install: Align the cover on the opposite side and fold it in the opposite direction of the arrow until you hear a click.

Right-hand drive vehicle: opening the fuse box in the dashboard Open the glove box and empty if necessary. Push the shock absorber up into the opening in the holder and pull it to the side → Fig. 2 1. Push the latches upwards in the direction of the arrow while opening the storage compartment further → Fig. 2 2. To install: slide the glove box into place. Insert the shock absorber into the hole in the holder and slide it upwards until you hear it click into place. Carefully push the glove box forward beyond the resistance of the tabs

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Number Description Amperes [A]
F1 Trailer control unit 20A
F4 Light switch 10A, ATO ®
F5 Electric glass roof 30A, ATO ®
F6 Central lock 40A ATO ®
F8 Air blower adjustment 30A, ATO ®
F10 Trailer wiring 20A, ATO ®
F19 Infotainment system (car entertainment) 25A, ATO ®
F20 For heated rear window 30A, ATO ®
F28 Anti-theft alarm 7.5A, ATO ®
F29 Anti-theft alarm 7.5A, ATO ®
F31 Heating and air conditioning block;


7.5A, MINI ®
F43 Rear window wiper 15A, MINI ®
F49 The light of the external front left 15A, MINI ®
F50 The light of the external front right 15A, MINI ®
F52 The light of the external rear left 7.5A MINI ®
F54 The light of the external rear right 7.5A MINI ®
F55 Lighter;

Power socket

20A, ATO ®
F60 Trailer controller, right (fuse cartridge) 30A
F61 Trailer controller, left (cartridge fuse) 30A
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Electric windows can be secured with circuit breakers. They come back on automatically a few seconds after an overload, e.g. frozen windows.

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